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Free way to grow an audience for your blog on WordPress

What’s up everyone?! It’s almost Friday and i am feeling good!

I know a lot of bloggers even myself is either having a hard time or had a hard time trying to build an audience. First off, building an audience may seem hard but there is easy ways that can at least get you started on gaining some readers.

Now that you are a blogger, it’s time to interact with other bloggers. As you know that WordPress has over millions & millions of users, basically like an Instagram but it’s a website based platform for bloggers & entrepreneurs.


First off what are you into? Beauty? Fashion? Travel? Lifestyle? Food? Gossip?

I can go on… I can truly say WordPress has it all.

So i made a screen record video and also will put it in writing, so here it goes:


Find Reader, Go to search. Type in whatever kind of bloggers blog site you want to see. Follow, Like, & comment asking for a follow back. Don’t just follow all one kind of bloggers, try to follow different ones. Like poet bloggers, photo bloggers, travel bloggers, etc. Be different, try interact with as much people as you can as if you were on Instagram or twitter.

Get your blog noticed. This is exactly what i started off doing. It’s really simple, and also it;s cool because you get to follow people and they can follow you. You want to build audience on WordPress & off WordPress, because if your blog is monetized you will start making revenue by getting visits & clicks on & off WordPress. Patience is important, especially if you are ready to move forward with your blogging journey, I promise this will help a lot! 

Don’t feel your being desperate, or don’t feel to good to go looking, because starting your own brand or getting into this field isn’t an easy walk in the park. It’s a process, and it’s dedication. Also, being yourself, posting good content, & communicative is a PLUS! People want to feel like they met you before, people want to relate, people want to be able to connect with you if they enjoy your content. So keep it up! 





                 XoXO -SB

41 facts to tell yourself when feeling down

Hey loves! 

So i definitely don’t know about ya’ll but me? I have days when i feel unproductive, down, unhappy, or just want to give up. It was a time in my life when i felt that way everyday. Now i decided to list down things i tell myself when i am feeling like sh*t! I hope it might work for someone else out there :).



  • I set strict goals for myself
  • I believe in myself
  • Today, I am taking action towards completing my goals
  • I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and make a change
  • My mind is clear and strong
  • Creativity defines me easily
  • I am determined of my dreams and I will make them come true
  • I am an unstoppable, creative being
  • I have strong willpower and can change my habits with ease
  • My vision and purpose are clear to me
  • I already have the wisdom and courage it takes to make my dreams come true
  • I feel strong and inspired every single day


  • I am fearless
  • My challenges help me grow
  • I choose to let go of everything that does not serve me
  • I live my life on my own terms
  • My life is full of purpose and passion
  • I am free of all worry and anxiety
  • By challenging my fears, I become stronger
  • All is well in my world, I feel safe
  • I let go of any limiting thoughts and beliefs



  • I communicate with honesty and compassion
  • I see love in everyone and everywhere I go
  • There is love all around me
  • I practice and show kindness to everyone around me
  • My heart is open, I only speak with loving words
  • I choose to surround myself only with positive people who lift my energy
  • I am thankful for all the love and wonderful relationships in my life
  • I am infinitely loved, and I love infinitely
  • My love for others is unconditional



  • My body is pure, my heart is at peace
  • I am one of a kind and nothing can replace me
  • I am allowed to feel good about myself
  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I appreciate myself with every decision I make
  • I will not allow my past to define who i am
  • I am at peace with myself
  • I honor who I am
  • I am worthy of all the love and joy life has to offer
  • I take time to show myself how special I am
  • I bring self-love and compassion into my life



So those was the things i tell myself to feel better and to get through out my day, week, month, etc. I hope that some of you saved this blog or wrote down some of these facts in there notes. 


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Tips & motivation on finding happiness

Oh hey it’s Wednesday! It’s mid day almost the weekend!

Thought i will kick today off with a little motivation note…


In today’s world it’s tough finding happiness when it’s so much negative things we see right in front of our eyes. It’s like sometimes we are forced with it, for an example we have streaming news & social media that reminds us every single day on what is going on in this world.

We have to focus on being comfortable with happiness. Living life how we want to and without any regrets. Finding ourselves & loving our selves. Being more mindful & being more stress free.


Trying to be happy has been one of the most hardest thing for me to do. “Literally”.

