5 Ways to Orgasm That you may know

I know it is a high percentage of women who have a hard time having a orgasm in sex. It’s becoming more of a topic now days, and men are starting to realize that some of us women are not getting pleasure out of sex really. So I am intrigued now that our culture is finally starting to embrace the female orgasm and acknowledge the fact that women feel, and need pleasure too. But these type of talks are very much needed because it can put more pressure on how to reach an orgasm, whether if they haven’t had one, only know of one way to, or only can have one by themselves.

So for the advancement of your sex life (because we crave a warming erotic & arousing feeling) , here are 5 ways to orgasm that you may or might not know.

1. Talk about sex: Discussing the sex topic outside the bedroom can encourage you towards a healthier sex life. Having these conversations with friends, or just acquaintances is a interesting way to normalize sex and provides a space to ask serial questions and hear about other experiences as well. The more you talk about sex, the more opened you will feel when it’s time to get into it.It’s nothing wrong hearing how others have orgasms, because mayvbe that will open you & your partner mind to spice things up.

2. Fantasize: There are many ways to get the brain stimulating, because sex is physical and mental, so to even feel aroused, sex has to already have been on your mind. Fantasizing can help you discover your sexuality and find multiple ways to feel pleasure, rather than getting caught up in achieving an orgasm and the worrisome performance anxiety. But we are lucky now days because there are plenty of ways to fantasize like, listening to something seductive, watching pornography, reading explicit books, etc. Also, taking the time to gently ease your mind + body into a sexual mental state through sensual activities, and rose pedal baths with candles.

3. Try a list of new things by (researching): If you’re still not climaxing, it might be because you need to try something new. Or if you are doing the samething your definitely missing out on other intense ways on how to climax. You can go on amazon or hit up a sex store and look at variety of sex toys and lube. It is more to our bodies that can stimulate us to orgasm, we just have to figure it out. Try new things whether it’s toys, sex positions, & finding new spots on the body. All for the sake of pleasure, enjoyment, and getting to know your body better. An orgasm will just be the ending goal.

4. Masturbation is the new self-care: Exploring your own pleasure defnitely can be fun. Don’t feel embarrased about it! Mastubating actually has a few good benefits, like changing your mood, or even easing some pain. Making masturbation part of your self-care can help you learn your body with comfort and confidence.

5. Study your flowing juices: Which toy turned you on more? Which position made you climax? Tap into your sexual energy and pay attention on what get your juices flowing and dripping down your thighs. It’s always good to know what turns you on the most. Listening to your body plays a huge part of any kind of sexual activity.