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7 ways of changes to improve your life



Learn to take and do things more slowly, and try not to be such in a rush through your life too much. Enjoy your favorite t.v shows, book, or food. Just relax and enjoy your surroundings. Pay more attention to people around you. Live a little, stop being so hard on yourself.



So when you aren’t organized, and you have things everywhere and not where it suppose to be it can be very overwhelming. Especially if it been a while. Make a plan and pick a perfect day for you to just do a full 360 on your home. Make a list of things that need to be done, and list the rooms in order you gone do first to last. Throw out things that you are holding on to but you don’t have to hold on it, let it go throw it away! Make an effort to do a good clean up more often so you don’t have to go through this as often.





We are all creative humans. Being creative doesn’t require knowing how to just paint or draw. You can be creative in having your own style, cooking recipes, make up, or even creating your own product from home. You can find different ways of being creative by simply doing research or surprising yourself with hidden talent you didn’t even know you had until you try something different.




Planning out and prepping our meals every Sunday for the week ahead makes life SO much easier. I no longer have to wonder what I’m making for dinner while on my way home from work. Also, when you prep and pack your own lunch you’re less likely to reach for junk food (Which we don’t need), not to mention that it also saves you money. I’m sure it’s someone out there like me need to stop wasting money on eating out and changing up there health. Since i have done that, i spend way less money on food now, which is a blessing. Don’t get me wrong i slip up sometimes, but for most part i am better.





If you are a busy body like me with a packed schedule or suffer from anxiety+depression, a once a day meditation will help you be more calmer, and hopefully may stay that way. I know for me it did. Meditation reduce stress, and give you the ability to not feel so much pressure in your daily lifestyle. I have an app that i been using called head space, here is the link  ⇒⇒⇒ Head Space Sign up Click Here.  Head space is guided meditation, when i tell you that it makes my life easier it does! I recommend this 100%!.





This is absolutely my favorite topic. Finding a hobby is well worth it i promise. When you figure out something you can do in your spare time, like learning a new skill, sewing some things on your sew machine, or writing a book, you don’t have to focus on the stress in your life. This is how i started blogging, one day i was just surfing the internet and i came across a blog. Then i started doing my research. So then i decided maybe i should give it a try, and BOOM! i did. Now i love it. I love blogging so much i decided to take blogging to the next level and making it more of a business instead of an hobby.




Oh yes! I find myself more productive when i do daily walks, mostly better in the am, but anytime is okay. Even if you don’t do other extra work outs, taking a walk is fine, Get your head phones, and just walk around your neighborhood for some fresh air. A little work out won’t hurt. If you do it everyday you will feel a difference mind/body wise. Even if you grab a friend to come with. Time yourself and make a check list so you can see your progress.



          Honestly you can’t expect things in your life to change over night, especially if you aren’t pushing for change, You have to be determined to move things forward in life. Don’t never give up on learning and growing, everyday there is something new discovered and it can be relevant knowledge for yourself. Try to start off with the simple first, then from there you go forward. Feel to check out a similar blog Click this.


                         Hope you all enjoyed this blog, and hope it was helpful :).

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Hey everyone! Hey Girl-Bosses!

I am so excited and thrilled to write my first blog post on being a girl boss, that will inspire and empower the ladies to move on up to a higher level on building a career on their own..

First of all, Girl bosses aren’t suppose to be 100% perfect, rich, and have everything on point right away. It takes time! A lot of us ladies, haven’t got it all figured out, we make mistakes. We get discouraged. We get stressed. We get overwhelmed. BUT we aren’t going to let these problems define who we are anymore.

Success is a long journey, it’s not going to be easy, but once you pull through, the light will show how many bumpy roads you been through to get to where you at now.…but girl bosses are ready for anything that comes there way, and ready to see what life has to offer. So to all my soon to be girl bosses out there, here are 10 Tips on becoming a girl Boss….


To be a boss you have to have a plan. A lot of people just jump right into being something they aren’t yet and more than likely they begin to fall off. So we can’t let that happen right?…. brainstorm on all your plans and stick to it. Make sure that on your daily work days, you have something planned out already. That means you need to get a lot of beauty rest so you can wake up and get ready to start your business/boss day. As women we like to be in control, it’s okay to admit to it, because it’s the truth. Everyday is a new opportunity, take advantage of that, not focus on what’s going on, on the other side. Be confidence in this process.


Be confident. Feel good about yourself and what you’re doing. You already a girl boss even if you haven’t started your business yet. BUT the fact you already planning, researching, and studying to be a girl boss, you accomplished something.


