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Self-Love Writing Prompts

Self-love is well-being & happiness. Loving yourself doesn’t mean to be selfish, It is nourishing yourself and taking care of your emotional and spiritual needs. Self-love also is to be honest with yourself, how you feel about yourself, and taking care of yourself. Don’t have standards to high but also don’t have standards to low, and to not treat & talk to your self in a negative way. Journaling is an great way to start your self-love journey. It is often much easier to be completely honest when you are the only one who will see it.

Journaling is an helpful way to start your self-love journey. It is often much easier to be completely honest when you are the only one who will see it and look at it as motivation or life changing. Here is a list of 31 Self-love writing prompts, to get you started.


  1. How would you feel if you truly loved and accepted yourself?
  2. What is your biggest achievement?
  3. What do you love about yourself?
  4. How would you feel if you truly loved and accepted yourself?
  5. How can you start de-cluttering your life?
  6. Describe a time when you sabotaged a good situation for yourself. Explore why you did that
  7. What friendship that you’ve had was the most meaningful?
  8. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be and why?
  9. If I could be friends with anyone in the world I would like to be friends with____ because
  10. 5 things I feel thankful for are __________
  11. If I didn’t have any fear I would ________________
  12. 10 ways i deal with my emotions________________
  13. How can you set better boundaries in your life?
  14. What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  15. What’s one change in your life that you can make for more happiness?
  16. Describe your favorite childhood memory
  17. List 5 different things that make you happy
  18. Write yourself a thank you letter
  19. How do i feel at this moment and why?
  20. Write what you love about yourself
  21. List 6 things you are good at
  22. Write yourself 5 compliments
  23. What does my dream tomorrow look like?
  24. What area of your life do you need help with? Are you able to ask for help?
  25. Do you need to show yourself more compassion?
  26. What one change could you make today which would make you happy?
  27. What brings you peace?
  28. What do you believe you deserve in life? Why do you believe this?
  29. Do you have a thought about yourself that you should let go of but can’t
  30. Do you treat yourself? How does it make you feel?
  31. Do you have a strong belief in your abilities or could you be holding yourself back?



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Focusing on you, and looking for different ways to change your mindset isn’t complicated. We make our own choices, and have our own way of thinking. But sometimes the hard part is figuring out different reasons on why we have the mindset we have today and what can we do to fix that. That was me. I literally thought changing the way i think was going to be super easy, but it wasn’t. But the reason why it wasn’t easy is because i allowed it to be hard. I didn’t try hard enough, I didn’t do my research, I didn’t try to work on the most important issue i have within myself neither. So, once i realized it wasn’t working i stopped moving so fast and took my time out to figure out what was the real issue. Here is steps i did myself to help change my negative mindset.



This is the first thing you should be asking yourself; where are my feelings of negativity coming from?

Am I going through something?

Are there any changes going on in my life?

Am I keeping up with my health?

Am I taking care of myself?

It’s important to understand why you’re feeling the way you do. Sometimes, it does seem like these waves of negative emotions come out of nowhere, but there’s almost always a reason. It’s not always something that’s obvious; you might have to dig a little to find out what it really is.

More often than not, that uninvited negativity comes from a place of fear. Ask yourself: am I bringing my past fears into the present and future?

Fear can manifest itself in many different ways.



There is a lot of things you can do to change the way you are feeling. At times i really was confused, and didn’t really know why i had the feelings i was having. First thing first, you have to work on all the self-doubts. Having self-doubts is actually negative thinking. You have to have hope, you have to believe in yourself and know your worth. These are the things i do to fix all my feelings.

  • Write out the way i’m currently feeling (Journaling)
  • Meditate for 20 mins
  • Take 20 min brief walks
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Focus on trusting in myself

Those are the things i do to fix the way i am feeling. It works for me, especially writing. Writing helps relieve my pain, and release all the thoughts i currently had.



Move forward. Don’t take steps backs. Don’t let nothing hold you back from changing your life around. Sometimes you have to leave everything behind you and just find your way from there. Remember everything isn’t always permanent, sometimes somethings are only temporarily.



Stay connected with positive people. I don’t about you, but i have no problem connecting with people that is uplifting, motivating, and inspiring. Sometimes when you are having a bad day, it’s good calling someone that will listen to you without no judging. Making an effort to stay connected to a few people or just to a couple, can give you the support you need to feel some temporary relief from negativity.


