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It’s okay to do good things for people

Never give your all to someone who isn’t returning the same energy.

Now days, people with good hearts like myself never realize right then in there when people intentions are bad. And it really sucks because when you have a good heart your goal is to just make people genuinely happy. I know at least myself I love to see people smile & laugh, that’s my love language. But sometimes that’s just not good enough for a lot of people. Even when I try not to give in, and say I’m not doing certain things no more, unfortunately I still do it.. annoying right? 🙄..

But I had to finally come to a realization that having a good heart is a good thing. Never change your ways because someone doesn’t appreciate you or don’t show it at least. We will run into so many people who’s only around temporarily, and if blessing them with your passionate aura is something you want to do, it’s fine. Be okay with that. It’s always their bad, not yours. Because who wouldn’t want to have someone by there side who’s giving, who compliments you, who supports you, who has your back? And I can go on…

What I can say is that I did learn how to start opening my eyes and watching the company I keep so I can protect my energy. I check peoples temperature, I test them out, I don’t do much for them so willingly like I normally would just to see if their intentions are bad. Sometimes it’s all about vibes and energy pay attention to them!

XoXo Seqouia


Who said you weren’t enough?

Heyyyy friends!!!

Let’s just dive right into this topic!

Who said you weren’t enough?

Honestly forget that damn question! It doesn’t matter who said it! First of all, no one can tell you anything about yourself but you. So we are going to let that go over our heads!

We deal with people in this world who some how always bring their bad energy on the most crucified ways. Antagonizing us by saying cruel things to lower our confidence. For some people it works because sadly some of us aren’t 100% happy within ourselves so we take in the things people say and run with it. But as of today we are going to stop!

Stop letting negativity ruin your blessings+achievements, we have so much more to fight for then to lose I promise. Can’t no one break you unless you allow them to, can’t no way play you for a dummy unless you literally prove to them that are one!

We have way too much going on in the world to feed ourselves with other people energies that aren’t good for our pure souls. It’s okay to love someone from a distance. It’s okay to let go of bonds that are unrepairable, it’s okay to focus on you & you only! Just know it’s okay!

Be fearless…. Be bold…. Be open to surrounding yourself around people who is going to actually support you and be on your team. But lastly be your OWN TEAM PLAYER! Go hard for you! The way how people see how you go all in for yourself, drives them to you!



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