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5 Natural Ways to eliminate brain fog

A lot of times i have had pretty bad brain fog. Thank god that i have already been through this issue before. It’s really annoying at times, especially when it’s in the way of you making your cost of living. If you go through this issue, I have a few tricks & tips to declutter your brain and get you back up & going.

Brain fog usually happens when you have a lot on your plate/mind and you thinking about it consistently. You either have to much work you have to get done, a lot of information you have to process, or just a lot of things that’s going on in your life all at once, so you just don’t feel quite right.

One of the top symptoms of brain fog is random memory loss. Not saying you don’t remember nothing at all, but sometimes we remember things that are not important, but forget about the things that are important. This usually happens when i go run errands. I will come home and realize i didn’t get anything done that I actually planned, so the whole purpose of me running errands was kind of pointless in a way. I’m sure it’s others who relate.

Sadly, brain fog can last for days, weeks, or even months. But, there is a lot of ways you can get your thoughts organized, back on track, and get rid of the fog.



If you are naturally a forgetful person i recommend a to do list. Truth be told in the past i thought to do list were super corny and not my cup of tea. But man i can tell you they most definitely come in handy. To do list will lead to a more clearer mind and help you be more productive. A clear mind will definitely help you accomplish more and with prioritizing.

Create your to do list and start marking down each task one at a time, as you take care of each task. Stop focusing on the needs, and focus on what’s listed in order. At the end of this blog, sign up to receive a free CHECK LIST to your email :).


By far if you read my blogs, this is definitely my favorite, and i will always remind my readers to do this. Start writing in a journal. Journaling is powerful and a free stress relief. It’s a strong way to get all your thoughts down in one place without over thinking. By writing down all your thoughts you are definitely clearing out your mind. Journaling will clear your mind out on a daily basis. You can always take at least 20 – 30 mins writing, it won’t hurt. I prefer to write before bed because it help me sleep better, I always wake up worry less and refreshed, which is a good start for the new day.


Brain dump is similar to jounaling, but just a little different. Brain dump is basically writing down all your thoughts when it comes to important things you need to take care of. For an example: You can be thinking in your head about going to the court building to get a birth certificate since you lost yours, and it’s always at the tip of your brain but you tend to forget. Then you repeatedly think about it over & over again and still for get. After you dump out all your thoughts, important info, and task on your list on a piece of paper or sticky note, then you can organize them to your to do list or task lists or calendar.


Cleaning is another way to a clear mind. Literally when i am cleaning up, I pop my ear phones in my ear, and I just get to cleaning with out no worries. I admit, when i have loads of things to take care of, that’s when i tend to get distracted by everything like not cleaning up like i said i was going to do 4 hours prior. So now, the first thing i do when i wake up is clean up my house. As a mom, from working part time at home and having a daily job, a clean house goes a long way into keeping me on track and keeping fog away from my brain often.


Take 30 mins out your day to take a walk, or take a walk when you feel all cluttered up in the head. A simple walk wouldn’t hurt, and walking is another way to keep you healthy mentally & physically. When i feel like i have so much pressure, and my brain feels clogged, I go take a walk in get some fresh air. It definitely helps me clear my head more. Sometimes i enjoy going with one person so we can have a little positive chat, that also helps as well. But, definitely take time out the day for a quick walk.


Dealing with brain fog is common. It can happen to everyone, especially for those who are consistently busy. To avoid brain fog all & all, stay on track and organized as possible. Keeping everything in order is the #1 step to a clutter free mind. I hope these tips helped you out and were detailed enough!




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