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How a toxic relationship with people can bring depression

Exactly what the topic says should pretty much give you an idea on what point i’m trying to get to. Depression is pretty popular now, i’m sure you all know that. But sadly, we still continue to put up with so much bullshit that we don’t even think about what it’s doing to our mental. 

When i say a toxic relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean boyfriend & girlfriend or husband and wife. It can be with friends, family members, or just anyone you have a relationship with.

If your around someone who always has an attitude, it becomes annoying right?…I know for me it does. I hate it with a passion. And sometimes holding on to bad blood isn’t the right choice. Dealing with your significant other who always snaps on you is definitely toxic as well. Being around people who thinks negative 90% of the time is toxic to. So my point here, what are you going to do about that? Tag toxic people around, or let them be.

Now, lets not play victim here, if your toxic and around someone toxic that also isn’t healthy. Two toxic people is like stabbing each other in the back. So that isn’t a good mix at all! But sometimes toxic can become addictive. I know some of you are reading this like how????

I mean, it’s true. If you have the urge to feed into toxic bullshit, that goes to show how much you engage into it. So to move on from toxic, you have to let go of toxic & stop being toxic. Start focusing more on what’s better for you instead of what’s not healthy for you. Sometimes we also might think a break can fix our problems, but sometimes a break can make the problem worst.

Sometimes we are scared to let go of things or people we are use to holding on to, but in order to focus on happiness, you have to be fearless.

All toxic energy can definitely make you depressed. Depression isn’t easy to heal at all. I always feel it’s good to try to prevent it as much as you can. I have suffered from depression for over 6 years, and i definitely can say it has been a tough journey. One thing i did that was a big help in my life was write in a journal.

Journaling has been a big stress relief for me. I try to at least write in my journal on a daily basis. Figure out what helps keep you from negative people, negative vibes, and focus on moving forward. 

Think about how precious life is, and then you will realize that sometimes we have to stop adapting ourselves to something we don’t have to. Yea you will be tested through out your life to see how far you will take things, but pettiness can get washed up just as quick.

Think more wise, and you will move much better.

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