I just honestly feel when you are trying to change your life around, you have to be dedicated. Thinking negative and always focusing on the negative will not help you be positive at all.

You don’t want a negative mindset anymore? Change it! Just go for it. Life isn’t easy, and of course you can’t change over night, but sticking to your plan and knowing that you want to move forward, then do so. Can’t no one stop you from focusing on being a better & wiser you.


5 Natural Ways to eliminate brain fog

A lot of times i have had pretty bad brain fog. Thank god that i have already been through this issue before. It’s really annoying at times, especially when it’s in the way of you making your cost of living. If you go through this issue, I have a few tricks & tips to declutter your brain and get you back up & going.

Brain fog usually happens when you have a lot on your plate/mind and you thinking about it consistently. You either have to much work you have to get done, a lot of information you have to process, or just a lot of things that’s going on in your life all at once, so you just don’t feel quite right.

One of the top symptoms of brain fog is random memory loss. Not saying you don’t remember nothing at all, but sometimes we remember things that are not important, but forget about the things that are important. This usually happens when i go run errands. I will come home and realize i didn’t get anything done that I actually planned, so the whole purpose of me running errands was kind of pointless in a way. I’m sure it’s others who relate.

Sadly, brain fog can last for days, weeks, or even months. But, there is a lot of ways you can get your thoughts organized, back on track, and get rid of the fog.



If you are naturally a forgetful person i recommend a to do list. Truth be told in the past i thought to do list were super corny and not my cup of tea. But man i can tell you they most definitely come in handy. To do list will lead to a more clearer mind and help you be more productive. A clear mind will definitely help you accomplish more and with prioritizing.

Create your to do list and start marking down each task one at a time, as you take care of each task. Stop focusing on the needs, and focus on what’s listed in order. At the end of this blog, sign up to receive a free CHECK LIST to your email :).


By far if you read my blogs, this is definitely my favorite, and i will always remind my readers to do this. Start writing in a journal. Journaling is powerful and a free stress relief. It’s a strong way to get all your thoughts down in one place without over thinking. By writing down all your thoughts you are definitely clearing out your mind. Journaling will clear your mind out on a daily basis. You can always take at least 20 – 30 mins writing, it won’t hurt. I prefer to write before bed because it help me sleep better, I always wake up worry less and refreshed, which is a good start for the new day.


Brain dump is similar to jounaling, but just a little different. Brain dump is basically writing down all your thoughts when it comes to important things you need to take care of. For an example: You can be thinking in your head about going to the court building to get a birth certificate since you lost yours, and it’s always at the tip of your brain but you tend to forget. Then you repeatedly think about it over & over again and still for get. After you dump out all your thoughts, important info, and task on your list on a piece of paper or sticky note, then you can organize them to your to do list or task lists or calendar.


Cleaning is another way to a clear mind. Literally when i am cleaning up, I pop my ear phones in my ear, and I just get to cleaning with out no worries. I admit, when i have loads of things to take care of, that’s when i tend to get distracted by everything like not cleaning up like i said i was going to do 4 hours prior. So now, the first thing i do when i wake up is clean up my house. As a mom, from working part time at home and having a daily job, a clean house goes a long way into keeping me on track and keeping fog away from my brain often.


Take 30 mins out your day to take a walk, or take a walk when you feel all cluttered up in the head. A simple walk wouldn’t hurt, and walking is another way to keep you healthy mentally & physically. When i feel like i have so much pressure, and my brain feels clogged, I go take a walk in get some fresh air. It definitely helps me clear my head more. Sometimes i enjoy going with one person so we can have a little positive chat, that also helps as well. But, definitely take time out the day for a quick walk.


Dealing with brain fog is common. It can happen to everyone, especially for those who are consistently busy. To avoid brain fog all & all, stay on track and organized as possible. Keeping everything in order is the #1 step to a clutter free mind. I hope these tips helped you out and were detailed enough!




