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How to become a morning person



Hey my loves, so i thought i should share some tips to help you become a morning person. I definitely had problems battling to be a morning person but things changed. So writing this post was definitely right up my alley. Most of us are forced to become morning people either with a am work shift, school, morning meetings or events. We are basically contrived to wake up early and get things done. That’s why i am going to share this article with others out there like me who or still struggle with waking up early and getting stuff done.


                                                 Let’s jump right into it!!!!





 Use a smart, loud, or crazy alarm:

So you know how they have different kind of alarms, right? Okay, so i am talking about the kind of alarms that make super annoying noises, or music that you can’t stand to listen to. I can truly admit I HATE ALARMS! 

I had a bad habit hitting the snooze button so i can go back to sleep for a few minutes without reentering a deep sleep cycle. I was always and still is the type of person who use myself as my own personal body clock. The only problem is my body usually wakes up @ 8:30 or a little over every morning, and i love it because i don’t be as tired when i have to depend on a alarm clock to wake me up.

If you are someone who is an extremely deep sleeper, then definitely set your alarm 20 mins or an hour earlier than your usual wake up time. I say this because most deep sleepers are the hardest to wake up all the way and always end up being cranky.







Go to sleep more early:

I know that some of you like me suffer from insomnia. Instead of taking medication and ruining our bodies there is other ways to help you sleep more early you just have to figure it out. Our bodies get tired regardless but some of us just haven’t really figured out exactly what can trigger that. Exercising can definitely help, sometimes one glass of wine, or just turn off all the lights and get under your cover. Let go of technology while trying to go to sleep because using our phones or laptops can definitely increase our habits of staying up late. I can admit i am a tech savvy queen, i can be on my phone literally all night long. Any kind of distractions that get to you before you go to sleep, LET IT GO! I am not saying go to sleep at 7 pm, but definitely find a suitable time to get some really good rest so you will not be tired in the am. I do suggest you start going to sleep 1 hour early than usual, for an example; if you go to sleep at 11 pm, push it to 10. You can work your way from there, don’t force your self to much because then you will start putting your body under stress. It’s a process becoming a morning person.







Coffee! Coffee! Coffee Schedule:

This is for those who actually drinks coffee, and it wouldn’t matter what time of the day because you damn sure love coffee. So, when i say a coffee schedule i mean when you work on your sleeping schedule and morning routine, make it a priority that you make your coffee early am before you start your day. Eventually your body gets the habit of wanting and craving coffee for morning time. Now when i wake up, the first thing i think about is my coffee so then i can wake up all the way in get my energy up and running.







Avoid naps:

This is funny because in the past i use to have an urge to take a nap, no seriously i felt that it was a priority to take a nap. If you realize naps are one of the #1 reasons why you are up so late and can’t sleep. Try to prevent that. I understand you love sleep, and best believe i do to. Napping can mess your natural stimulus for actual sleeping. Fight the urge of taking a nap, i promise it will be worth it. I had to finally get over it unless it’s your day off, then you of course can get the rest you need just don’t get over due it. Sometimes change of seasons increase naps like Winter time, Winter has always been a season that will make you sleepy anytime of the day, because we tend to bundle up in our comfy covers and we dose off to sleep.



                   ” A successful morning, keeps a stress free day “



I truly hope that these tips helped you build or plan a successful morning routine for those who suffer from becoming a morning person. Like i was initiating earlier i also had this issue as well and these tips have been helpful while i am moving towards my path of my future i am now building.


  I love getting  feedback on my blogs, so if you suffered from becoming a morning person or just have a few tips or ideas, feel free to comment or hit the contact button and email me :). Also feel free to check out my “how to overcome your laziness” blog Click here



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Happy Fri-YAY aka Blog-Tober 

                    XoXo- SeqouiaB

10 ways to make money online


Lets make extra money online, there is away, so don’t give up!
I am all about making income online in order to make extra money. You can work from the comfort of your home, usually on your own schedule, and you can be location independent and travel all over the world if you want to.

