3 Ways how to enjoy being alone

We always constantly finding ourselves wanting to have some company around us so we won’t feel alone. But what’s really the real reason why it’s so hard to be alone? Do we you not know how much of a blessing we are but yet we still try to find people to make us feel good?

“ It took me a while to enjoy being alone, but soon as I finally found myself, it has been the biggest gift ever. I love peace more than anything, and the peace that you can give yourself is a blessing. Don’t let anyone stop you from trying new things, you never know what type of creativity skills your inner self has.” -Seqouia 🌞

Today I’m going to share with you, my advice on being alone & how to enjoy it. The relationship you have with yourself is always important and it’s something that nobody can never take away from you. If you deal with this, I advise you to read .

Here 3 ways how to enjoy being alone:


Now to learn how to enjoy being alone is getting to know who you are, just like the process of getting to know someone you met.

So, what do you like about yourself? What makes you so unique from others? What are things you discovered about yourself that you or anyone else didn’t know? What is your biggest obstacles you have faced?

Be true to yourself. Journal whatever that comes quick to your mind. Don’t leave anything out because this is how you learn about who you are.

Work on getting out your comfort zone and try new experiences, have a few conversations, & be a little more expressive.You’re not going to get to know yourself staying cooped up in the same familiar spots. You have to get out there and try new experiences, you will learn what doesn’t catches your interest and what does.


Have you ever had something you really wanted to do but you never did it because every time you ask someone to go with you they always say no or gave you the silent treatment?

So is that how you are going to live your life, not trying new things because you don’t want to go by yourself or because you want someone to do it with you?

Realize that you don’t need anyone to try new things with and do it. And it’s so much in his world to experience. Don’t be the one to hold yourself back. You can also start doing research on things you want to do or things that interest you. Maybe you want to look into writing a book, blogging, joining a yoga class, just anything that comes to mind.


Having self-love is very important, and I’ll always stick to that. We don’t show our selves love & passion like we should, instead we give our love to others. We deserve to love ourselves and be happy with who we are. When you love yourself you don’t care about other people opinions, you don’t let negative comments faze you. So when you master having self-love, you don’t care about anyone’s company. As long as you make yourself feel complete, and you can laugh at your own jokes, you can wear what you want, & you can just be you without trying to impress others.

I really hope these 3 main tips can help.

XoXo Seqouia….

6 Monthly Goals ideas that can help

Monthly goals is a strict way to take care responsibilities & work on your main priorities. We become so ardent about making goals but never end up sticking to them, but if we really want to make change, we must not forget that it is about what we do on a monthly basis. It is about setting important monthly goals, into daily goals that are essential for eternal progress.

Here in this post, I share 6 Monthly Goals ideas that can help

  1. Working on your habits. Having monthly goals will help you improve most habits. Also, will help improve your mental thinking in every aspect. Setting goals for 30 days is a perfect refresher to start working on those habits your tired of having.
  2. Keep your place neat. This is the time to start transitioning on the neater side if you aren’t so tidy. Setting a monthly goal to declutter and organize your place will make things so easy for you. At some point of my life, me & being organized was very much a struggle. I would misplace things and get frustrated, so I had to change that asap.
  3. Stop lounging in bed. When your just sitting in the bed your either on your phone or watching tv, or just being lazy laying there. Of course I admit this was me 100 %. But I started to feel unproductive. Everyone knows once your in the bed and your comfortable, you really don’t want to get up. I started setting a goal to only use my bed for when I’m either going to sleep or taking a quick cat nap.
  4. Exercise 3-5 days a week for a month. Exercising is good for your overall health. I know for some it’s hard getting in the habit of exercising but I promise once you make exercising a goal & you stay consistent, you will never want to give up again.
  5. Social media detoxing. I know, for some it’s tough to do this, especially if your addicted. Set a goal to not use social media for 30 days. Unless you use it for business purposes. If that’s the case, use it strictly for that and sign off.
  6. Nightly self-care routine. Nighttime supposed to be all about relaxing and getting ready for the next day. Set a goal creating a nightly self-care ritual. That makes you feel good before going to sleep. For me, I love taking a bath with no lights just candles, and listening to peaceful music, and after that I make a cup of tea. That keeps me in a really good mood before bed.