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Spending more time out doors can help relieve stress: FACTS

Being out doors definitely can relieve stress. Some people actually like being boxed up in the house but technically that can increase your mental health symptoms. If you know me you definitely know I love taking walks. I love nature, I love seeing all the greenery & butterflies flying around. Nature is free, so there shouldn’t be no reason why you shouldn’t take time out your day from being a couch potato or in your bed and get some fresh air.

Nature also can help you Function better mentally in a healthier way. Sometimes we have to stop our regular things we do to relieve stress like, playing video games, smoking, drinking, and things like that. If your a book reader, take a book, a little blanket and go to the park and read. Go to the beach and sun bathed get some of that good ole vitamin d, or even just go outside to smell the beautiful flowers. If you notice, most travelers are excited most of the time. Travelers always energized, ready to site see, and always ready to discover other parts of nature they have never been before.


Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone to try new things, be free & have no worries”

Out door physical activities can help. There is so many physical activities you can do in our environment. Yoga •jogging •dance •martial arts •painting and much more. Sometimes the smallest things can actually help us mentally & physically, we just haven’t figured it out or even thought of other ways to help reduce our stress level. I’m not saying you have to be out doors for us but at least take 15-20 mins out your day. But when you go outside to get some peace, make sure it’s just that. I’m not talking about going to get food, or ice cream, or just errands. I’m talking about actually using out doors as an relief, to get peace, to vibe by your lonesome & hear your thoughts.

I hope this explains how out doors can relieve stress good enough for you. I used every single details listed and it helped me in so many ways. I definitely can say I am more calm, and I stress way less about things I can fix. Of course we need to think about our health, but our mental health is just as important. Take care of yourself and focus on you & your happiness. Don’t be afraid to refresh your mind, body, & soul.


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How to support your own mental health

A lot of people, even myself seek help for mental health. Which is very understandable because we all need that ear, or someone to understand us. But when i realized that i didn’t have that support like i thought i did. I had to support my own issues to keep me going. Remember if NO one support you, then who will? So on that note all you have is yourself. I feel it’s always important to share a few tips/hacks on how we as a society can deal better with mental health in our homes or in our lives in general. There is millions of people who suffer from mental health, and always run to google for answers, support, & tips, just like i have at a point in my life. When you heal it’s okay to help heal others. Remember that. Here are 3 main tips to help you support your own mental health.


I think this is very important. You have to be somewhere comfortable and be around people who make you feel safe. Try to open up and be honest about your mental health, because beating yourself up about isn’t going to help you. Don’t be in denial or afraid to live in your truth. Make sure your home doesn’t add more to the problem. For an example: You can start setting up creative stuff in your home like, paintings, positive messages you can tell yourself that you written down on sticky notes, changing your home around, getting rid of old memories, & so much more. Make sure when you walk in your home, that the energy brings you nothing but happiness,





Yes take time out to find yourself. Try to target the real problem/issue on what’s bothering you. Sometimes we don’t take breaks as we should, but it is important. Even if it’s only for 1 day. Your happiness is the key, and being depressed will only put you in a place that will kind of lock you in and it be hard to get out. Life is full of challenges but you have to learn how to fight through it MENTALLY. Work on stability & physical emotions. (How do you respond when you are emotional? Do you throw tantrums? Do you stay closed in?) A break to just refresh your mind, heal your pain, and turn negative thinking to positive thinking can really help. While your on break, ask your self questions like the ones listed above then start answering them. After that, figure out how can you fix the problem. Don’t over work your ability to be who you always dreamed to be by losing out because of your mental health, it’s time to heal it, and be a voice to help others heal theres.





SELF-CARE is so important. Sometimes we tend to put others before us, and love people more than we love ourselves. But you never suppose to put no one before you, you have to love yourself first before you love anyone else. You are what matters. It might seems or sound selfish but it definitely isn’t. Work on finding things that make you feel good, make you happy, make you feel motivated. Like for an example: Blogging, journaling, & going for walks is part of my self-care routine. It makes me feel good and complete. You just have to figure it out. Here is a link for some self-care tips for you, just click it 👉🏽.


So many distractions, so many plans… so many goals to complete… in not much time!

I’m sorry but doesn’t it seem like every time you try to focus on getting things done, you begin to feel less unproductive. Try creating a schedule or a to do list. I am more of a scheduler type of girl, and i swear to you that i spend more of my time writing it out then actually doing what i planned to do. Or i end up doing something else important that i instantly get distracted and next thing you know it i am on my phone doing something totally different like browsing the internet looking at shoes & clothes.