No hesitation, just go for what you know and want. Give in all the hard work you can! Think about your future from now, do you see yourself making no mistakes? or do you just feel everything is going to be perfectly fine and not make any? NOT! please don’t be that sure, you will have a lot of challenges you have to battle. It’s okay to be confident because all girl bosses suppose to. BUT understand to be an entrepreneur it’s not an easy walk in the park. Don’t live with the “What ifs” and the “I give up”, I rather live with the “I can” “Lets do it” “Lets try” “OH WELL” “NEXT TIME”. I say this because you have to believe in failure, and failure will come just to test you TRUST! Nothing is more better than knowing how feisty, strong, and down to earth you are!


I have made plenty of post discussing failure because most of us can’t accept it, or couldn’t at the time. If you are trying to be a girl boss i can tell you now that you have to accept failure. Failure isn’t a bad thing at all, perhaps it’s actually a good thing. I’m sure you heard the old school saying you will “LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES”. It’s definitely true. Failure is actually GOOD. It makes success so much worth fighting for. Easy is lame, and for people who want a hand out, BOOOO!!!! Remember you aren’t alone at all, there is women out there that is dealing with the same thing right now at this minute!


To be a girl boss you have to be a people person, and if you aren’t you have to work on being one. It’s good to network with others, and associate with people who are in the same line of business you are. Also, it’s good to meet people ahead of you because they can be a lot of help and teach you some things you may not know. Holding your own in intellectual conversations is an A+ in your success. Drive people out of there heads to realize how smart and intelligent you are. You never know what open doors of opportunities might be coming your way. I’m just saying….


Learning is a life long process, so it’s always good to be talkative and willing to explore.

READ – Make sure you read a lot. If you aren’t a reader then guess what sis it’s time to get in them BOOKS! Learn and read as much as you can. There is so many ways and tips on you becoming a girl boss. Every girl boss should educate her self on how to make money in their line of business, and what can they do, or what do they need to get prepared. Their are books out there just for that.

STUDY – Make sure you study. Take all the notes you  can, take all the screen shots you can, just  make sure you are putting more knowledge in your head day by day. You have to be a master mind or train yourself to be one. Being  smart and showing it off is a A+! Know your SHIT!


Your determined to be in the entrepreneur field now, so you definitely need rest. Especially if you suffer from insomnia like me which is hard to go to sleep early. Now i am working on my sleeping schedule. Go to sleep more early, wake up early and get things done. Also, even though when you are your own boss your working towards being self employed, you have to make sure your mind/body is ready for early meetings, and any other important things that have to be done business hours. If you wake up early, you have to eat a good healthy breakfast, time to do a quick work out, time to make your morning coffee instead of late in the night so much.


Your health is important. Who am i to talk? Yea i know… at first i didn’t take my health seriously, and actually it kind of made me lose hope in furthering my dreams because i started to get really lazy. Now that i know health is important, i am on it! If you are always getting ill then the best thing for you to do is stay on your vitamins, healthy drinks, healthy foods, veggies, fruit and much more. We need vitamins in our body, and we have to keep our immune system in good health. What if your business require traveling? so keeping up with your health is so important. Work out a couple times out the week. I work out a couple times of week due to my mental health issues, i suffer from depression and anxiety so when i work out it definitely makes me feel much better.


I feel that making an office space in your place of living is perfect and convenient. Having your own office space just looks so much professional and legit. Especially if you work from home, and you need your own little space for your notes, computer/laptop, and whatever else. It makes your girl boss attitude 10X confident. Also, when you walk into your office space you know automatically it’s time to work and get things done. I promise it will make your life way more organized.


Making time out for yourself is important. Like reading a book, watching your favorite t.v. shows you haven’t watched in a while, cooking your favorite dish, going out to the movies, or even leaving town for a couple days. With me working a regular job and still building a business from scratch sometimes is very stressful, so when i get overwhelmed i just shut down. I will go two months without talking to people like that, and just staying to myself trying to get my mind together. Pampering yourself is important but i definitely recommend to just pick 1 day out the week to pamper yourself while you are still building or working on your business. Your physical and mental health is so important.


Having a routine is definitely needed. You have to make sure you plan out things you need to get done, Self discipline will keep you from having a brain that is scattered everywhere. Organized comes with being a girl boss. Make sure you have a schedule and a list of all your weekly plans in your planner so you can stay on top of all your work and priorities.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy at all. Sometimes, it’s not set up for everyone neither. You have to be prepared of the do’s and don’t, and what can everything turn out to be later down the line. It takes hard work, long nights/early mornings, to be whoever that you got set in your mind to be. It’s going to be difficult, and no matter how defeated you are don’t think that failure isn’t possible, because it is. I have gave up so many times, i have fell off so many times, i even been through the stage where i just felt like i was at my ending point and i just can’t do it any more. I had to let go of the negative and stay more on the positive side, and learned how to believe in myself more. Trust the process. Keep picking yourself up every time you fall, giving up should never be an option or a thought. You have to know your worth before anybody else knows it.

