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27 Self Care Ideas for Emotional and Mental Health

For those like myself that currently or use to go through mental health definitely can use this blog for some coping ideas. Self care and your emotions play a big part in your life. It’s all about taking care of yourself and doing things that improve your moody ways and working on reducing anxiety while still working on improvement and keeping your life in tact. Go through the list and see what can help you fix the problem.


Mental Self-Care Ideas

  1. Learn to say ‘no!”
  2. Listen to an encouraging podcast
  3. Treat yourself
  4. Avoid toxic people and toxic energy
  5.  Declutter and clean up
  6. Take a mental health week
  7. Drink some wine, light up some candles, and unwind while having some adult time and relieving some of that tense
  8. Find a comedy movie or t.v. series to watch so you can laugh
  9. Create a cozy space
  10. Talk to a friend
  11. Travel to a beautiful place that gives you peace
  12. Create positive affirmations
  13. Have your own paint & sip at home, or go to one
  14. Meditate
  15. Try journaling on a daily


Emotional Self-Care Ideas

16. Practice gratefulness 

17. Write a positive list

18. Practice mindfulness

19. Practice self-compassion daily

20. Be true to yourself without worrying about being accepted by anyone else

21. Let go of your fears

22. Dive into your creativity (Try something different, that will make you feel happy afterwards)

23. Stop over-explaining yourself to others

24. Accept compliments without being combative 

25. Give yourself motivation when moments don’t go as planned

26. Take deep breaths often


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As humans we have to cure our minds & focus on self-care first. We tend to focus more on what’s not important then what’s actually important.

Self-care is doing what needs to be done, and balancing all goals you want to achieve in life. Self-care also nourishes your spirit and pushes you to strive hard everyday.

If you don’t take care of yourself or to harsh on your body you will become overwhelmed. That’s why I’ve pulled together 8 SELF-CARE HABITS FOR THE MIND for you!!

1. Take time off. Striving hard everyday is really important because the whole point is to achieve your goals, but sometimes it becomes tiring & a issue.


2. Find some quiet time.  Sometimes our lives are so busy we don’t never have time for peace and quiet.


3. Positive self-talk. Often times, you are your own worst critic.  That little voice at the back of your head can get real disgusting.

4. Get Bodywork. Our bodies store emotional tension in ways that we don’t even realize or notice, and bodywork allows us to release that built up tension.

5. Spend Time in Nature. Spending time in nature can actually be healthy for you, such as lowering your stress hormone levels. Get outside. Go explore, hit the beach, go hiking. Enjoy hearing the birds and the sound of waterfalls, enjoy our beautiful nature.

6. Eliminate Toxicity. Eliminate your amount of time you spend in negative situations or people that drain or leave you feeling stressed & over the top.

Always surround yourself around care, love, & positive energy.

7. Feed Your Mind. As a human, of course we are here to grow, learn, and elevate. Learning something new becomes interesting for us humans because it keeps our lives going and more interesting.

Try reading a new book, listening to a podcast, or even go to a museum.

8. Get Creative. Use your creative skills and put them to use. We all have a creative side, sometimes some of us just don’t know exactly what it is. When I say creative I don’t necessarily mean you have to be artistically creative. For an example, I like to take pictures, also I like to dress up, so I will dress up and take multiple photos and edit them, that’s part of my creativity gift. I was always told I take nice photos of myself.

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How to recover from a stressful week: 6 tips for getting back on track

Today i want to talk about recovering from a stressful week. A topic a lot of us can relate to. 

We all have a time in our when we have a really busy week and that busy week turns to being stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted. We are all so busy and its tremendously hard to get caught up with everything. You know the saying ” I have to much time on my plate ” well this time ” I have to much food on my plate ” and it’s time to release it because it’s to much.

I have been totally guilty of this, that’s why i chose to write this article. So today i wrote 6 tips step by step, that might can help you like it did for me!