XoXo SeqouiaB.

31 positive affirmations for anxiety to help renew your inner peace & serene.

Hey :).

First, I would like to tell you that your going to be okay.

When your feeling anxious, it’s so difficult to speak positive to yourself. Fighting through those negative thoughts isn’t something easy if you’re dealing with having a bad day of anxiety. You may feel like you’re your own attacker. Delivering positive affirmations for anxiety is a great way to shift your mindset so you can move forward.

You want your affirmations to be present, it makes things more authentic. For an example, you may start feeling anxious which possibly will turn into a panic attack. You can utilize your affirmations and speak it loudly to yourself: “This anxious feeling is only temporary.” Or “With each breath i take, I feel more at ease.” Think of these affirmations as helpful tools that will help you overpower your fears of times of need due to stress.

I realized that keeping a list of affirmations in my journal that I have on my phone. Using this app ➡️https://apps.apple.com/us/app/diary-day-one-journal/id1044867788

Really has been helpful to my daily life when it comes to my anxiety.

I love to write positive thoughts in my journal before the day ends. Especially during moments when I am in panic mode, it’s super useful. I am happy that I have found ways to help with my anxiety, because it’s definitely not a good feeling. It’s very uncomfortable and can ruin a lot of things you want to get done.

Focusing on the positive & doing things that will make me feel better, always keeps me in the high spirits that i will overcome this 100% some day. Here is 31 positive affirmations for anxiety to help renew your inner peace & serene.

  1. I believe in my self.
  2. It’s okay to separate myself for the sake of my mental health.
  3. The anxious feeling is only temporary. 
  4. I will practice inhaling + exhaling and take things slowly.
  5. I am doing the best that I can and will continue to grow daily.
  6. Everything is going to be okay.
  7. I feel grounded and safe.
  8. I will take things one day at a time, and focus on the now.
  9. I am strong I will get through the gloomiest days.
  10. I am loved.
  11. Even if my day is slightly hectic, I can still make the most of it.
  12. I give myself permission to take a mental health day to renew+refresh+recharge.
  13. I don’t have to compete with anyone because I am enough.
  14. I am in control of my mind, body, & soul.
  15. Today, I choose happiness.
  16. I am embrace change, change is good.
  17. Tomorrow is a new day, it’s a new you.
  18. I am capable of anything I set my mind to.
  19. I will build a career, get in shape, & love myself unconditionally.
  20. I am calm, I am at peace.
  21. My anxiety doesn’t define me.
  22. Through all my challenges I still persevere.
  23. I am more than enough.
  24. I let go of toxic & negative thoughts and replace them with positive.
  25. Self-care is important.
  26. It’s okay to say no for my mental health.
  27. I celebrate my wins, even if it’s small.
  28. My feelings are valid.
  29. I am beautiful.
  30. I will live authentically and never stop following my dreams.
  31. With each breath i take, I feel more at ease.

XoXo Seqouia

5 Toxic habits to give up in the morning

Honestly I suffer from insomnia and been dealing with it for a while. So transitioning into being a morning person was definitely a challenge. I can say that I mostly don’t like mornings when I have to get up for work or to handle things super early because I would be sluggish. But now that I am accustomed to mornings, I do realize that the mornings are much productive, healthier, and much easier to maintain your daily lifestyle. When you get up early, you can start your to-do-list off right like, cooking breakfast, running errands, doing laundry, handle things for your business etc. So it’s definitely a good thing being an early bird. But in order for me to get use to this new early bird lifestyle I had to get rid of these 5 toxic morning habits.

