How to grow, heal, and take self criticism

I remember when I first got to the point in my life when I realize I am really growing and that no one no longer serves me. And yes, I feared the thought of losing people I felt so close to. But it was just this weird feeling that suddenly just came to me that I couldn’t get rid of. My body, my soul, needed nurturing, healing, growth…. I’ve been isolating myself mentally, it’s like when I am around certain people I go home and feel so drained. That’s when I knew it’s time for change, it’s time for growth…

On the other hand…

It is essential that we never forget who we are and to never fault ourselves. Because we are still learning everyday, we are still growing.

Mistakes will happen, it’s just lessons we have learned. Pave the way to put your soul at peace and stop dwelling on what you can not do. You will never show up to be the “most perfect” person in the world, because it’s no such thing. But we all have some imperfections that could be undesirable to us. What’s done is done, because as long as you love whom you see in the mirror that should always remind you to feel valued.

Me, my self always show empathy to others because I know how it feels to not align with myself, I know how it feels to never feel that nothing is never enough. But I have gotten tired of living in pain and always feeling unpleasant to others. It’s not about anyone, It’s about you. Start choosing you, be self-fish with you.

Take time to acknowledge where your insecurities are coming from, and step back and figure out why are you blaming yourself for things you can’t control. Stop letting the world of hypocrites make you feel like you need to change something about yourself, because remember it’s not about them, it’s about you.

live in alignment and find your true self…. I promise all your worries will go away…. XoXo Seqouia….