1| Brain Dump

Let go of all the negative thoughts you been having during that stressful week. You can’t enter in a new week with negativity or downing yourself because you haven’t been quite happy. Let it all go!


2| Avoid that technology crap

You know exactly what i mean, Facebook, Online shopping, laughing at every meme that comes across your screen, taking selfies 90% of the day. The things that you really suck in & have the urge to do, because next thing you know it’s been an hour. 

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is exactly the “me time” i need and you to maybe. But, if we are doing this consistently through out the day and then stressing because we do not have enough time in our lives to accomplish everything, then we need to re-evaluate. “LITERALLY”


3| Take Breaks & Time for yourself

When you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out the best things to do is just take a little rest and relax. We all need breaks from time to time. Even if your daily schedule seems never-ending. Take time to recharge because you can come back to reality all refreshed & motivated, instead of cutting your to-do list down and being exhausted.


4| No excuses, stop procrastinating

Procrastination will burn you out and you will start making excuses to avoid any task you had scheduled. But, usually if I can just make myself start one task at a time, I will get right back into things and feel more productive. Sometimes just forcing yourself to keep going is what all it takes. If you feel your lacking because you been working extra hard, then that;s when taking breaks come in.


5| Seek for help

A lot of people fear to ask others for help. Some times because of faith & pride, but it’s okay to use a helping hand. Like myself, I hate asking for help, but i came to a realization, there is people out here that are willing to help, and also might have knowledge in things i’m still trying to figure out. When you need help, ask for it.


6| Plan, Pin point, Schedule 

It’s so important staying on track and avoiding exhaustion. Planning out your future days, weeks, & months, are a brilliant way to stay on track. Also, helps you figure out more on what you need to accomplish and all your priorities.

Creating a long-term schedule of task to help you see an outlook of everything +timing will definitely help you out and you will feel less overwhelmed. Start breaking down your goals & times, so you will stay consistent.



So there you go! I hope these tips help you overcome any future stressful weeks and get you back on track. The biggest factor is that you need to take care of yourself and make time for self-care. Get help when you need it, relax, take small breaks, and work on time management. Incorporating these simple things should help you avoid stress.


                            ♥♥♥♥♥ Seqouia B



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Welcome to Spring season my loves!

I am a huge believer in affirmations. They have worked for me absolutely in so many ways. It starts from what you tell yourself when you first get up to begin your day. Dreams, goals, success, all begins in the mind. You have to train your mind to see good in situation and i think a good way is start through affirmations.

Here are some affirmations that will help you get through whatever challenge you might be going through. I actually use these for myself.

My Post


No matter what your situation is, or whatever you are going through, always remind yourself that you will WIN. I have learned a lot on how to act on in different situations. I am here to not lose and to never give up. For a person who has faith and believe i there self, this affirmation couldn’t me more authentic enough.





Now most of the time when we are going through tough times in our lives, we think it’s going to last for eternity. We see no way out. We see a huge wall everywhere but one thing I’ve learned is that everything is temporary and nothing is forever, so eventually that wall will come down. And like the first affirmation was written, no matter what, i can NEVER LOSE.





When tough times come, we carry a heavy set of fear on our backs, stress, anxiety, depression, doubt. I tell myself all the time “NOT TODAY, NOT NEVER DEMON”. I will not worry. And i sure will not fear. There is no significance in worrying your self about being stressed. But there is every advantage in remaining calm & content. This way you can take time out to talk or write out your thoughts. You can think about solutions. So, make it a main priority when you get up each day to affirm “I WILL NOT WORRY.”






Their is absolutely nothing to hard with prayer. I mean of course everyone has their own beliefs, but i’m telling you now that prayer works. God is watching over us at all times, and although he might not answer our prayers immediately, eventually he does. You have to stay positive, patient, & determined. Prayer gives me confidence, piece, and strength.





Whichever area of your life that is challenging, affirm that “it’s life”. It’s life with my living. It’s life with my finances. It’s life with my health. It’s life with my education. It’s life with my ups & downs. Speak it out and it will come into existence. You might not believe it, but your situation is already under control you just have to trust in yourself.