Well that is it, i hope this blog was really helpful out there to all the beautiful strong driven ladies. I wish you nothing but the best in your success. Drop a comment, or personally contact me if you have any concerns.

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Why do we suffer from self-love?

Happy BlogTober my loves, I am back with another blog on self love. Which is and always will be one of my favorite topics :).

The best part of my life so far is learning how to love myself and be more accepting. Some people like me don’t realize that i didn’t have self love until i start realizing the way i react, the negativity, the disrespect, and the way how i go head over hills for other people besides myself. At times i felt not worthy, i felt like i was going to just shut down and give up on everything. The pain i endured, the pain i suffered from, was the most horrific time in my life. I would look in the mirror and see different from others. It’s totally normal to go through this stage. A lot of people suffer from not having self love/depression because their past, relationship, weight gain/loss, family issues, etc. I have two known facts explaining in detail why we suffer from self love issues.


                                               Let me start with.….


Relationships are so lovely, but then again relationships can be so depressing. Things can go so good and i mean good, then boom you turn around and feelings don’t be mutual any more. Wait, let me fix that, your feelings are there, but your significant other feelings isn’t, and it shows. Most of time it’s majority of women that suffer from this issue. As women we do love hard, and when we tend to feel that the person we are in love with don’t show the same love anymore we start to blame ourselves for a lot of different reasons. We start to question ourselves and doubt who we are now. The insecurities start to flow in, depression turns into anxiety, and now you start doing everything in your might to keep the person that you love, you end up forgetting to do things for yourself, you began to love them more than you love you, and thats when you start seeing that you don’t have self love anymore. 


Weight gain/loss:

Weight issues play a big part of self love. When you gain a certain amount of weight that you never expected and it’s hard to get rid of that weight, your whole confidence shuts down. You don’t feel the same, look the same, and don’t even move the same anymore. You began to call yourself fat and all type of other names. You start to not feel sexually active anymore because the thought of looking at your body compared to how your old body looked, can apparently be terrifying. When you lose weight, it’s the same feelings it’s just that now you see that you are way too skinny compared to your normal size. Transitioning to having confidence vs losing confidence is a big change. Not only will people notice the difference of who you now became, you will to. 


               Don’t never feel ashamed of any problems you go through. Sometimes we get put through the toughest times just to change our lives around. Everything happens for a reason. Although we might not act on our problems right away, eventually we will. Everyone has there own time to change, there own time to move on to better. When you are ready to reevaluate yourself and be the better version of yourself you will. The thing is we have to start believing in who we aren’t and who we are, and look at our past as a lesson learned. 


  If you are reading this, i definitely will love to tell you that you are amazingly handsome/beautiful. You are smart, you are talented, you are a winner. Never lose your courage no matter how many steps back you took. Life itself is going to always be a challenge, but it’s up to you to accept failure, brush it off, and not give up. Change is good, even if you have to dismiss certain energy out your life. Your health, and loving yourself first need and always should come first. 

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How to overcome your laziness?

Concept for procrastination and urgency with torn newspaper headlines excuses reading later, one day

Tip#1 Find the reason:

Being lazy doesn’t necessary have to be intentional. It can be lack of sleep, no energy, bad health, stress, and so much more. Your body needs rest, a lot of rest. For some of us sometimes we feel that resting isn’t an option, but it really is. Make time to rest your body/mind. All those late nights and all nighters you are pulling can possibly affect your productivity and your motivation to do things. 

Hey, but to figure out what’s stressing you, you need to find out what it is right? Is it a new job you about to start? Or family drama? Or is it finance issues that’s not going right? Find the root and begin to fight this lazy stage you are going through step by step.


Tip#2 Shorten your bigger routine to a smaller routine:

Focusing on achieving your goals is very important, trust i understand. I suffer everyday from stress from over working myself and making sure i reach certain goals everyday of the week. Goals can be overwhelming, but at the same time having goals is to motivate you to get up and go for whatever it is to get you to where you want to be. The best way i can advise you to make situations a little more simple like i did, is to write down the main issue. For an example, “Monday” Sign up for gym, go to book store to purchase a healthy eating recipe book. Get those big goals down and you will have less of a headache because you will realize you are motivated when you can write things down and do things step by step.