The main point is that productivity has always been something you have to level up in, and a work-in-progress, it’s an life experience we all go through. Things happen, things  change, but we have to work around all that stress to stay productive. #1 FACT: Trashing all habits that kill your productivity.





Of course you would think it’s meant to make our lives more productive and more simple, but for the most part, it is the total opposite. Consistently checking your email, checking your social media before & after a nap, every time your phone notification goes off you pick up your phone fast, or when someone is talking to you but your face in stuck in your phone and not the conversation. That is a distraction, a major one. Those are some things that will kill off your productivity and any digital advice is definitely the blame. Digital devices distractions breaks the flow of your productivity. Your brain has to focus on what is important, or else you will lose out on a lot more thank you think.



Do you have times when you feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day? Yup definitely. There always seems to be something else you planned on getting done before night time gets here. Some days we even stay up almost until the next day or just go to sleep extremely late just to do something else. Other times we have a hard time shutting our eyes the first couple hours because now our mind just want let us with all the anxious thoughts we are having. Thinking about all the task we didn’t do but we could have did. So we tell our selves, “Okay we will do it tomorrow”, but then we think about how tired we will be because we are still up in the middle of the night now.

Not getting enough sleep can affect your memory, performance, health, and your ability to concentrate. Also lack of sleep makes it hard to make decisions. If this is something you struggle with, work on developing better habits for bedtime. I definitely had to. Try making a schedule for bed time, and find out what can actually help you sleep better (Naturally).




Planning productive habits and actually sticking to a routine helped me out in improving my productivity. Now that i am back in fitness. I get up 7:30, take my daughter to school. Come home, make breakfast + pot of coffee. Go work out from 11:30 am – 12:15 pm. Then after all that i come home, clean, and figure out what i am going to cook for the day. After all that, I spend the rest of my day working on my blog. I fell off when it comes to productivity and having a routine. I also began to stress a lot, so now that i am back at it with my routine i have listed above, I haven’t let my stress stop me from taking care of myself.



My productivity depended on those daily habits. This routine is what kept me on the right path, and motivates me to keep moving forward no matter what is going on in my life. Now that i took a big jump back & created a new routine for myself, my productivity has improved so much. Having a customized routine added to your schedule keeps you focused on the way you move daily. Your life doesn’t have be boring, or difficult just stay more organized.




Of course you would think it’s meant to make our lives more productive and more simple, but for the most part, it is the total opposite. Consistently checking your email, checking your social media before & after a nap, every time your phone notification goes off you pick up your phone fast, or when someone is talking to you but your face in stuck in your phone and not the conversation. That is a distraction, a major one. Those are some things that will kill off your productivity and any digital advice is definitely the blame. Digital devices distractions breaks the flow of your productivity. Your brain has to focus on what is important, or else you will lose out on a lot more thank you think.




If you struggle with being a perfectionist chances are that you also have that “I don’t care ” attitude. It’s when you’re never happy with pretty much anything that comes your way, everything you do has to be done absolutely perfectly or else you will have a fit. There’s also a lot of fear of failure and anxiety involved, but a perfectionist hides it due to caring about what others think. All of this combined can affect your productivity in a big way, no in a EXTREME WAY. The major key is to really focus on your goals and tasks, rather than that fear of making a mistake, because mistakes are going to happen in and out your life. I feel that being a perfectionist is hard to come by, or just a mind thing. but you can start by changing your perspective, the way you think, and realizing just how often you use it as an excuse to not complete your daily goals & task.




Stressful situations can throw you off track. When your mind is clogged up with anxiety, worry, and fear, your productivity falls off. It’s important to know how to manage your stress, and deal with it in a much healthier way. Meditation, yoga, writing/journaling, and just taking care of yourself like you should. Figure out how to cope with repeatedly stress issues.




When it comes down to it, lack of discipline is one of the main habits that throw your productivity off. There will be plenty of days when you won’t feel like getting things done, days when working on something that’s important to you is the last thing you feel like doing. Motivation comes and goes in and out our lives, and you can’t rely on it to always be there, because trust me it’s not. When you lose motivation you sometimes also lose your willing power to be productive. Focus on building habits that will help you become more self-disciplined and learning to arrange your tasks is one of them. Use your willing power to create more habits that will improve your productivity, rather than depending on motivation all the time.