1. Sell your old stuff, or stuff you don’t use. Here is a list of some sellers.

  • Poshmark
  • Depop
  • Mercari
  • Offer up
  • Let go
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist

You can sell clothes, shoes, cosmetics, pretty much everything! and i’m 100% sure people will purchase your belongings. I will discuss on here how much i made but that will be for the next blog :).


2. Social Media Influencer- Influencers has a large audience and really good content that can convince others by personality and good taste. For an example you can be a #Novababe, or be a influencer for flat tummy tea, teami blends, prettylittlething, and so many other popular places. Wait! you don’t have to even be an influencer for popular brands, you can start with new up and coming businesses, help them get exposure!

3. Coach others to start websites – If you are a tech-junky others may be willing to pay you to help them start their website. If you have really good skills, go for it! Good money!

4. Research Studies. You get paid just to sit in a class! Literally! So easy. You can sign up on these websites. 

5. Post on social media – If you have social media accounts, you may be able to make money by posting advertisements on your accounts which is so cool and easy. One company that is really known for this is Izea. Just click https://izea.com/

6. Moderate forums – Some forums will pay you to moderate their message boards. If there is a forum you often visit, you might want to see if they are hiring.

7. Test websites – This is a brilliantly new way to make money online at home that a friend told me about, it’s called www.UserTesting.com. It’s a website that pays you to test websites. You get paid $10 for each website you review and test, and $15 per website that you mobile test. You do not need to be a professional they really just want honest reviews!

8. Write for others x Freelance writing – Freelance writing can be a super cool way to make money online if you enjoy writing. You will need someone to hire you, which means most freelancer need experience but don’t worry because anything is possible. You can actually start blogging, and if you already blog that’s a big +.  That will make things more easier for you to get a freelance job because by you being a writer and a skilled blogger, they can see you have a great writing style.

9. E-Books- You can write a book, guide, or even a course and upload it on amazon. People can download it as a pdf file, and read it from there laptops, or phone, or also can order a printed copy. Amazon prints and ships the book as well. 

10. Graphic Designer- You can use this website called Canva, or download the app to design logos, flyers, post cards, websites, business cards, social media graphics. Canva also offers millions of images, stock photography, vectors and illustrations along with photo filters, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts. https://www.canva.com/

           Online Money can really make a difference! Once you start accumulating money from any online business you start or join, your whole mindset changes when it comes to your 9-5. Hope you wrote some of these down and i hope it’s some good tips for you!


coffee, phone and chalkboard with make money online words.

Oh she’s a mommy too?

Hi to all the mommies, you see the title right?!


Yup! Damn right! I am a mommy as well. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter who drives me bananas but I love her with everything in me. She keeps me going, she keeps me sane, she is the reason of everything I have accomplished. Being a mother is a blessing and I will always take that into advantage. Your kids are your life savers. Some parents including myself, probably didn’t even see there selves as parents because the lifestyle they lived.

Meet RA’ZIYA but she prefer to be called Princess Ziya 👸🏽🙄💕


Okay, so i can admit, I’m guilty. I was always the one screaming out “I ain’t NEVER having kids”, welp! It came true! One thing about me I am 100% honest on my blogs! So don’t take it personal lol. Now I love kids, do I want more? Yessss!… I want all the babies…. ok, not really but I do want more kids eventually. I’m 27, so these eggs is still healthy and ready to cook!


My daughter started her first day of kindergarten last month, and I am so stoked about it. At first “like all parents” I was a little nervous though because elementary is way different from preschool, and I worried myself about a few things. She’s actually going to school with kids her age and older now. I didn’t want her to be bullied or mistreated, or even be lonely with no friends. Yes I’m probably over the top, but that’s how mommies are right? We are always going to be over the top.


So, as my daughter grow I see talent in her like a lot. She has so much personality 😩 and I am like damn what to do?

I been looking up different talent and model agencies, and I didn’t want to be the parent to force things on her so I asked how she feel about modeling and acting. Of course she’s all for it! The best thing about this is she’s already sassy, love being in front of the camera, and love acting at home! I also told her that some people might not accept her so she can’t get sad, or feel like no one likes her. I feel we as parents should teach our kids to accept failure and that we can’t win everything and also can’t get everything we want.