No one can stop you from getting it but YOU.The goal+dreams i have for myself, may seem not believable. But, I have confidence in the facts that my future will be just fine, and that i will make it to where i want to be. There will be people who will try to bring you down, or just something that might try to hold you back, but don’t act on it. No one can stop you from getting to it unless you allowed them to.


So, these are the affirmations I say each day and they have kept me grounded & leveled. I would love to read some of yours if you feel comfortable dropping them down in the comments that will be dope.


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6 self-care facts for stressful days

When your life becomes more stressful and overwhelming sometimes sleeping it off isn’t always just quite enough. I feel that taking time out and actually working on the things that are bothersome can be a bit challenging but 100% worth trying. I have learned so much about facts on self-care that don’t always mean it have to be the simple things like getting a massage or drinking chamomile tea. 

My #1 thought now is to focus on more of my inner self then my outer self. Learning how to block out unwanted bullsh*t, and focusing on your mind&body should always be your motive. I learned how to dump the past me and let go of things not worth me bringing into my life today. I feel more at ease when i begin to do my own research on fixing my issues dealing with stress. So here are a few facts that might help you.






Learning to focus on you more, is helping you build your self-confidence. SAY NO SOMETIMES!

It’s totally fine to be confused, and to allow yourself to not be committed and to be responsible for other people. I know it is some people out there like myself probably made (promises&commitments) to do things they second guessed about agreeing to. If you are unsure, just know you don’t have to and not obligated to. SET LIMITS for yourself.

“Stop giving more to others then you are giving to yourself, focus on you more even if it sounds selfish.”






Everyone bodies react differently when they are under some kind of stress, but most people still feel the same symptoms. You start to feel weak, heart beating at a much faster pace, break out in the face, muscles tighten up, and so much more. To deal with these random stress symptoms, you have to train your mind to notice every sign of stress so you will know how to respond in stressful situations. Practice breathing techniques to help you relax better. These are some techniques i do that help me out a lot i found online on http://www.sarahrosecoaching.com very helpful! been using these for a little bit!






Turn off your old thoughts and write down some new ones. You deserve a good mental cleanse. Try journaling, free thoughts writing, or get on your laptop, go to your note pad and type away. You have to process it all through and not just rush into your thoughts. My favorite thing to do is a Mental Cleanse←Click that if curious. 





Are you taking time out to think things through? Are you focusing on what is important instead of what is not? Are you worrying more than caring less about irrelevant things? Have you ever thought that maybe you need to take time out to figure out what are you really stressing for and what can you do to let it go? Maybe you trying to do more than what you can even handle. Pay attention and look at back then and now and see where exactly is things falling off so you can fix them.






So yoga has been one of the things that have helped me a lot when i am stressed. You can try so many yoga techniques  Try downloading apps or finding online yoga classes so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Lately i been using Yogaburn, not only it helped me to lose some pounds it helped me relieve a lot of stress. Just click the yoga burn tab for more information. Promise you it’s worth it!




Sometimes we get caught up into situations that has nothing to do with US. Drama, Drama, Drama is something you don’t need added to your stress. Easy said then done that sometimes the company you keep try to drag you in there mess and you have to learn how to just say no, or not just feed into it. No matter how much you love your friends and family members sometimes it’s best to love them from a distance. Now when someone vent it is totally fine, venting is healthy and sometimes we need to express ourselves. But…going back & forth and dealing with toxic people can be overwhelming and put you in a bad place. You have to learn how to take a step and putting your guards up between you and them by protecting your happiness, energy, and ability to focus on your own problems.

 “At a time in my life i always felt obligated, but when i realize that i was to in tuned with everyone else problems instead of mines, i realized i had to let go. When i begin to stay out the mix, i started to be more happy, now i wake up with more happiness in my heart, and less worry”




I wonder how many others have any thing they do for themselves when life gets hectic? Please drop down in the comments! I would love to learn some new facts or see if someone has something in common with me ;).