It was hard because i was battling anxiety & depression, so happiness wasn’t even part of me at all. Now that i been focusing on just myself, I seem to better off love every part of my growth i have developed over time. Don’t quit, because when you quit then you start back slowly turning into your old ways.


Happiness is the key…



I had to start being accepting. You might not let everything slide& you also might not trust everyone, but it comes a time in life when you have to let go in forgive. 

There will be people that will try to antagonize your character & bring you down but you can’t let them.


Here’s a list of facts to focus on being happy:


  • Find what makes you happy in stick to it
  • Let go of any kind of negativity that’s holding you back (friendships, relationships)
  • Focus on self-love
  • Be more mindful
  • Do a good spring cleaning
  • Create a schedule to take a day out the week to do things you enjoy
  • Go on a small or long vacay
  • Read a inspiring book
  • Watch a inspiring movie
  • Listen to a motivating podcast
  • Communicate with others that have a positive mindset
  • Get rid of things at your home that give you bad memories
  • Believe in faith
  • Accept failure


Learning how to be more happy & focus on being happy is what really will keep you leveling up. You have to know that happiness will replace any kind of stress so you can continue building, being happy will attract the right people around you. being happy only makes you stronger. Being happy will make others like you, accept you, & want you in there presence.


It’s been a journey for me but i am more than excited to just smile, and love life like no other.




Feel free to drop it down in the comments would love to here how :)…

Less comparing and more living


The other day, I realized a lot of people complain way to much about things in life. I mostly see people complain on social media and it’s really bothering. We have to come to a realization in life that everything isn’t permanent, so the only thing we can do is go with the flow.

You are not in competition with anyone not even yourself. Life is all about different experiences and breaking your own limits while growing. But as a blogger when it comes to social media i struggled with comparison because people on there is very competitive & egocentric. Now i can understand and have compassion for those who don’t feel so strongly about themselves.  


Truthfully, comparison will have you trying to get ahead & out grow your growth. Meaning, you will not be able to experience anything because you tried jumping to far ahead of the next.

You finally get 2 likes on your picture, but another person gets 6k, now you start feeling like as if you aren’t good enough. You thought you dressed better but you see someone else you feel that dress better. Why can’t this just stop? When can we stop doing things to just pleasing ourselves? 


I think at times we all need a reminder that nothing good will never come when comparing is involved from one life to another’s. 


Of course, it’s part of life to compare but all it will do is hold you back. It takes your focus off your goals and put your focus on others. Sometimes we have to step behind and come to a realization that life isn’t about competing with the next. There is plenty of other bloggers that are just as successful & motivating as you.


Instead of wasting your time, here’s a few things that can help:


1. Set strict goals: Whatever that didn’t get took care of the day before, strive to get it done today, tomorrow, or the end of the week. Focus on what needs to be done, not what haven’t.


2. Internet detox: Delete all social media apps off your phone for a couple days & go out to the real world with out it. Catch up with family, friends, or go get a new book to read. Use your energy into something productive & meaningful.

3. Write in journal: This is all time my favorite. Writing in a journal is very helpful. Take time out to just write out everything that is bothering you, everything that is making you happy, or just anything that comes to mind. Journaling is like talking to a therapist but your writing it to yourself.



            Now days the world we live in, everyone mimics one another life, or someone idolize the next person more than themselves. We have to practice more self-care, and be more focused on what is more important then the unimportant. Start living in the moment, and continue living to make you happy. Discover more on what’s going on in our outside lives, instead of our phone lives. It gets better when you just think ahead more. 



Anyways, wrapping up this blog. Hope this was helpful for some or all. 

Share your thoughts on comparison, what did you do to overcome those feelings?


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4 Simple Self-care ideas for short timing

Think of some of the little things that used to put a smile on your face, things that used to make you feel happy and content. Things that brought joy to your life as a child.

I remember i use to go outside to pick up all the leafs in separate the bad ones from the good ones. I also remember playing jump rope and hop scotch. Even times when i use to sit in the window and watch everyone pass by or watch the rain come down.

We all need “time” but we have to admit that we need/deserve a small break. What are your challenges with practicing self-care? 

I always say “You only can take care of yourself better then anyone, because you know how you want to be treated”. That was always my mood.



No matter how old you are, you are never to old to take it back to the old times. Go skating, jump in the bed, have a karaoke session.

Think of things that use to bring you happiness, things you don’t really do any more due to time, make them part of your self-care routine.