Try out my 5 pack planner, calendar, & orgnanizer+extras to help keep you organized, create a schedule, and brainstorm. It literally helps me get through the day and keep me productive. I’m more than sure it will help you as well. This is a digital download (PDF) form. Heres the link just click it: CLICK FOR PLANNER.

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5 Things to add to your blog journey to make more money

Honestly i have been blogging for two years and i am not going to lie to you guys and say i’m making $12,000 monthly, or any high numbers like that because i’m not. Of course my goal is to make just about that much or more, but i haven’t made it there yet. So when i realize that bloggers can pretty much do anything they pretty much fu*king want, I decided to try other ways to make money. Being open for opportunities actually help you get more noticed and that’s what bloggers need. We need audience. We need support. Use blogging as your main platform, but also think of it as one of your source of incomes if you decide to make blogging a full time job for you.



Heres a list of a few things you can add to your blogging journey:



Not all bloggers, but i can say a lot of bloggers start a podcast. I feel that your podcast should be related to your blog, so if you are a beauty blogger, discuss beauty, beauty tips, beauty hacks, or advice. If you have a motivational blog, discuss motivation, talk about a lot of positivity to uplift your listeners. Think of good topics to build your audience and monetize your podcast like you monetize your blog.



Start a coaching business. (Mental health coach, Business coach, life coach, Blog coach, motivational coach). Help some one with some knowledge you already have.



Writing an e-book is another way you can make good money. Write a short novel, Write a guide, tell your story. You can choose to write whatever you want and publish it online. You can publish e-books right here >>



Any freelance gig i had, It started from and also Freelancing is a good way to start off your writing/blogging journey and make money. Just watch out for crooked companies & make sure you are getting paid what you deserve.



Being a Vlogger has become worldwide now. Capture your everyday moment, or decide what you really want to vlog about, and start a channel on youtube. Youtube has made so many people rich or changed a lot of peoples lives. I think Youtube is a good resource especially for those who always has something to discuss. The same thing you blog about, you can turn it into video as well, like make tutorial videos. Think about, everyone is searching up “How to’s” all day.


Their are so many other ways as well, but that will be for the next blog. Just remember once you decide to fully quit your 9-5 and work from home, having more than one income will be helpful. Some say stick to just one, but that is honestly lame to me in my eyes. I feel that bloggers have a lot of open opportunities, especially the fact that we get noticed by companies that actually want to work with us. So please take this into consideration and think smart.





As an adult we may cope with our stress differently from one another. And it’s pretty damn annoying when you consistently try to work on getting over your stress but everything just comes falling down at the same time. Sucks right?! I mean i always try to practice ways to get over my stress, and yes i found plenty of solutions to help with that, but why can’t life just be peaceful and stress free?.. I guess it’s part of humanity huh?!



First off take time to follow through this stress roller coaster you are going through. It’s ok to talk to yourself, we have to figure ourselves out first before anyone else. So don’t feel like something is wrong with you. I mean you will be surprised how many people talk to there selves. Anyways… Ask your self simple questions

For an example: 

Why am i stressed out?

What can i do to relieve this stress?

What stress level i am at between 1-10?

You don’t have to specifically ask yourself these questions but i advise you to figure out the main problem first.


“We can repeatedly tell ourselves we aren’t stressing, but holding it in and not being truthful only makes things worst…live your truth, and fix it” -SB


So we have different ways how we handle stress one way or the other. Some people like myself show there most tempered side, and some show there emotional side. Either way, you can find different ways to help lower your stress level.




Here are a few things that helped me and might can help someone else:

  1. Write in a journal
  2. Get professional help (Therapist, Counseling, Coaching sessions) 
  3. Go on a social media diet. Meaning, stay off social media for a couple days “It works”.
  4. Talk to a close friend/family member
  5. Go on a self-care outing. Find something you like to do that you don’t do often but it makes you feel good.
  6. Boxing + Yoga Class + Zumba Class + Gym
  7. Sip & Paint class.



