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  • 5 Toxic habits to give up in the morning

    Honestly I suffer from insomnia and been dealing with it for a while. So transitioning into being a morning person was definitely a challenge. I can say that I mostly don’t like mornings when I have to get up for work or to handle things super early because I would be sluggish. But now that… Read more

  • 3 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None

    🖊️ Feeling unmotivated can happen to the best of us and sometimes you get into such a slouchy mood that even thinking about making positive changes to your lifestyle, it seems way too hard. Lack of motivation can be the biggest fumble to achieving your goals. But it’s never too late for change, because there… Read more

  • The benefits of connecting with yourself + nature

    The benefits of connecting with yourself + nature 🌱 Ever since I’ve been in tuned with myself, things has been a little different. I’ve been connecting with myself & nature. And the benefits of it is amazing, no matter what I go through. Once I mastered on how to focus on myself and to connect… Read more

  • 3 Ways to practice setting boundaries?

    ✨ Boundaries are pin  pointed in clear communication. So the more meticulous you are about them, the more likely it will be respected. Of course you will be repetitive at some point, because your learning + growth, but don’t feel the need to get frustrated or even explain the reasoning of setting boundaries. If people can’t… Read more

  • 6 Ways how you can find yourself again after falling apart.

    6 Ways how you can find yourself again after falling apart. Some people like myself struggled with finding myself. At some point in our life we are being informed by our peers or close ones, how to be something we aren’t. And sometimes we haven’t even identified our own self, and to have to deal… Read more


    Things to do on a Sunday can be difficult to figure out especially because it’s the end of the weekend. Honestly, I tend to start the day’s to-dos with a long list of idealistic activities. Even if i can’t do all what’s on my list. I find a way to make my day enjoyable. To… Read more

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An average girl who decided to live an extraordinary life. With the help of this blog I’ve become more open & free, like i was always destined to be. I write to inspire your best life and encourage you to #livealittle. My goal is to turn blogging into a fulltime hobby/job in the near future. Until then, follow my journey you will not regret it :).

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