Take time out for yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant, go grab your favorite ice-cream, or go find something to do that you can schedule in just like you would schedule a doctors visit. Don’t cancel out or nothing, really make this time out for yourself.

Don’t forget, self-care isn’t just about always looking good. My off days from my job are Mon, Tues, Wed. So when i’m off work, I make sure i dip into some of my money and go get me a Jamba juice, hit the nail shop in get a color change or fill, maybe go to the movies and take a walk at the park. I also like being in complete silence for 30 mins, and man it makes me feel so much better. I’ll even make me a cup of coffee and in the process of doing that, ill go head in do some laundry. I also enjoy playing The Sims 4. So i will make time to play for about an hour because it helps me mentally to just relax in not think to much. Of course, I’d love to be able to take the rest of the day off, put my feet up and do nothing else but write in my journal or just nothing at all, but all day? that sounds to good to be true honestly, and it’s totally fine. After a tough/stressful week, 30nminutes of self-care, spent alone, just by doing nothing or doing some breathing exercises can be enough to get you energized for the day.





Most of us don’t really take unwind really serious, we usually just take things off in jump in the bed. Lets make our unwinding more thoughtful. Lets make our night unwind ritual part of our self-care routine.

Stop bringing things to the bed that doesn’t help you with unwinding. For an example: No electronics. No lap top, no phones. Use this time to refresh your brain. Read a book, take a nice warm bubble bath, listen to a podcast. I do my night care routine. I put on a face mask because it relaxes me, then rinse with hot water, brush my teeth, tie my hair up, and make me a cup of caffeine free tea. This helps me unwind, relax and get prepared for bed time.





Some people don’t like leaking out there emotions and keep them bottled in, and some actually feel more relieved releasing it out. But.. how about you check in with your own emotions.

My #1 emotional release is journaling, Journaling has got me through a lot of issues, emotionally & mentally. Some may think it’s weird or corny, but writing out your feelings actually can help with more than you think. You will be surprised how many people actually write, even if it’s in there notes. If you never thought about journaling I highly suggest you start your journey with some writing/journaling prompts.

Writing down all your feelings, your thoughts, your questions, your fears, can bring some much clarity into your life. This is definitely useful if you normally get overwhelmed at times. It’s time to be more mindful to yourself, and your own emotions. Sometimes you have to just out yourself first, and work on your own feelings.


Hope you enjoyed this article, also feel free to leave a comment!

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Gift guide for the home body


This product helps clears the mind,
24 hours of continuous moisture, and also you have to breathe deeply for the best results. If you also a big fan of super soft skin, this product is definitely for you.

Velour Lip Scrub:

I know a lot of people love body and facial scrub, well how about lip scrub? Wait don’t forget this lip scrub is flavored! I recommend this one if you love pancakes like me :)!

Sleeping Eye mask:

I mean what can i say? We need our beauty rest, and should sleep like the beautiful woman we are right? Eye mask just brings that glamour women all need. Makes me feel like a princess truthfully.

Coffee machine maker:

I recommend a coffee mark to real coffee lovers. Sometimes saving $5 from going to Starbucks is actually smart. You can make your own Starbucks right from the kitchen! Coffee at home just makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Chesapeake Bay – Mind&body Candle:

Can i say that this candle is really for the mind&body. Grab a glass of wine, light it up, put on some soothing music and i promise this will definitely make you feel so soothed and light. These candles have different scents and meanings. This one is peace&franquility.


Home robes are a must. Robes come in handy when it’s cozy and want to just feel homey. I possible think anyone wouldn’t mind having one at all.

Two piece pjs:

Can’t never go wrong finding the cutest two piece pajamas.

House Slippers:

I don’t know about you but slippers are the #1 comfort for keeping your feet warm and not getting dirty from walking around your home. I recommend cotton slippers if your feet is always getting cold.

“Home is where you should be at peace, home is where you should focus on your mind&body health. Home is where you should feel the most safe.”

Hope you all enjoy this gift guide! Will be adding more soon!

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How to prevent a toxic relationship

There is no excuse at all when it comes to a stop when arguing! Sometimes relationships can’t even last a month when both are argumentative. Now it is completely normal to have an debate, their will be disagreements, and sometimes it will be times where you two might not just want to be bothered. It’s okay to feel that way. Everyone has emotions and everyone has other things they go through outside their relationship. but wait…. even if you are going through something and it has nothing to do with your partner, tell them.