For the most part, I think through out our lives we will have stress that will come in and leave. We will go through the bad, we will go through the good, and sometimes we will go through both at the same damn time! Finding your happiness and your peace of mind should always be your focus. Sometimes overwhelming yourself and who the person you are becoming can take a toll on you. That’s why no matter what i try to mentally work on myself first. It was a point of time in my life that i didn’t focus on me like i should have. I’m sure a lot of others relate. Focus on caring for your self, and finding out different techniques that will help you in the long run. Stress is a silent disaster, so lets work on making stress less of an issues instead of one. Practice mindfulness, practice self-care, practice on how to be a better you.


This Article was inspired by one of my readers :). They were curious on how i react to stress and wanted me to give out some tips i use to help me through out this journey. Hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to go to my “Ask” tab and ask whatever questions you like and ill definitely respond!


       Also feel free to check out my other blog post :)!


         Everyday is a challenge, but there are many was you can challenge yourself everyday. We have to stay on a go to keep our life content and less boring. I feel that we all have to try new things and be open to just go with the flow and move forward. I have tried so many things in life because i like different. Here are 16 ways you can challenge yourself everyday:     





  1. Get up early and go for a quick walk before work, school, or whatever you have planned for the day. If you’re not a morning person, this post right here might help you with some tips.
  2. Journal– you can write daily about your day, feelings or emotions, try to look more into journaling just to get a better idea.
  3. Go out for dinner, just by lonesome. For most of us, this is something most of us fear of or feel like losers going out by ourselves, but the whole point is getting over those feels and not hold back.
  4. Stop stressing. Try to stop stressing, especially over the irrelevance. Remember that your life can go two different ways good or bad, you make the choice, learn, and keep it moving.
  5. Show yourself recognition on a daily basis. Everyday, write down 3 things you feel thankful for.
  6. Technology detox for at least 2 hours a day. Put your technology up for at least 2 hours each day and practice some mindfulness or self-care tips.
  7. Set small daily goals for yourself. Small goals facilitate progress. You’re more likely to accomplish your “big” goals if you split them into smaller, less intimidating ones. If your goal is to get healthy for example, start by swapping your soda or juice for water, going for a 20-minute walk or having at least one very healthy meal a day (to start).
  8. Make home cook meals from home. No liquor store snacks, no late night 7 Eleven runs, no vending machines, no packaged food, no microwavable meals.
  9. Educate your brain by learning a new word every day. Try putting it in your phone notes or writing it on a sticky note so you can remember the words you learned.
  10. Closet Cleanse. Get rid of recycle- if you find yourself or your home surrounded by a lot of clutter, finding just one thing to get rid of at a time will be less overwhelming than having a huge clean-out.
  11. Be more mindful. Practice mindfulness every day and try to release your “bad” thoughts without judgment.
  12. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. Try apps like Headspace.
  13. Never give up learning. Remember that you can grow and learn new things AS LONG AS YOUR LIVING!
  14. Practice a little self-care. Remember that self-care is not just going to a spa or trying out different mask, it’s more it.
  15. Give yourself new budgets. Start learning how to keep saving and practicing financial responsibility & stability.
  16. Stay inspired daily. Motivation is something that comes from the heart, but surrounding yourself with inspiring things, people, books, little sticky notes, and cards, can help you stay inspired everyday. Focus on staying positive and being happy.


Hope you all enjoyed these listed tips! Feel free to contact me for any questions i am friendly :).


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Middle day naps are definitely a thing right? Well i know it is, because a lot of people like even myself always get tired between 2pm-6pm. Power naps are good for your health and productivity. But to keep going and not always be slumpish it’s ways you can help that. We have to try to avoid midday slump and focus on our health because being slump isn’t necessary always lazy, it can be lack of energy as well. COFFEE isn’t a healthy choice, although i love it like crazy, but it’s other things we need to keep us ready to go! Here are a few tips that might can help, like it did for me!






          #1 AVOID SUGAR 

If you depend on sugar because you have a sweet tooth, then you probably know that those effects are very temporary. The “2 pm sugar urge is serious. Just stick to water and stay away from sugary drinks. I always keep fresh fruit with me if i’m at work or just on the move to get rid of that sugar craving.





