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3 Ways to practice setting boundaries?

Boundaries are pin  pointed in clear communication. So the more meticulous you are about them, the more likely it will be respected. Of course you will be repetitive at some point, because your learning + growth, but don’t feel the need to get frustrated or even explain the reasoning of setting boundaries. If people can’t respect that you made the choice to be more structured, then they don’t need to be around you.

Here’s 3 ways how to set boundaries that protects your mental, physical, & emotional health.


Let’s be realistic here. It is some people that will misinterpret your choice of words of respecting a boundary because they are unpleasant. Either these people aren’t able to set their own boundaries or they are just used to having nasty behavior towards people for their own gain. And since you will not allow that, they also mistreat you as well. To each it’s own, as long you uphold your own boundaries for your own mental & physical health that’s all that really matters.


Always make sure that you sustain your boundaries at all times. Because no one isn’t going to get things done like yourself. You are the priority, remember that. Think of qualities you have of yourself so you can start learning about you.


The most important step to defining your boundaries is to make them visionary. Boundaries are often confusing and abstract because they feel invisible in our daily lives. By visualizing your boundaries and writing them down, you can get much more clarity on where you want to make things fair & clear between you and other people.

XoXoXo Seqouia B.

Who said you weren’t enough?

Heyyyy friends!!!

Let’s just dive right into this topic!

Who said you weren’t enough?

Honestly forget that damn question! It doesn’t matter who said it! First of all, no one can tell you anything about yourself but you. So we are going to let that go over our heads!

We deal with people in this world who some how always bring their bad energy on the most crucified ways. Antagonizing us by saying cruel things to lower our confidence. For some people it works because sadly some of us aren’t 100% happy within ourselves so we take in the things people say and run with it. But as of today we are going to stop!

Stop letting negativity ruin your blessings+achievements, we have so much more to fight for then to lose I promise. Can’t no one break you unless you allow them to, can’t no way play you for a dummy unless you literally prove to them that are one!

We have way too much going on in the world to feed ourselves with other people energies that aren’t good for our pure souls. It’s okay to love someone from a distance. It’s okay to let go of bonds that are unrepairable, it’s okay to focus on you & you only! Just know it’s okay!

Be fearless…. Be bold…. Be open to surrounding yourself around people who is going to actually support you and be on your team. But lastly be your OWN TEAM PLAYER! Go hard for you! The way how people see how you go all in for yourself, drives them to you!



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