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20 ways to comfort yourself when you don’t know what’s wrong

20 ways to comfort yourself when you don’t know what’s wrong

It’s one of those days, and i don’t know maybe things wasn’t suppose to be this way. You had good plans, schedules are been pre-made a head of time, and exciting ideas. But for some odd reason, you just don’t feel right.

Your agitated.

People are being negative and annoying.

You have your favorite baked cookies that just fills you up with joy. No seriously.

And for some weird reason you still feel down.

But I’m here to provide you with some ways to help and some reasons why days like this can slowly grow into a big F*CKING MESS, if you let it :(.





1. Make a list of any of the following things to give yourself a healthy distraction:

  • Things that make you happy

  • Your favorite tv series 

  • Places you like to go that you don’t really go as much
  • What you’re thankful for

  • Nice things that people always say to you

  • Memories that warm your heart


2. Spend some time painting (Even if you aren’t the best) lol

3. Light candles around the house and put on soothing music

4. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself today. It’s okay to put things aside. Taking time to invest in you is important

5. Flush out the negativity and energy out by drinking a large glass of water (Visualize it) +Water gives energy

6. Make some chamomile tea. (Relieves anxiety)

7. Close your eyes and think of your dream vacation

8. Settle in with a good book

9. Let go of guilt. Move on and leave it in the past.

10. Go for a walk in nature without your phone and sink in the atmosphere and inhale+exhale fresh air.

11. Bake your favorite dish.

12. Drink a good ole bottle of wine. 

13. Invite friends over and have game night/movie night. (You need good energy at the moment)

14. Look in the mirror and tell yourself 5 good things about yourself. This is what i tell myself.

  • I’m intelligent
  • I’m beautiful/handsome
  • I’m determined
  • I am thankful for life
  • I am blessed to be myself
  • I love who i becoming
  • I am strong and dominant

15. Take some time for self-care. Paint your nails, take a long bath, do what makes you feel pampered and beautiful.

16. If you have build up bad energy, take yourself to the gym or go for a run

17. Surprise some one special with a gift or take them out. (Making someone smile is the best feeling)

18. Read a good book, but settle in first in get comfy.

19. Don’t stress yourself out figuring out “Why” and just let it go.

20. Give yourself permission to find a funny show on Netflix or Hulu that’s going to make you laugh.