How to find space to express yourself? (For women)

As a woman I get it. Our space should always be confidential. I mean sometimes it’s for our own good. Because exposing too much of our private life might set us up to be either judged or teased. Also, women need space to express ourselves because we can’t always vent to family and friends. And that is ok.

One thing I dislike now is expressing emotions on social media. Social media shouldn’t know your personal emotions. Because that platform isn’t a diary. You shouldn’t never be that opened to let everyone know when you are having any kind of situation or feelings. Good or bad.

It’s a new year to try handling things differently such as being more in tuned with your inner-soul. Trust yourself more. Find your hidden creativity skills.

  1. Acknowledging your emotions: Some of us do not know how to safely express our emotions. Which will make it hard for others to understand you. Emotions can be challenging, because many of us hide them, feel embarrassed, or ashamed of letting people know how we truly feel. But it’s okay to have emotions, it’s okay to get upset, it’s okay to have feelings, we are normal. It happens. Getting closer to your emotions will get you more in touch with who you really are, and will help with reducing so much build up stress.
  2. Journal your feelings: Start keeping track of your emotions by writing your feelings down in a journal. For some people expressing yourself by pen might be a huge relief. Write down how you react when it comes to your emotions and why. This will help you start to become more connected to how you really feel deeply inside, instead of just putting your emotions aside.
  3. Create a collage: Make a collage of all the things that you like or want to do. Like for example, I like to travel. I made a collage of all the places I haven’t been to and using this collage as a manifestation of travel spots I want to visit. Or you can find pictures that resonate with how you feel and what you want to express.
  4. Play music + vibe: Honestly, music can be very therapeutic, and something you can relate to. Listen to some dope artist that you might can relate to. For me I love listening to Jhene Aiko & Tems. Both lovely ladies music brings me so much peace and I can relate to some of their music in so many ways.
  5. Practice coping with your emotions: Exploring your true self and learning to express yourself is not easy at all. But, living authentically, and validating your feelings every time, will give you confidence to be more opened to yourself. Instead of boxing in the emotions or acting out the emotions with hostility this will help you cope.

XoXo Brown Sugar Lifestyle.