How I learned to move on from negative thinking

I am not quite sure if dealing with so much on your plate bothers you or not, but if it does your definitely not alone. I’ve been their before, and man it’s traumatizing. First foremost, let’s get into how dramatic I am ha! I have always been a person who always overthinks just about anything. Of course my anxiety plays a part of it, but honestly it’s a lot of my overthinking as well.

When I use to get in certain situations, I would literally get to the point where I just give up. I didn’t even use to try. And not having faith is a huge sign of needing to find self-love.

Sometimes we are battling ourselves, because truthfully we do not know who we are and why things aren’t going how we expect it to. Then we get in the habit of feeling like we are failing all the time. But lets take out time to figure out who we are and why can’t we shake these personal feelings.

Remember we think about situations we put ourselves in either prior or after, so it’s definitely a mind thing. But we have to learn how to over power our minds. Time to turn all negatives into positives aspects.

But… how?

Here are the steps I took to move on from negative thinking:

  1. Cut off all negative people from having easy access to you. Don’t listen to the saying “watch the company you keep” instantly remove them. You know when someone isn’t good for you. Having someone negative around you drains your energy 100%. And also, can run other good people away from you.
  2. Turn your negative thinking into positive thinking. Negative thinking is pretty common now days. I’m sure everyone has thought negative before. Maybe not as often, but I know it have occurred at some point. But when that time comes, try replacing those thoughts with positivity. For an example: “I know I need to lose weight, but then again I am still beautiful inside and out.”
  3. Be happy. I know this is the obvious but let’s be realistic, for some people being happy can be a little bit difficult mainly because their upbringing. But honestly, why aren’t you happy? what’s bothering you so much for you to never be in the mood? We let the smallest things make us so annoyed when we really can brush them off. Being happy isn’t hard at all, we make it hard. Find what keeps you in a more happy mood. I am not saying to just smile all day, but really what’s the reason to always be upset for? And this is coming from a person who was always irritable at some point. Being happy attracts the right people, being happy gets things done because you will always be in the mood.

Stay tuned for part 2 ……