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4 Ways to monetize your brand!


Happy Monday my loves :)……

I have 4 ways to monetize your content and to expand your personal brand. 

Why do we need to monetize our content?

To make that money honey, duh….

Our personal brand is our future, so we have to make money by all means. Our time is an ASSET! Always make sure any choices you make that it is going to help you build a sustainable business.


               1. Coaching+Consulting: I prefer that you coach something that has more to do with your field of blogging. Always make sure you have a set fee. Usually coaches and consultants charges around $150/weekly, but you can briefly pick your own prices. I feel if you are a beginner, try not to be to expensive. So for an example, if you are a motivational blogger, you can be a motivational coach, coach your clients on being motivated and uplifting them to not give up, “just an example”. If you are a financial blogger you can be a financial coach, you can coach people on how to make money and guide them once a week or a couple times out the month. 


      2. Active Social Media: Yes! Social media is the most valuable place to get clients. Good content, daily content, and legit content, will definitely bring you clients and visitors. The most money making social media in my opinion is “Instagram”. The reason why i said Instagram is because you can use hashtags that are followed by millions of people so for an example if you do #blogger, then your post will pop up in the bloggers hashtag and people will have a option to follow you or to like your post, even possibly click the link to your website in your bio. 


3. Advertisers: Yes, ads will make you money. You can easily google “make money posting ads”, and a lot of different affiliate programs or ad programs will pop up. Even though some ads make 0.10 cents per click it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you got good content and views, that 0.10 cents will turn into more eventually. 


4. Brand Sponsors: Make sure you try to get attention from other brands, you can even share it on your social media how you are looking to be sponsored. Also, it can be very fun. Like for an example, if you are into make up you can get sponsored by a make up company, and all you have to do is post pictures or videos using there products and get other people to purchase it, and you will get paid for that. 

Honestly it’s all about branding yourself and being consistent with building your future. Your future is what you make it and how far you able to keep going with out giving up. Blogging isn’t really hard, but making money isn’t a piece of cake, you have to want it, deserve it, and strive for it. These 4 ways, is ways how i make money and how i for sure know it will definitely work out for whomever is reading this. 


-Take notes

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          -XOXO SEQOUIAB

Earning money being a affiliate marketer

Hey loves, so today i want to talk more about affiliate income and how you can really make a living from it. Affiliate income is my most favorite way of earning a living online. It is really easy and simple. Affiliate income is when you place an affiliate link in a blog post and try to earn money from people buying the product through your link. All you have to do is market that product, promote, and give out facts why your readers should purchase the product. 

This can be a good way to make money because if there is a product out there that you really like, all you have to do is review the product and hopefully others will be interested in buying it. 

Affiliate income is great because all you have to do is create a post, insert the link, and now it’s time to make money. Although it might take time, thats okay, no need to rush your future income that might come in handy 3 or 4 months later down the line.


I know i posted some affiliate link on my other blogs post but here are some really good affiliate programs i use or have friends that are also signed up with them.

Max Bounty,

Avant Link,


Flex Offers,

Commission Junction

Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Once you get the hang of using affiliate links, I promise to you that you will see a good future, generating large amount of monthly income. And, yes, this means that you may be able to earn money while you are sleeping, on vacation, out dancing with friends, spending more quality time with your family and more.

What could be better than that?

No seriously, what can?

So, when you do affiliate marketing you don’t necessarily need a blog. You can use domain sites like

You can use social media to, all you have to do is add it to your url. I prefer to use . Tiny url is a website that shortens your url, which is awesome, looks more accurate!

How to be a successful affiliate markerter:

  • Pick your niche
  • Build your blog, site, and social media
  • Build an audience
  • Create content
  • Promote your products
  • Do the same steps repeatedly

Hope you all enjoyed this blog, please feel free to screenshot or write down any tips that apply on my blogs. You can always personally email me if you would like to have a personal conversation about my blogs also. 

    “Don’t let nothing stop you from building your future , because you are the future”.

            XOXO -SEQOUIAB

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10 ways to make money online


Lets make extra money online, there is away, so don’t give up!
I am all about making income online in order to make extra money. You can work from the comfort of your home, usually on your own schedule, and you can be location independent and travel all over the world if you want to.

1. Sell your old stuff, or stuff you don’t use. Here is a list of some sellers.

  • Poshmark
  • Depop
  • Mercari
  • Offer up
  • Let go
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist

You can sell clothes, shoes, cosmetics, pretty much everything! and i’m 100% sure people will purchase your belongings. I will discuss on here how much i made but that will be for the next blog :).


2. Social Media Influencer- Influencers has a large audience and really good content that can convince others by personality and good taste. For an example you can be a #Novababe, or be a influencer for flat tummy tea, teami blends, prettylittlething, and so many other popular places. Wait! you don’t have to even be an influencer for popular brands, you can start with new up and coming businesses, help them get exposure!

3. Coach others to start websites – If you are a tech-junky others may be willing to pay you to help them start their website. If you have really good skills, go for it! Good money!

4. Research Studies. You get paid just to sit in a class! Literally! So easy. You can sign up on these websites. 

5. Post on social media – If you have social media accounts, you may be able to make money by posting advertisements on your accounts which is so cool and easy. One company that is really known for this is Izea. Just click

6. Moderate forums – Some forums will pay you to moderate their message boards. If there is a forum you often visit, you might want to see if they are hiring.

7. Test websites – This is a brilliantly new way to make money online at home that a friend told me about, it’s called It’s a website that pays you to test websites. You get paid $10 for each website you review and test, and $15 per website that you mobile test. You do not need to be a professional they really just want honest reviews!

8. Write for others x Freelance writing – Freelance writing can be a super cool way to make money online if you enjoy writing. You will need someone to hire you, which means most freelancer need experience but don’t worry because anything is possible. You can actually start blogging, and if you already blog that’s a big +.  That will make things more easier for you to get a freelance job because by you being a writer and a skilled blogger, they can see you have a great writing style.

9. E-Books- You can write a book, guide, or even a course and upload it on amazon. People can download it as a pdf file, and read it from there laptops, or phone, or also can order a printed copy. Amazon prints and ships the book as well. 

10. Graphic Designer- You can use this website called Canva, or download the app to design logos, flyers, post cards, websites, business cards, social media graphics. Canva also offers millions of images, stock photography, vectors and illustrations along with photo filters, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts.

           Online Money can really make a difference! Once you start accumulating money from any online business you start or join, your whole mindset changes when it comes to your 9-5. Hope you wrote some of these down and i hope it’s some good tips for you!


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