Being able to see the smile on your kids face, and watching them be successful at a young age is such a blessing. Just listening to the funny things your kids say, or them telling you what they want to be when they grow older, it’s like where did you come from? Lol these, kids are beyond smart, like smarter than we can imagine.


Isn’t she a beauty? 💕😍


Well, I’m wrapping this blog up mommies! I would definitely love to meet other mommies! And also meet other mommies that can relate to this blog 😊!


Comment Below or shoot me a message 😊!

Let’s chat!

My favorite video games

Hola to all my viewers and blogger friends. I wanted to share something else that i love that i never blog about. Video games. Yes, i am definitely a gamer lol. I play video games online a lot as well. I’m going to add a list of games i play. 

For Xbox/Console:

  • Fortnite
  • Pubg
  • GTA
  • Call of duty: Zombies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For the Pc/Laptop:
  • The Sims 4 * My current favorite*
  • Roblox                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            At first i didn’t really tell everyone that i am a gamer behind closed doors, because sometimes the circle you hang with aren’t interested in those type of activities. For me, gaming gives peace and happiness. It helps me concentrate on something positive to do when i am really bored. Gaming some what fulfill my needs. Now, i am definitely more open and can careless what others think. At times i do feel it gets to addicting, but once i feel that way i start to slow down just a little bit. Well, i am wrapping up this blog you guys, just wanted to share my favorite games, and also share what i love doing in the comfort of my own home :).   


Five things…Click to continue

Five things about me that i would like to change before 2019:

  • Appearance: Yes, i would like to change my appearance. I would like to wear heels, business attire, and carry hand bags more. I honestly feel if i want to be a boss babe i have to start dressing like a boss babe. Also, i need to pamper myself more, keeping my nails, feet, and face well groomed.
  • Mental Heath: Start taking my mental health more serious. If you read my blogs you know that i have anxiety and depression disorder. I got better with coping with it, but at times i still get overwhelmed and still tend to get depressed. I have to keep finding happiness, and figuring out what will balance my life out. Happiness is my  main target i am trying to reach. It’s important. 
  • Savings: I have a terrible spending habit, I would like to start being organize when it comes to money. I need to save up and stop over spending when i know it’s not good to. Every week i need to at least put money to the side and save.
  • Mother/daughter time: I need to start spending more fun time with my daughter. Now it’s like i work, she go to school, i help her with homework, and then we off to bed. I would like to do more fun activities and take her more places or places she still haven’t been. A mothers bond with there daughter is always important.
  • Travel: I been saying that I was going to travel more but I still haven’t because unfortunately I really don’t have the income to. This time I’m going to make it my #1 priority to save money, and to start traveling. I feel like I deserve it and I am definitely in need of traveling around the world. It is so many things that I know I’ll be amazed to see.


Finding happiness

Find what makes you happy, that’s the best part of life. Your happiness is what matters the most. You have to find yourself, figure out what makes you more happy, and what keeps you smiling, and lastly what do you love the most in life. It is common to feel up and down, but always make sure your happiness balance out anything negative in your life.

Sometimes finding a good activity can help you keep a good spirit. These are the activities i do to keep me feeling good and having time to myself to think. Maybe these ideas can help :).

  • Yoga
  • Meditating
  • Gym
  • Cafe Shops
  • Beach
  • Small Vacation
  • Vent
  • Therapy 
  • Solo Movie Date
  • Drink Wine “Alone”

We are all human, but i’m sure everyone has a story, or pain they have been through, and it’s not easy to just wake up happy all the time, but working on your happiness is always the best growth. Don’t use your past as a runaway, excuse, or a reason to not be able to move on in life.

We all shall use our past as a stepping stone toward our new lifestyles. Don’t overlook things because anything is possible. Be confident in your happiness, appreciate whom you are, and never think twice about trying new things that you never thought you would do til this day now.

          -Seqouia B

Relationship Troubles: Complications, Depression, Stress, Anxiety

So i know i am not super old, and i am not super young but i been through different experiences, or been around others experiences far as relationship wise. Relationships is a title that a lot of us love to have or a lot of us cant keep. I feel that relationships can be the best, and of course a key to happiness, but growing up i realize that relationships can turn into somethings that just isn’t good for our mind, body, and soul. 