Being dehydrated cause fatigue and lack of energy, make sure you drink water. I usually add things to my water like, ginger, mint leafs, cucumber, and lemon. That give the water a little taste and its also healthy for you. If you add the list of things i add to my water it helps release body toxins, improve digestive health,  and boost your energy. You can also research “Detox water” on google and can find a list of other ideas you can add to your water as well.



                    #3 SNACK SMARTER

First off, it’s always good to keep a healthy snack on you, especially at work or when you are out. But what are you snacking on? Chips? Candy? or things with loads of sugar? If so let it go. Make a nice homemade snack. Like for an example when i am going to work, or i am at home working and just know ill be working long hours, I make a platter of fruit, or i make Granola Bars (homemade). You can also do your research on healthy snacks to eat. Anyways, you will be less likely to make unhealthy decisions and it will you be energized and feel 100% good health wise.



                #4 MORNING WALK (SET ALARM)

So i always say taking a walk at least 20-30 mins a day is the best, because it makes you feel more motivated, that you got up and got out. Taking walks reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, improve your balance, make your bones stronger, and it helps cures the body in a fit way. It also boost your daily energy and helps from being so slumpish. When i do my morning walks, I already have plans right after so i have no choice but to hit the shower and finish my day. Even on days i don’t be as busy i still make sure i get that walk in and i feel so much at ease.




Sitting at the desk for longer than an hour will make you incredibly lazy and you will have loss of energy to even get up and do other things. Every hour at my desk i get up, stretch, and sometimes go step outside. Try finding desk exercises, i also go to to get some tips to do at my desk. Which helped a lot! Sitting at the desk for a long period of time also will make you have back issues also, and you definitely don’t want that especially all the Millennials.






Interesting facts about starting a blog 2019

Hey everyone,

Starting a blog is amazing, and definitely a smart choice. Blogging can turn from an hobby to a career. But, becoming a blogger can also be a little intimidating because you have to remember, in ordinary to even blog you have to somewhat be in the spotlight. Not saying you have to try to be a “celebrity” or some “social media famous person”, but you have to build an audience to even get your blogs notice. For some people it’s hard because they either can be shy, not really communicative but better at just writing everything out, or whatever else that’s holding you back. Starting a blog can also be challenging+hard, especially if it’s your first time. Well today i am going to show you a few ways you need to become a successful blogger and what helped me through out this journey then+now.




HOW TO START A BLOG: For Beginners

  1. Find a blogging platform. I recommend “Word press” but it’s another 1 called “Blue host”
  2. SIGN UP “Don’t stall time” What are you waiting for?
  3. find a nice domain name “Either your name, or pick a real dope promising name”
  4. Pick a theme. Don’t rush, take your time, make sure your theme looks presentable.
  5. Monetize your blog. If you want to test out your blogging skills first, then you can, but monetizing is whats going to make you your money honey!
  6. Find a niche
  7. Publish your first blog post. Find a topic. You can talk about whatever you desire. Here are a few blog post ideas Click this ⇒: 48 Blog Post Ideas



Now, lets talk about SEO. SEO is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. You can earn ORGANIC & PAID TRAFFIC. Which is important, you definitely will need visitors+audience. You can use sites like MOZ & AHREFS to help with traffic. Make sure you create content that’s the best on the web for the topic and keyword you’ve chosen. For an example: 5 ways how to stay healthy. Think about it, there are so many people searching that all day long on google. You have to spend a lot of time promoting your brand and striving to reach the goal you know you need to achieve to become a successful blogger.


Internal linking. Always add links in your blog post, it will help google+others navigate your site. Links from one site to another, will definitely give you more exposure in a (good way). 

                         SOCIAL MEDIA:


Use social media to drive your followers+others of converting traffic to your blogs. Instagram has where you can post ads and can pay as low as $1 to reach even more people. You can also pick an location where you want your blogs to be seen. Like you can put “UK” “TEXAS”, or just any location you wish to choose from. 

Facebook is also a good option. With Facebook you can create a page for your blogs, and you can actually invite your friends+. You can also use there promotion system like Instagram. You can get shares, likes, etc. For an example:


I spent $20, but look how many people i reached.  Look at my engagement. I also post informative niche on other Facebook groups + meet new people. So yes! that’s when it gets good, good.

