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How to prevent a toxic relationship

There is no excuse at all when it comes to a stop when arguing! Sometimes relationships can’t even last a month when both are argumentative. Now it is completely normal to have an debate, their will be disagreements, and sometimes it will be times where you two might not just want to be bothered. It’s okay to feel that way. Everyone has emotions and everyone has other things they go through outside their relationship. but wait…. even if you are going through something and it has nothing to do with your partner, tell them.



Let them know what happened, and to not take offense that you don’t want to be bothered at the time. I learned that can also be another problem in relationships. People tend to not know how to just let go, and just chill. That’s where communication comes in. I honestly feel that if you can’t express how you feel to your partner, then you have no business even trying to date.


In a relationship you two suppose to be a team and friends as well. You should be able to tell your partner your personal feelings, it brings a better connection between you two. Don’t be selfish, if your partner is not feeling good, or not having a good time, it’s not about YOU its about them. Give your partner comfort, let them know you are here if they need you. Then from there, give them space.


Quick tips on preventing toxic arguments:

  • Give them comfortability 
  • Communication
  • Ask questions
  • Show you care
  • Give time to cool down
  • Be respectful
  • Give compliments
  • Learn to let go
  • Be expressive without being angry


Everyone has their own preferences on what they allow in a relationship. Some partners get a kick out of arguing, being chased, harassed, and accused. Which i feel it is very disturbing, because all that leads to stress. It might not seem like it, but giving that type of energy does. It actually makes the relationship dry and boring. Don’t let the smallest things turn into something big. If that person is for you, keep them. Figure out what you two need to work on, and try to be more willing to work on issues with each other without letting it turn into an toxic argument.



TOXIC: defined by negative, critical comments that escalate an argument almost instantly. Blame – happens when targeting other people’s flaws which helps to avoid accountability. Contempt – the intention is to make the other person feel crazy or less than.


Toxic arguments are not something you want to deal with or continue to deal with. Trust me i know. I been through it roughly, it’s the worst feeling ever. Toxic arguments bring stress, depression, anxiety, insecurities, unhappy, weight-loss, and so much more. Toxic arguments also can turn your significant other SUICIDAL which you don’t want to never get to that point. If you or your significant other is at that point, please get help. You can call a suicidal prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255 open 24hrs or go to


It’s okay to let go if you aren’t happy. Forcing yourself to love will make it easier for you to hate. Don’t keep no one who don’t want to be kept. Don’t STRESS when it’s no reason to be stressed. Relationships have problems and it’s no such thing of a “perfect relationship”, but don’t let your toxic partner get the best of you. Sometimes things don’t last forever. Our happiness+health is what’s more important.


For relationship advice feel free to contact me whenever :). Hope this blog was very understanding, and also hope that it motivate others out there to not pull in a toxic relationship. Not worth the pain.

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