Here’s how:

  1. Waking up late: Wake up early so you can get prepared for a much successful day. But make your first hour your self-care time. The first hour after waking up must be specifically for nurturing yourself. Your growth, your happiness and mental health all plays part of fresh start.
  2. Checking social media first thing in the morning: This is an epic fail! I had this problem bad. My phone was the first thing i thought about when i woke up, and i had to fix that issue asap! You must never start your day checking your phone and scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And truthfully this small habit affects our mood and our entire day if you think about it. That’s how much social media has an affect on us. Social media is a big distraction and can have you out here missing out on the importance things of life. When i’m distracted i feel like i have an heavy burdened on me & it’s definitely not a good feeling. Try turning your phone off before bed and not powering it back on.No excuses!
  3. Not getting natural light & fresh air flowing: Get some natural light and air after waking up. We are human beings, so nature is us 100 %. Also, once all the windows are opened and it’s fresh air & light coming into your home, you began to start feeling energized. Wake up & open up!
  4. Not drinking your herbal teas: Drink some good ole organic green tea every morning. Green tea is good for the body. Green tea improves brain function & protects the brain from aging & more.
  5. Not sitting in peace: Stop having morning chats, use your mornings on focusing purely only on you. Having those talks in the am only stall out time then you will look out & your morning has been wasted.

3 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None


Feeling unmotivated can happen to the best of us and sometimes you get into such a slouchy mood that even thinking about making positive changes to your lifestyle, it seems way too hard. Lack of motivation can be the biggest fumble to achieving your goals. But it’s never too late for change, because there is plenty of motivational tips + techniques that can help you. But be aware that every motivational tip may not help for you like it did for the next. Sometimes what doesn’t help for you can steer you in the direction to something that probably can help. 

Here are 5 ways to help you find motivation when you have none:

1. Get outside with nature

Sitting in the house because you consider yourself a “homebody” can eventually mentally drain you without you actually knowing it’s draining you. Sometimes seeing other humans walking around or seeing the birds fly back & forth, or just viewing the beautiful greenery can be so therapeutic. Don’t get it wrong I have my days where I slip up also because sometimes I rather be no where else but my bed, and also at times I feel like my motivation is very low. Of course it doesn’t last for too long because I have to shake that off eventually. Getting outside in nature and changing your environment can spark your motivation and inspiration 100%!

2. Find your new (favorite)

What’s your favorite thing to do? I had to start doing things I like to do more. Sometimes I forget about making things about myself more often. It’s okay to make your hobby an habit. It’s okay to at least take one day out the week to have some fun. Like my favorite things to do the most is listening to a uplifting + motivating podcast. It keeps my soul at ease. Make your new favorite, your née routine.

3. Brain Dumping 

Having so much on your mind? It’s hard to sleep at night? Your brain feels completely heavy? I definitely get it. Same here. Sometimes we clutter our brains with problems & things that’s not in our control. Can we relieve ourselves from doing so? Of course. What I do when I brain dump is get a note pad, and I write out everything that’s on my mind in order. I light some candles, pour a glass of wine just to get a vibe going, may even play some music. But best believe that pen is going to work. 


XoXo -Seqouia

The benefits of connecting with yourself + nature

The benefits of connecting with yourself + nature


Ever since I’ve been in tuned with myself, things has been a little different. I’ve been connecting with myself & nature. And the benefits of it is amazing, no matter what I go through. Once I mastered on how to focus on myself and to connect with nature, I always notice a drastic change in my life. Some people are shocked on how they see such a different Seqouia, or even how I react to situations now. 

I can literally write a book of all the things I have & currently still going through. But it’s no need for a pity party. My #1 goal is (getting through it) we will run through so many obstacles in our lives especially women, because we have it the hardest mentally & physically. So I always kept that in mind.

But the big question is, what is the benefits of connecting with nature?

