Things to do on a Sunday can be difficult to figure out especially because it’s the end of the weekend. Honestly, I tend to start the day’s to-dos with a long list of idealistic activities. Even if i can’t do all what’s on my list. I find a way to make my day enjoyable.

To make sure that you don’t waste your last day of freedom before you go back to work, and school. With a couple of ideas of things to do on a Sunday. You will be off your bum and doing something fun and exciting in no time.

Heres 20 things to do on a boring Sunday.

  1. Go for a walk. Grab some comfy tennis shoes and head out for a nice peaceful day to go for a walk. Bring water to stay hydrated.
  2. Make a fancy breakfast. Let’s be honest, weekend breakfast is so much better. Because you can actually take your time to make a nice fancy breakfast. “Strawberries on the side please!!”
  3. Go for brunch. Sunday’s are the most perfect days for a nice brunch date with unlimited mimosas.
  4. Listen to a podcast. I always find different interesting topics to listen to. I mean when i tell you topics i’ve never even though of. I actually learned a few things as well.
  5. Paint & Sip. No it doesn’t have to be wine *sigh*, but i recommend because it makes the activity so much more fun.
  6. Play Mini Golf. Golf is so fun, get your skills up.
  7. Change your room around. Changing your room around can make you feel so much lighter. Sometimes a new scenery is definitely and can make you less moody.
  8. Ready for a different line of work? Sunday is a great time to set aside an hour or two to look into some other work you may be interested in.
  9. Do all your laundry.
  10. Prepare your clothes for the following week.
  11. Start the Day With “Me-Time”
  12. Make a specialty coffee at home.
  13. Make a gratitude list.
  14. Prepare Monday Morning Breakfast.
  15.  Tidy Up Your Closet.
  16. Let journaling prompts inspire your practice. 
  17. Take A Soul Stroll. My favorite thing to do when i want to clear my head and mentally getting myself ready for the week.
  18. Toss Everything That’s Expired Or Questionable In Your Fridge. Except them yummy green vegetables that you will be blending up for a yummy green choice ;).
  19. Make a plan to write one thing you’re grateful for all week.
  20. On the other hand, exfoliate your entire body.