Let them know what happened, and to not take offense that you don’t want to be bothered at the time. I learned that can also be another problem in relationships. People tend to not know how to just let go, and just chill. That’s where communication comes in. I honestly feel that if you can’t express how you feel to your partner, then you have no business even trying to date.


In a relationship you two suppose to be a team and friends as well. You should be able to tell your partner your personal feelings, it brings a better connection between you two. Don’t be selfish, if your partner is not feeling good, or not having a good time, it’s not about YOU its about them. Give your partner comfort, let them know you are here if they need you. Then from there, give them space.


Quick tips on preventing toxic arguments:

  • Give them comfortability 
  • Communication
  • Ask questions
  • Show you care
  • Give time to cool down
  • Be respectful
  • Give compliments
  • Learn to let go
  • Be expressive without being angry


Everyone has their own preferences on what they allow in a relationship. Some partners get a kick out of arguing, being chased, harassed, and accused. Which i feel it is very disturbing, because all that leads to stress. It might not seem like it, but giving that type of energy does. It actually makes the relationship dry and boring. Don’t let the smallest things turn into something big. If that person is for you, keep them. Figure out what you two need to work on, and try to be more willing to work on issues with each other without letting it turn into an toxic argument.



TOXIC: defined by negative, critical comments that escalate an argument almost instantly. Blame – happens when targeting other people’s flaws which helps to avoid accountability. Contempt – the intention is to make the other person feel crazy or less than.


Toxic arguments are not something you want to deal with or continue to deal with. Trust me i know. I been through it roughly, it’s the worst feeling ever. Toxic arguments bring stress, depression, anxiety, insecurities, unhappy, weight-loss, and so much more. Toxic arguments also can turn your significant other SUICIDAL which you don’t want to never get to that point. If you or your significant other is at that point, please get help. You can call a suicidal prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255 open 24hrs or go to


It’s okay to let go if you aren’t happy. Forcing yourself to love will make it easier for you to hate. Don’t keep no one who don’t want to be kept. Don’t STRESS when it’s no reason to be stressed. Relationships have problems and it’s no such thing of a “perfect relationship”, but don’t let your toxic partner get the best of you. Sometimes things don’t last forever. Our happiness+health is what’s more important.


For relationship advice feel free to contact me whenever :). Hope this blog was very understanding, and also hope that it motivate others out there to not pull in a toxic relationship. Not worth the pain.

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Discussing on what i love most about myself, self love, and how did i overcome my past

Now that i am much better with confidence, and having self love, i love my ambition. I am more confident with who i am, and i am determined to be successful. It feels good to have the strength to get up off my ASS!, and strive hard for my future. 

I love that i can take failure, I had an bad issue with being a Debbie downer when i fail. I had no faith, no self-control, and also no ambition. Believing in myself wasn’t even fit into my lifestyle, because i didn’t. I failed at so much i didn’t think i even had the ability to succeed, or achieve any goals in life. ☀


“I am my own medicine. I healed myself, and by the grace of god i am not mentally sick anymore.”

I felt as if the world was over looking me, but in reality I was the one who was! I didn’t see what the man above saw in me, he seen a lot, that’s why i am here writing this feeling strong as ever. I can tell the world what i love about me 1000x, and feel no way about anyone passing judgement. It was sleepless nights when i use to cry, and couldn’t get any sleep because i was so embarrassed within myself.


The thought of smiling again, and being able to smile without thinking negatively feels so good, I get butterflies every time i see my reflection. I didn’t have the best life but best believe i am making the best out of it now. My self love journey started in 2015, but got better in 2018. It wasn’t the easiest but i did it! That’s why my goal is to inspire women, men, kids, whomever to love who they are, and never think less of themselves. It’s not worth the pain, its not worth the headache, it’s not worth the sleepless nights, and the suicidal thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to be the person you really don’t want to be. Be a leader and act on it. Your life is your future. Remember that.

 S E Q O U I A  B A T T L E 


So, you have a splendid business idea or a side hustle you’re really excited about. You’re not ready to leave your current job but you would like to dedicate a solid amount of time each week to continuously work on it. 

Quick question.. When do you find the time?

It can be easy to let a side hustle stay on hold when your schedule is too busy, but there are plenty of ways to dip some time out in your days.  



