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Forgive yourself then Free yourself

Extremely thrilled to write about this topic. I know a lot of people including myself has or had a dark cloud over their shoulder because of something they fault themselves about. Especially when it’s something we have control of. What we don’t realize is that, it’s just a feeling though. A feeling that’s only temporary. Feelings can’t kill you, but running from them can.

We as humans visualize how things can be so much better then what we are currently going through, but not realizing how much power we have to make our visions come true. But when we doubt ourselves, we are lacking and not pushing towards prosperity. Anybody can prosper, it’s simple. But the mind is powerful and you have to compete with yourself, challenge yourself, and to become a better version of you. Our life is a balance and you just have to learn how to maintain it. Holding on to pain just makes you suffer.

Three words:

  • Free
  • Open
  • Balance

Once you forgive yourself. It’s time to free yourself. You can free yourself from anything that can hold you back. Like for me, I am freeing myself from negative energy, negative people, negative thoughts, disappointments, toxic locations, toxic people, lack of growth, and the list goes on. But what most people don’t realize is that we have more freedom then we think. You have to just open up your mind to new things, it’s always good to venture out.

Try writing down what bothers you, and writing down ways you fixed or ways you can fix those problems. Write down why you haven’t forgiven yourself, then write down how you forgiven yourself. This will give you clarity an will help you open up your mind to finding new ways to cope with what’s bothering you.

I always make sure I encourage people to write ✍️ whom reads my articles because writing definitely does help a lot. Especially if you don’t want to go to a psychiatrist or vent to anyone. Writing is a peace of mind. You can come to a conclusion with a lot of situations in your life.

I really hope this blog helps someone out there with clarity or at least given someone a different outlook on how to move forward in life. Remember forgive yourself, and free yourself!


I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on moving forward. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took their time out to read & observe. Thanks!

The 4 Healthy Habits that helps me when I’m unmotivated

Certain days I feel like I’m the best to do it. I set the tone of getting up & to it. I get up early doing all my routines, making me breakfast, going on my walks, staying on top of my hydration throughout the day. I straight out mark everything off my to-do-list & create new task for myself. I even feel social so ill contact my close ones & check up on them.

Other days I feel like completely crap, stale, lost of concentration.

It is completely normal to have bad days & good days. If you have more good days than bad, you are very much lucky! For myself, 2020 has been a tricky and rough year. So I can say things are up/down for me. I have an heavy amount of unmotivated days, and of course I try really hard to not down myself & tear myself down. But being a single parent and doing so many things on my own without much help can be a quite toll on my mental health. Journaling and personal self therapy had been something I have to normalize because I definitely can start to feel like garbage when I’m not too shabby about certain things. I remember those dark days when I use to prepare for my off days from work I would literally stay in bed. If you had days like that… then you know what’s up. Feeling too anxious or depressed to get out of bed can be tough to get out of. Especially when you on top of feeling guilty for not being as motivated as you know you should be. But I made a way to help rebuild my confidence & habits on days when I’m feeling thrown off.

Here are the four top healthy habits that I put together on my most unmotivated days:


When I’m moody or just don’t want to really be bothered, the last thing I want to do is wash dishes, do laundry, or picking up stuff around my apartment. But 2020 I changed a lot of things around by cleaning up as I go, no matter what. And it makes total sense because growing up my grandma use to say (if you wash the dishes after you use them, you don’t have to worry about them piling up). For me I just dislike being surrounded by clutter and having the constant visual reminder that my life is an absolute mess at the moment, it definitely brings out my anxiety (lol).


I’m not talking about a list of things that need to be done as of today. And I can assure you all that even on my most productive days I do not fully complete my daily to do list. I’ll write down multiple things that “need to be done at some point,” then, I’ll make my priority top three. Those three things must be done by the end of the day and of course I still will start with the least first to help me ease in and to help me build my confidence up for the day. And by checking the important things off of my to-do list always gets me going.


Before I start my day, I always make sure I rehydrate. I fill up a big jug of alkaline water with cucumber & lemon. Can I tell you refreshing? :). Drinking any kind of water is one of the easiest things you can do for your health and sets the tone for a better day honestly. Being dehydrated and slouchy is definitely not the move!


Going for a walk at least 20-30 mins a day isn’t going to hurt at all. If you aren’t really a fit person like myself sometimes it can be a little tiresome & hard to get going. But if you push yourself and make walking a consistent move in your daily lifestyle you will feel so much better. Or even just moving around the house. My main focus is improving my circulation and mobility to stay motivated and on a move at all times. Yes, of course we need to have days to just relax, but don’t make relaxation turn you into a couch potato.

Thank you for checking out my blog. Like, share, comment if you choose :).


You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

12 Lifestyle habits to stay happy and healthy

Happy Thursday everyone. Today is a new beginning. Making better habits to stay healthy & happy is great for your mental health. I am not 100% healthy, but i am working towards it even when i slip up time to time. I always practice ways to nourish my mind, body, & soul, so i can feel relaxed and confident. We are heading to 2021 and instead of waiting until the new year lets make some new changes starting now. The more you work at this, the more you develop new skills & learn new rituals that will improve your well-being daily.

  1. Figure out what bothers you about you, and forgive yourself.
  2. Enjoy outdoors (if you don’t already).
  3. Listen to your body & put positive thoughts into your mind.
  4. Take a break from all social media accounts
  5. Make self-care a priority
  6. Daily exercises at least 20 minutes.
  7. Stop waiting for certain moments to make lifestyle changes.
  8. Drink smoothies.
  9. Eat real food more often.
  10. Do things you love to do.
  11. Recharge yourself mentally & physically every night by going to sleep at a decent hour. (Make it a routine)
  12. Stay balanced.

I hope these ideas helped. Please share if it helped you out :).

How to Manage your Anxiety


    Having anxiety is the most terrifying thing to go through, especially when you are alone. A lot of people don’t know how to cope or manage with the symptoms that comes with this mental health issue. Everyone either reacts the same or a little different with there anxiety but at the end of the day it’s still a disorder that anyone can get at any given time. There are so many ways to manage your anxiety. Here i listed a few tips that might can just help.


       Figure out things that will keep your mind occupied. Be the things that keep you at ease. Focus on self-care and taking care of  YOU in all ways you can. Learn to take and do things more slowly, and try not to be such in a rush through your life too much. 



           Create a satisfying routine. Anxiety thrives a persistent worry and fear about your everyday lifestyle. I figured out that coming up with a helpful routine helps eliminate a lot of worry & thoughts. 



  Do not be afraid to discuss your issues dealing with anxiety. A lot of people experience it more than what others think, and suffer from it on different levels. Find some one that will be able to help you justify this issue. Help break the problem so you can be able to help others.


        Practice Coping Skills:

Figure out ways you can cope with this mental health issues. What helps you from having episodes? Breathing techniques. Taking a walk. Meditation. Yoga. It’s so many things you can do. Figure it out, and stick to it because once you are able to cope with anxiety, then it will be easier for you to start living a more normal lifestyle, without being in fear on what’s going to happen.


        Weekly Schedule:

Try scheduling your week ahead of time. But, make sure you stick to it. Switching up will only makes things worse. When something is triggering you to have anxiety sometimes it can be because your nervous, anxious, worried, tired, and you are just confused and furious on what your week look like. So, on that note creating a schedule will help plan things out better for you.