*Increases creativity 

*Keeps emotions in control

*Steady stability

*Improves memory

*Increases gratitude 

*Enjoying being out doors

It’s so many ways you can connect with nature such as:

*Taking a walk

*Relaxing by trees (getting that good ole oxygen)

*Find outdoor activities to do in the sun (like painting at the park)

*Meditate outdoors 

*Have outdoor drinks (Wine, tea, or coffee) 

All these might seem a little cringe, but sometimes the simplest things can be a life changer.

It’s a true fact that our body is supposed to have contact with the earth as much as possible. Mother nature is what keeps us going. We can still do things the natural way. Although humans are spoiled because all the things that were created to make life easier for us. 

It’s always room to [ restore – refresh – renew ]

So there you have it. Those are some of the ways you can get outside to ground & connect with nature. Using your creative ways to make space in your day to get outside and have a breather. It takes no time out your day to put yourself first. Your mental health is important. And it’s so many ways to make changes in your life for better.

Xo Xo _Seqouia

3 Ways to practice setting boundaries?

Boundaries are pin  pointed in clear communication. So the more meticulous you are about them, the more likely it will be respected. Of course you will be repetitive at some point, because your learning + growth, but don’t feel the need to get frustrated or even explain the reasoning of setting boundaries. If people can’t respect that you made the choice to be more structured, then they don’t need to be around you.

Here’s 3 ways how to set boundaries that protects your mental, physical, & emotional health.


Let’s be realistic here. It is some people that will misinterpret your choice of words of respecting a boundary because they are unpleasant. Either these people aren’t able to set their own boundaries or they are just used to having nasty behavior towards people for their own gain. And since you will not allow that, they also mistreat you as well. To each it’s own, as long you uphold your own boundaries for your own mental & physical health that’s all that really matters.


Always make sure that you sustain your boundaries at all times. Because no one isn’t going to get things done like yourself. You are the priority, remember that. Think of qualities you have of yourself so you can start learning about you.


The most important step to defining your boundaries is to make them visionary. Boundaries are often confusing and abstract because they feel invisible in our daily lives. By visualizing your boundaries and writing them down, you can get much more clarity on where you want to make things fair & clear between you and other people.

XoXoXo Seqouia B.

6 Ways how you can find yourself again after falling apart.

6 Ways how you can find yourself again after falling apart.

Some people like myself struggled with finding myself. At some point in our life we are being informed by our peers or close ones, how to be something we aren’t. And sometimes we haven’t even identified our own self, and to have to deal with people who try to choose us to be someone can draw so much confusion. In reality we have to find our own selves, and just be US. There is a lot of people out there whom fake it to the make it, but imagine being someone your not, that will get you no where. Everyone should adore who they really are. Embrace how smart, incredible, & outstanding you are.

1. No one opinion matters to me anymore

I can assure you that people opinion use to always matter to me. Sadly, I cared what people think way to much. For an example, If i wear a certain outfit i would get self-conscious about myself. In my head ill ask myself “What if people judge me”, “What if people don’t like what i’m wearing.” So i would literally change my outfit about three times until i feel i just might not get judged. One day, i said fuck this! I wore exactly what i wanted and didn’t feel no kind of way after that. Making that choice to not care what others think, I felt so freely & more open within my true self. 

2. I started to support others more

I’m not saying i wasn’t supportive because i truly am. But at first i didn’t believe in supporting others that aren’t close to me. Then i realize that it’s okay to support others. It’s okay to cheer up others and be there to motivate someone to achieve their goals. It is a time in life where i was kind of bitter, and didn’t feel that people deserve to succeed. So not fair and right at all, so i started encouraging others no matter if i knew them or not. It helped me look at life more different, and motivated me.

3. I started to appreciate the little things

Growing up in my household as the only child was kind of complicated because i was really spoiled. I was the brat you didn’t want to be around. If nothing didn’t go my way i threw a tantrum. I didn’t appreciate nothing what so ever. And it’s not cute to brag about but hey i’m being honest. That changed. Everything that i tried to avoid in life, I began to enjoy it. I began to come closer with myself and the outside world, and be able to understand that nothing is easy, people think differently, and so much changes will happen throughout life. So being able to appreciate the small things help me become a better person with a brighter mindset.

