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13 things

  1. Let’s talk about how 2022 went by so fast, but January seems like it’s taking forever.
  2. I watched the new movie on Netflix called “You people” with Lauren London. I rate the movie a 10. Definitely something worth it.
  3. I went for mimosas 01/28 and wow i had a time. But no man to call to flirt with :(.
  4. I finally came to a realization that cookies & cream ice cream is my new favorite.
  5. I didn’t know that California had so many beautiful cities to visit, I literally was on Tiktok completely flabbergasted. Can’t wait to visit.
  6. I stopped drinking hard alcohol, I can’t say for good, but at least for the now.
  7. My only child, which is a girl, turn 10. Yes the big 10! I’m so excited and just filled with joy. It still shocks me that i given birth.
  8. Currently in bed watching Kings of Jo’burgs, it’s a series that was made in Africa. Very good so far.
  9. I have to start cooking more often, the dinner i made was really yummy.
  10. I had this thought that if I started an all girls self-care travel group where me & other girls can motivate each other and go on these spiritual journeys to help us balance life better would be so dope. But then I changed my mind because I am terrible with organizing things or even putting anything together. That definitely would’ve be an good idea though. A group of women supporting one another to be the best versions of ourselves. Hmm, maybe in the future. Because I’m such an introvert.
  11. Speaking on me being a introvert. I find it so funny how some people have different reactions of me. A few people think I’m literally so quiet, and then some people like okay she talks a lot. It’s all about my comfort I have with that person though.
  12. I want to ride a camel. Although, I rode a horse for the first time and I had a terrible experience and said I’ll never do it again. I have to at least try a camel, I’m not sure if it will be a huge different but I feel it will be from videos I seen.
  13. I want to join a book club, I’ve been so into books a lot much lately. Like I always loved books, but it’s like now I’m obsessed.

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