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Being present is about letting go of your fears, being free of whatever that was left in the past. Teach your mind to always be present in that exact moment. Staying in the moment also will improve your mental state of mind. Practice more on what is going on now, what do you need to change now, what can benefit you now. Don’t feel scared to lose track of things that matter, because all what you lost track of, will definitely come back. Being present is letting go of those fears and just having a good mental cleanse without judgment in every thought/situation.



Whenever I feel like some things are slowly falling out of my control, when stress and my depression is taking over, I try my best to focus on things that I can control in my life.

Is it always really this easy?

Shit no! it’s not.

When you’re going through a situation where you know you can’t change certain things at the time or at all, you can very easily find yourself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Don’t put yourself into nothing that is beyond your control because it is a waste. There is a difference between taking action and solving through your problems. What you CAN control, is what you are mainly focused on, and know that you will always have power with yourself. Focus on things that you can control.






Having an emotional cleanse isn’t necessarily about getting rid of any feelings or emotions you consider bad or negative. It’s about replacing your emotional feelings back to your normal self. There are plenty of ways to approach an emotional cleanse. I usually find a quiet place, turn on my aromatherapy or light up a scented candle, turn on some music, get my famous pen, and grab my journal. I start off writing:

Today i realized that my stress has…..

Lately, I’ve been feeling…

What makes me happy is….

I have decided to let go of the things that bring me down like,…..

I feel most like myself when i……

When i write my thoughts i feel……

When you write out your issues rather it’s good or bad, you are being honest within yourself, and when you read what you have written, you are witnessing your growth right in front of your eyes. Journaling will help you visualize everything that is going on, you have to be reminded so you can learn from it and leave it in the past. It will help you discover other reasons why you feel the way you are feeling, and any other misplaced hidden emotions. For example, you might discover that your toxic relationship happen to be one of the reasons why you are always moody, or you might come to a thought that you might fear failure, it can be anything honestly.

My best advice to you is to keep a notebook handy so you can always keep track of your thoughts, bad or good. Make sure you write them down and make it useful. Try to stick to it. Once you give up then it’s like the same cycle all over again. 




So it’s understandable that we all go through our ups and down, some of us are emotional and have deep stories behind our smiles and sad faces. But…negative vibes that are always in your presence, it’s not good for you AT ALL! Negativity some how travels along way, and yea sometimes it can be easier said then done that you are going to leave negative situations+people alone, then you some how tend to still be apart of there drama. So, don’t be that person to continuously put up with uncalled for drama. Make negative situations into positive ones, it will show so much of your growth!




Hope you enjoyed this blog and hope it was helpful for you stay on the look out for the next one. Any questions regarding this post? feel free to let me know!!!