4. I blocked out negative energy by turning it to positive

I use to feed into negative energy so much it use to scare me. I was negative, my surroundings was negative, and it would drag with me wherever i allowed it. Sometimes i would be so cool with someone, and here they go with a negative ass comment, and i would just feed into it like it was okay. Now, I learned how to turn negative energy into positive energy. I rather see someone laugh then see someone mad. So my focus now is

5. I started to love myself truly

Loving myself was definitely one of the hardest things to do. When i looked in the mirror i seen a totally different person. I definitely didn’t see the beautiful face i see today. I would find every small thing about me and would complain about it. Now how did i fix this? I started finding thing i actually love about my self, and I would look in the mirror and tell myself everyday what i love about me :). For example: I got shot in 2010. So when i’m getting dressed and i see my bullet wounds, I always say “Hey pretty scars”, just to uplift me and to understand even though they are wounds, they are also beautiful! Me complimenting myself keeps my confidence high.

6. I meditate to cope with my anxiety

I have anxiety, which i talk about a lot. But, honestly my anxiety has calm down a lot since i found things to help cope with it. Which is meditating. Meditating has helped me in so many ways, and keeps me so calm. I remember when i couldn’t even find ways to cope with my anxiety, it was like nothing worked for me. Until i stepped out my comfort zone and tried new things. Such as “meditating.”

These are some of the tips that helped me with finding myself. To be exact the main tips that really helped me. Losing yourself is the worst to go through because everyone strength is different. Some people find themselves after while, and some people it might just take time. But you have to want change, better, happiness, and want to move on in life. We need (us), we need our souls to stay present in our bodies, we need to focus on who we need to be more than who we actually are.


Things to do on a Sunday can be difficult to figure out especially because it’s the end of the weekend. Honestly, I tend to start the day’s to-dos with a long list of idealistic activities. Even if i can’t do all what’s on my list. I find a way to make my day enjoyable.

To make sure that you don’t waste your last day of freedom before you go back to work, and school. With a couple of ideas of things to do on a Sunday. You will be off your bum and doing something fun and exciting in no time.

Heres 20 things to do on a boring Sunday.

  1. Go for a walk. Grab some comfy tennis shoes and head out for a nice peaceful day to go for a walk. Bring water to stay hydrated.
  2. Make a fancy breakfast. Let’s be honest, weekend breakfast is so much better. Because you can actually take your time to make a nice fancy breakfast. “Strawberries on the side please!!”
  3. Go for brunch. Sunday’s are the most perfect days for a nice brunch date with unlimited mimosas.
  4. Listen to a podcast. I always find different interesting topics to listen to. I mean when i tell you topics i’ve never even though of. I actually learned a few things as well.
  5. Paint & Sip. No it doesn’t have to be wine *sigh*, but i recommend because it makes the activity so much more fun.
  6. Play Mini Golf. Golf is so fun, get your skills up.
  7. Change your room around. Changing your room around can make you feel so much lighter. Sometimes a new scenery is definitely and can make you less moody.
  8. Ready for a different line of work? Sunday is a great time to set aside an hour or two to look into some other work you may be interested in.
  9. Do all your laundry.
  10. Prepare your clothes for the following week.
  11. Start the Day With “Me-Time”
  12. Make a specialty coffee at home.
  13. Make a gratitude list.
  14. Prepare Monday Morning Breakfast.
  15.  Tidy Up Your Closet.
  16. Let journaling prompts inspire your practice. 
  17. Take A Soul Stroll. My favorite thing to do when i want to clear my head and mentally getting myself ready for the week.
  18. Toss Everything That’s Expired Or Questionable In Your Fridge. Except them yummy green vegetables that you will be blending up for a yummy green choice ;).
  19. Make a plan to write one thing you’re grateful for all week.
  20. On the other hand, exfoliate your entire body.