3 Ways how to enjoy being alone

We always constantly finding ourselves wanting to have some company around us so we won’t feel alone. But what’s really the real reason why it’s so hard to be alone? Do we you not know how much of a blessing we are but yet we still try to find people to make us feel good?

“ It took me a while to enjoy being alone, but soon as I finally found myself, it has been the biggest gift ever. I love peace more than anything, and the peace that you can give yourself is a blessing. Don’t let anyone stop you from trying new things, you never know what type of creativity skills your inner self has.” -Seqouia 🌞

Today I’m going to share with you, my advice on being alone & how to enjoy it. The relationship you have with yourself is always important and it’s something that nobody can never take away from you. If you deal with this, I advise you to read .

Here 3 ways how to enjoy being alone:


Now to learn how to enjoy being alone is getting to know who you are, just like the process of getting to know someone you met.

So, what do you like about yourself? What makes you so unique from others? What are things you discovered about yourself that you or anyone else didn’t know? What is your biggest obstacles you have faced?

Be true to yourself. Journal whatever that comes quick to your mind. Don’t leave anything out because this is how you learn about who you are.

Work on getting out your comfort zone and try new experiences, have a few conversations, & be a little more expressive.You’re not going to get to know yourself staying cooped up in the same familiar spots. You have to get out there and try new experiences, you will learn what doesn’t catches your interest and what does.


Have you ever had something you really wanted to do but you never did it because every time you ask someone to go with you they always say no or gave you the silent treatment?

So is that how you are going to live your life, not trying new things because you don’t want to go by yourself or because you want someone to do it with you?

Realize that you don’t need anyone to try new things with and do it. And it’s so much in his world to experience. Don’t be the one to hold yourself back. You can also start doing research on things you want to do or things that interest you. Maybe you want to look into writing a book, blogging, joining a yoga class, just anything that comes to mind.


Having self-love is very important, and I’ll always stick to that. We don’t show our selves love & passion like we should, instead we give our love to others. We deserve to love ourselves and be happy with who we are. When you love yourself you don’t care about other people opinions, you don’t let negative comments faze you. So when you master having self-love, you don’t care about anyone’s company. As long as you make yourself feel complete, and you can laugh at your own jokes, you can wear what you want, & you can just be you without trying to impress others.

I really hope these 3 main tips can help.

XoXo Seqouia….