Also other social medias you can use is:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Snap Chat




Creating high quality images are simple, affordable, quick, and fun. Now days in this world it’s definitely a good look when you have high quality images. Images make it more easier for others to understand your content or get the idea you are giving them.

So where can you create dope images?

Heres a few tools:


Use good formats, add graphs, charts, make small guides, so you can look like an true expert. A well formatted post makes it easier for your readers to see if they will be even interested to continue reading. It have to be an eye catcher. Think as if it was you.

How to do get formatting?:

  • Write short paragraphs (no more than 4 to 5 lines at the most
  • Insert high quality images through out your blog
  • Use Bullets+Numbers | to basically point out information like tips+ideas etc
  • Divide
  • Subjects+Headers

You can also use our #1 source Google to research other free platforms.


Start off using this information first, and stay on the look out for the second part to this post. I enjoy sharing anything i have learned and discovered through out my time blogging. I’m still learning, and finding out something new everyday. Blogging has become more than an hobby for me. I will continue to strive hard to get my blog out in front of millions of eyes. I hope this blog was helpful. I also have 1 on 1 training now to show others how to start a blog from scratch. Email me if interested or if you have any other inquiries. 


Download this Monthly Planner + Self care help kit 100% free, directly to your phone or PC. Free Resource Library


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4 Tips to removing negativity from your life

We are all old enough to understand that negative energy is everywhere. We also know that being around negative people can affect you as well. So what are you going to do about it? Continuously feed into there bullshit? or work on removing all that negativity away from your life. Aren’t you tired of sharing all the exciting things that are happening in your life with people you truly care about, and all you want them is to be happy but instead they give you a dry response or the silent treatment? Truthfully it’s time to just let them go, we all need a support system in our lives. By noticing negative thoughts and swapping them with positive ones, you can suffused your daily life with more moments in improving your health.



Here is a few tips on how to remove negative energy from your life:



Let go of any negative surroundings, even if it’s yourself, let it go! We all have our own way of thinking negative at times. No need to be ashamed or feel bad that you have negative thoughts passing through at times. The question is that are you willing to let go of those negative thoughts and swap it into positive?

Yes you are, so do it. Anyone that is around you that have nothing nice to say, sorry it might sound rude cut them off. Those people aren’t supportive not one bit, why keep people around that never have nothing nice to say or just around to put you down.




One of the easy ways to feel happy, right this moment, is learning how to be still. Listen to your thoughts. You move around all day, working, taking care of yours kids+others, trying to make sure bills paid on time, making sure all your goals for the week are done. Take time out the day to just STAY PUT. Try not to think about what else needs to get done or who needs your help.

When you start feeling frustrated, or overwhelmed by any negativity, take a moment to just relax and stay put. Your mental health is important, some of us don’t take it too seriously because they feel as if they are going to lose out on all the hard work they put in. You have to have faith and believe in the process, believe in your success, know your strength. Understand that if you take a little break your bounce back game is always on top.



When you surround yourself around people who consistently complain/nag about the same situation all day, you will eventually act on it to and become the exact same way. Others love to play the victim, blame game, and be in denial, instead of being positive about the situation. You can’t accomplish anything sitting around shouting (“Why me?” , “It’s not fair”).

Hoping and wishing also isn’t going to make things happen how you want it to. Don’t be a pouter. Things aren’t moving how you want it to because you aren’t even moving, your at a stand still wanting things to come in a blink of an eye. “Striving to achieve your goals isn’t easy, but neither is feeling lost and unproductive like nothing isn’t going how you want it to in life”. Stop talking about it and be about it.




Think about what makes you happy. Take time out to do something fun, and even practice SELF-CARE to focus on you sometimes. We make space intentionally for good things to happen for ourselves. You have to acknowledge all the good things instead of the bad. If you believe that good things will happen then it will. Be around people that make you laugh, smile, bring the inner happiness out of you.




Take care of yourself. Be careful of the company you bring around you. It is your responsibility to not think so poorly of your life and stop throwing a pity party every time something don’t go expected. Focus more on fixing the problem, and figuring out the next steps in moving forward. 


Share below: Are you still allowing negative energy and negative people into your life, but it’s not purposely and intentionally? If so, what’s one step you can take today to remove the negativity from your life? What did you do to remove this problem?


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