I was so focused on making everything easy, when if everything was so easy everyone in the world would all be successful with out no doubt. Don’t get me wrong i am a very hard worker. I take my blog very seriously, blogging is a job for me and possibly my future success. I have to make sure that i am consistent and that i get to inspire a lot of my readers. Blogging isn’t as easy as people think. 

To get an big audience and loyal people you have to put in work, and i mean a lot of work. It’s overwhelming because there is so much competition out there, you start getting discourage, but that’s not going to happen right? 

The good things of life will come as long as you stay positive. If you put in the work and you show up consistently, it is only a matter of time before big things start coming through for you.

So, this post is to encourage you all out there that you can do it! It is possible! Focus on your journey and don’t get carried away with other people’s success, because the only success you should be concerned about is yours. I wish all my side hustlers the best and hope+wish that you are able to move up and leave your current job.


-SeqouiaB aka Brown Sugar xOxO

Starting a Vegan diet?

So I totally been thinking about going on a Vegan 🌱 diet for a long time now. I finally met someone face-to-face which was my lyft driver that is vegan “super beautiful, and super knowledgeable”. She gave me all types of tips, ideas 💡, and motivation to go on a vegan diet. I am So interested in learning and getting information on what we put in our bodies and how can it affect us. So before I start or “try” to start “LOL”, I’m going to watch the videos, google some more tips, and also order a vegan book 📖 .

Also she gave me a couple list of documentaries that can also help. I am definitely not confident about this because it’s a big change, but I want to start over I want to refresh my body, I want to feel good, look good and live for a long time. The hard part I have to stay consistent, I always know that consistency is the key, but you have to start from somewhere right?…

This vegan diet will not be to refresh my body it’s always to lose weight, and feel better within myself. I didn’t take my health importantly like I should’ve, but things change. I feel like it’s my time to start caring for myself more, and loving my body, mind, and soul, “the healthy way”. It is so hard now days to tell people your ideas because they will misjudge you and motivate you to not change your diet, and to continuously eat bad, because it’s so so hard. Those are the people I need to stay away from, because they will make things more complicated for me. I am passionate about changing my health, and bettering myself.

So starting next week, I want to do a cleanse first. After my cleanse, I want to start on this whole vegan diet thing. I feel like I need to detox all the bad toxins in my body, all the bad that don’t need to be there and start off fresh 😊. I am so happy and praying that I proceed 😊. If anyone else is a vegan or have any tips please drop it down in the comments or email me, click the contact tab, I will love some feed back or some ideas ✅.

My Tuesday Thoughts

I try to be as authentic as I can be. I feel like now days people feel like it’s hard to be themselves and it’s not. I am not innocent and I try not to fake as if I’m the happiest person on earth. I always have an up and down mood, especially if things go wrong. One min I can be happy the next I can be irritable. I am a working human being like everyone else.

Now days a lot of people in our world paint a picture of someone they are not. Instead of just being who they naturally are. Like I am not really a social person behind close doors. I will sit in my room with the door shut all day and just think. Why am I like that? I have no idea that just always been me. Don’t get me wrong I am a very cool down to earth woman, but most of my days I enjoy sticking to myself and not being bothered.

I am not mean to people or just plain out spiteful, I just enjoy peace and quiet. I like to be able to think and meditate without being disturbed. I have always been a person that have a wandering mind, like far as future plans or goals, or thinking about what I really want in life. I continuously think about growth and who do I still want around me in my daily lifestyle. I will definitely not call myself weird but I can truly admit that I am different.

Different is ok. Different can get you far what people fail to realize. So, no matter who you are, what race you are, it’s okay to love what you love, like what you like, enjoy everything about what you do, and you accept yourself flaws and all. Acceptance of yourself is important, getting it from others doesn’t matter. Because, people are going to always judge you or someone, we can’t live our lives based off others opinions.

I consider myself basic, because I like to stand out. I am plain, I don’t really like things other people like. I can’t force myself to be in a certain crowd that I don’t belong in. And whoever is reading this don’t have to neither!

Everyone should have self confidence+self love

Don’t be afraid. Be brave. No one can’t tell you nothing about yourself but you.

Confidence is the key to success. If you want to move forward in life you have to believe and love yourself first.

We all have ups and we all have downs, but don’t let society bring you out to someone you are really not, that’s what they want. Let out your inner soul, your inner beauty, your inner confidence.

You are a charm…..