List of 5 problems that affect your relationship:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Complications
  • Self Esteem

It may seem hard to believe but it is definitely true. Your relationship is based off these facts in this list, because you allow whomever to do whatever they have done to you in your past or present. We have to be aware when we are mentally bruised, used, and destroyed. When you lie to yourself in know deep down that you are making things up to cover up the love you have for someone, then just maybe it’s hard to just keep it all in at once.

When you start to blame yourself, know that yourself esteem is slowly disappearing because you are losing the love you have for yourself. You have to be your #1 everything. Once you gave that person every right to do whatever they want and you always take them back super easily, now they know they can do whatever to you, and treat you any kind of way. Before anything, anybody, any relationship make sure you love yourself first before anything.

Losing yourself, hating your self, and always sad, can turn into INSECURITIES.   Having insecurities can be the worst, you will began to not love how you look when you met your partner, some people even start to let their self go. COMPLICATIONS   starts to occur, right along with fighting and arguing. Which is the worst STRESS  to ever have. Consistently arguing turns into unhappiness.

adult alone black and white dark
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

After awhile, anxiety and depression begins to play a big part of a broken relationship. It sounds crazy how you can be diagnosed with a mental health disorder from a toxic relationship .  Precisely it’s the truth, and it’s a 100% fact that some people are in denial when it comes to their relationship.

All in all, it’s okay to go through different changes but it’s not okay to continuously let your heart go through pain back to back. We are human so we are going to go through different chapters in our life, something like a story. We are all walking stories. Not all stories have to be good not all have to be bad. Some people love living a LIE, and some love living the TRUTH, but being more Authentic is the best way to go, and to know you are not alone. It’s plenty of us humans scattered around the universe.



What I Accomplished at 27

A lot of people have asked me how I feel about being 27 so far and truth is, I feel semi-accomplished but not all the way accomplished.

What have I done so far that leave me stuck in between both?

Well, I am clearly still at my employment “2 years” “Security”. My goal was to work for myself by 26. No, i am definitely not putting myself down, but i speak nothing but honesty and facts on my blog.

The good part in my life that i accomplished is being self sufficient, building my way up, being more strong, and knowing that i want to succeed. Back then i didn’t believe in myself, all i worried about is having others to care about me, and was surrounded around a bunch of toxic people.

“I decided to get rid of “I can’t” and fill my mind up with “I can”


I made a decision to start going with the flow, but not let anything negative stop me from moving forward. When my mom told me that i have to brainstorm before i move forward. From there i did that and still do today. She always told me to stick to one thing, one career, one idea, and stick to it. I have a plan, something i had up my sleeve for a while. Sometimes it took positive+motivating words push me to have the mindset i have today.

I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. But it still isn’t easy. In fact, it’sactually really hard but i am positive and confident in what i really want in life. I have definitely became a firm believer in myself. 

I feel like being grateful of your growth is the biggest part of accomplishment. I make sure i show myself how proud of “me” i am. Uplifting myself has been the best thing i have ever done.

I made all new social media.

Yes, definitely was a good idea for me. I am building my Instagram portfolio and working on building an audience. Last year i was afraid to be in front of the camera, and also was afraid to show off. I been developing followers everyday, getting noticed, and also gaining more readers for my blog. That is an accomplishment for me, because today social media is strong enough that can get you exactly where you want to be, and a stepping stool to success. 


I took me 27 years to really find myself, in what i want in life. I truly get to admit that i developed self love and self confidence. I embrace who i am, flaws and all, can’t nothing and no one take that gift from me. 

                    “Nothing in the world can stop me from looking in the mirror knowing i am looking at a BOSS”

                          I am still up for new goals to set, at 27 shouldn’t be an age to give up on other opportunities that are there waiting.

                                      Any option can turn into a career. 

Finally, I can finish off with a little motivation quote.

 Fight for what you want, love who you are becoming, everything can’t be perfect, but what is taking a couple fails can hurt? we fuck up to make up, we make up to boss up. We boss up to be our own boss, and we be our own boss so we can create our own cost.

 -S E Q O U I A