6 Monthly Goals ideas that can help

Monthly goals is a strict way to take care responsibilities & work on your main priorities. We become so ardent about making goals but never end up sticking to them, but if we really want to make change, we must not forget that it is about what we do on a monthly basis. It is about setting important monthly goals, into daily goals that are essential for eternal progress.

Here in this post, I share 6 Monthly Goals ideas that can help

  1. Working on your habits. Having monthly goals will help you improve most habits. Also, will help improve your mental thinking in every aspect. Setting goals for 30 days is a perfect refresher to start working on those habits your tired of having.
  2. Keep your place neat. This is the time to start transitioning on the neater side if you aren’t so tidy. Setting a monthly goal to declutter and organize your place will make things so easy for you. At some point of my life, me & being organized was very much a struggle. I would misplace things and get frustrated, so I had to change that asap.
  3. Stop lounging in bed. When your just sitting in the bed your either on your phone or watching tv, or just being lazy laying there. Of course I admit this was me 100 %. But I started to feel unproductive. Everyone knows once your in the bed and your comfortable, you really don’t want to get up. I started setting a goal to only use my bed for when I’m either going to sleep or taking a quick cat nap.
  4. Exercise 3-5 days a week for a month. Exercising is good for your overall health. I know for some it’s hard getting in the habit of exercising but I promise once you make exercising a goal & you stay consistent, you will never want to give up again.
  5. Social media detoxing. I know, for some it’s tough to do this, especially if your addicted. Set a goal to not use social media for 30 days. Unless you use it for business purposes. If that’s the case, use it strictly for that and sign off.
  6. Nightly self-care routine. Nighttime supposed to be all about relaxing and getting ready for the next day. Set a goal creating a nightly self-care ritual. That makes you feel good before going to sleep. For me, I love taking a bath with no lights just candles, and listening to peaceful music, and after that I make a cup of tea. That keeps me in a really good mood before bed.

XoXo SeqouiaB.