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Self-Care Ideas for when you are having a bad day

Self-care will and always will be one of my favorite topics. Taking care of yourself mentally & physically is so important. Sometimes we skip over making our selves complete. So many of us forget about caring for ourselves and that is okay and can easily be changed. We just have to choose our well-being first, and everything else comes last. So I have compiled a list of different self-care things you can do for when you are having a bad day, or to add to your daily self-care routine! I put each topic in different categories so it can be easier for you to choose which ones suits you the best.



             RELAX TIME

  1. Exit out social media
  2. Go to the spa
  3. Hit the movies by your lonely
  4. Do some meditation (Go on You Tube)
  5. Just sit and breathe for 10 mins



  1. Use Journal Prompts for an easy start
  2. Write 20 things you love about yourself
  3. Write 20 things that motivate you
  4. Brain dump to clear your cloudy mind
  5. Write down your negative thoughts, cross them out and replace them with positive thoughts.
  6. Track your mood swings so you can notice certain things that changes your mood




  1. Listen to inspirational podcast
  2. Hang out with someone who inspires you
  3. Create a vision board
  4. Read an inspiring book
  5. Write inspirational messages to your self on sticky notes and post them around to remind you




  1. Use a planner to plan out your busy week ahead
  2. Organize your home including office space
  3. Change your timing for the better
  4. Prep meals
  5. Exercise in the am before you take care of business
  6. Create a to-do-list
  7. Try learning something new



  1. Diy some home projects or designs for your home
  2. Paint something
  3. Try making your own recipe
  4. Write a short story
  5. Try creating something you never thought of or always wanted to try making





          Hope these are helpful & straight forward :).

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30 Self-Care ideas for mental health

Hey everyone, I have a list of self-care ideas for mental health listed just for you, or someone that might need a few ideas to help them get through out there day. Leave comments, and sign up to my email list for tips, e-books-, courses, & more coming soon :).




  1. Sleep
  2. Cup of Chamomile Herb Tea
  3. Technology Detox
  4. Massage Spa
  5. Yoga
  6. Facial Mask
  7. Breathing techniques
  8. Meditate
  9. Mindfulness
  10. Journaling
  11. Make a “List” of things you want to work on
  12. Talk to someone close
  13. Take some time off
  14. Aroma Therapy
  15. Hot bubble bath with roses added
  16. Do something creative or make something creative
  17. Declutter
  18. Go for a walk
  19. Read your favorite book
  20. Clean up
  21. Have a glass of wine and catch up on your favorite sitcoms
  22. Get away from toxic people and toxic energy
  23. Explore nature
  24. Cook your favorite dish
  25. Listen to some calming music
  26. Listen to a motivational or interesting podcast (I recommend an app called Anchor)
  27. Create a vision board
  28. Go swimming
  29. Change your diet
  30. Drink Alkaline Water


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