Tip #3 Inspirational Surroundings:

Surround yourself around people who have a higher ambition then you. Seeing someone you care about consistently striving for what they want, never negative, always supporting you, continuously get things done, is the people you need to surround yourself around. On the other hand being around someone who has a much less ambition than you, can really slow you down and rub off on you. I say this because i have been in these situations and it helped me by being with people who are on their SHIT! I absolutely adore a hardworking boss babe or Boss fella that knows that success is extremely important. Also, there is other ways to get motivated. Watching youtube channel, listening to motivational podcast, or even reading motivational books. You have a clear image of the lifestyle you want to live, you just have to achieve it.


Tip #4 Time Schedule: 

Put your self on a time schedule. Time is important and you don’t want to waste it. Timing is one of the main reasons why we all make mistakes, or always slip up when it comes to not getting things done. When are you more productive? Are you a A.M. person? or are you a P.M. person? Like me, i am more of a night person, and i also suffer from insomnia so i do a lot of things later in the night. Like most of my blogs are published at night, sometimes in the morning if i am in the timing mood to write my blogs. I respond to my emails through out the day, but mainly i get back to my emails at the end of the day which is at night time. Also, I have a kid so i feel like at night i’m at ease and i get more mommy time to take care of my business without getting disturbed. To kill off extra time, i watch different Netflix series, go for coffee, and play video games. Find what might works for you. I did.


Tip #5 Self discipline:

Self discipline is important. Your future is important. Your goals is important. So with that being said, you have to force yourself to get up and handle your business. Put yourself on a strict DO IT LIST. You can’t start building yourself and then give up, that’s not going to work. A lot of people look for others to push them, but who can push you harder than yourself? No one. Everyone is naturally lazy beings in our own way, but in order to attain success and achieve our goals, we have to fight for that, without fighting for it we will lose. You have to be on discipline mode when working, know when it’s time to get toasted and party with friends and know when it’s time to get to work. 

You don’t want to look back and see it was wasted by doing less of nothing, and not have a degree, your own business, or traveling the world like you want or just settled for a life you didn’t intend to live at all. Know your worth, know your priorities, know whats best for you and keep that in mind everyday.

If you found these tips helpful, or want to discuss more about this post always feel free to comment, contact me on my social media or via email :). I love to grow with my readers or communicate with people whom can relate. I believe in you all and I want to see my audience achieve the very best and be successful at whatever they are striving for.


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Negativity is a no go!

  1. I understand how hard it is being around negative people or just in a negative place. Especially when you are trying to build yourself and work on your issues. I tend to always end up being around negative people because i am a accepting person and i try to deal with people for who they are, just like some accept me  for who i am. But honestly, when i get overwhelmed i get overwhelmed.
  2. I can’t try to change and bring negative around me and think that is going to help. No, it’s no help what so ever. Attitude clashes, the energy doesn’t click, a lot of disagreements, and so much more. So now i am making a goal for myself for 2019, i am going to stop accepting negative people in my life, even if i feel it’s hard to, i got to.  You should to.
  3. Living your life stress free without drama, will bring more happiness in you life. I never got a chance to see how it feels to consistently have a smile on my face. At least a couple times out the month i am angry or irritated about something, and it’s tiresome. I usually work out to overcome whatever i am going through but, i even stopped working out for a while, which i shouldn’t have done. 
  4. I definitely don’t want to start back having depression and anxiety again, that is the most horrific situation to go through. Mental illness is serious, and we don’t never take it serious like we suppose to. When dealing with temperament problems, stress, anxiety, depression, etc, the best thing to do is keep positivity around you all the time, and also think positive, negative thinking will also bring no good towards you life. Have self discipline. Know what is right and what is not right in your life. Being a firm believer is always what gets your far and is a big part of growth.
  5. Moving into my own place sort of helped me as well. I can block whatever i am going through and have peace at home. Find what puts you as ease. There is nothing like making a hot pot of coffee/tea and relaxing on your couch watching whatever you want without dealing with no one or anything. I just enjoy myself as my company, i can actually think without making my head hurt to think. 

                   The best part of building yourself is figuring yourself out while doing it.

                   Sometimes we have to reevaluate who are, and take a good refreshment

                  on our minds and bodies. Happy face, is a happy heart, and a happy heart

                  is a stress free life. 

I just want to be great, i just want to  be happy, i just really want to make the people i love happy, so i do whatever i can to work on me, so i can be the best at whatever and bring good energy to other people lives who might need it. 


                             Anyways going to wrap up this blog, hope you all can use this as some kind of motivation or inspiration, and if you ever need an ear i am here :). 

                                 XoXo -SEQOUIAB