Hope all is well and that you all enjoyed this blog. Feel free to go to my “ask” tab to ask me questions or give me some suggestions for me. I’ll love that ;)!


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         Everyday is a challenge, but there are many was you can challenge yourself everyday. We have to stay on a go to keep our life content and less boring. I feel that we all have to try new things and be open to just go with the flow and move forward. I have tried so many things in life because i like different. Here are 16 ways you can challenge yourself everyday:     





  1. Get up early and go for a quick walk before work, school, or whatever you have planned for the day. If you’re not a morning person, this post right here might help you with some tips.
  2. Journal– you can write daily about your day, feelings or emotions, try to look more into journaling just to get a better idea.
  3. Go out for dinner, just by lonesome. For most of us, this is something most of us fear of or feel like losers going out by ourselves, but the whole point is getting over those feels and not hold back.
  4. Stop stressing. Try to stop stressing, especially over the irrelevance. Remember that your life can go two different ways good or bad, you make the choice, learn, and keep it moving.
  5. Show yourself recognition on a daily basis. Everyday, write down 3 things you feel thankful for.
  6. Technology detox for at least 2 hours a day. Put your technology up for at least 2 hours each day and practice some mindfulness or self-care tips.
  7. Set small daily goals for yourself. Small goals facilitate progress. You’re more likely to accomplish your “big” goals if you split them into smaller, less intimidating ones. If your goal is to get healthy for example, start by swapping your soda or juice for water, going for a 20-minute walk or having at least one very healthy meal a day (to start).
  8. Make home cook meals from home. No liquor store snacks, no late night 7 Eleven runs, no vending machines, no packaged food, no microwavable meals.
  9. Educate your brain by learning a new word every day. Try putting it in your phone notes or writing it on a sticky note so you can remember the words you learned.
  10. Closet Cleanse. Get rid of recycle- if you find yourself or your home surrounded by a lot of clutter, finding just one thing to get rid of at a time will be less overwhelming than having a huge clean-out.
  11. Be more mindful. Practice mindfulness every day and try to release your “bad” thoughts without judgment.
  12. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. Try apps like Headspace.
  13. Never give up learning. Remember that you can grow and learn new things AS LONG AS YOUR LIVING!
  14. Practice a little self-care. Remember that self-care is not just going to a spa or trying out different mask, it’s more it.
  15. Give yourself new budgets. Start learning how to keep saving and practicing financial responsibility & stability.
  16. Stay inspired daily. Motivation is something that comes from the heart, but surrounding yourself with inspiring things, people, books, little sticky notes, and cards, can help you stay inspired everyday. Focus on staying positive and being happy.


Hope you all enjoyed these listed tips! Feel free to contact me for any questions i am friendly :).


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you are enough text
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In life, there are plenty of times we feel drained. We feel like we want to give up and lose faith in all our goals and success. We start to question ourselves and the doubt starts to begin. We go through different life test whether it’s work, school, personal life, health/fitness, or an upcoming business.

Truthfully, I go through these times while trying to build my own brand, and there are a lot of times i question my abilities, where i question my work ethic but then i am reminded of these three things i am going to share below. Times like these allow me to really sit back and take a rain check, I start to be more clear on my goals and what i want in every aspect in my life.

These tips might not take away the iffy feeling you have, but it can be something you can think about. If you starting a new journey or already have one but you are getting discourage, this post is definitely for you!


I say this from my experiences that i go through, even recently or now. What is the reason why i started theonlyseqouiab? What goal do i want to achieve? Where am I looking forward to? Look at your plan you had written down from the start as your MOTIVATION, Look at how fast you already thought about giving up PUSHES you, Think of the reason you made that decision and started this new journey, it might be your health and fitness or a new job you always dreamed to have. When i thought about how much of an impact ill have on the young adults life like myself, and how many young people need to be empowered and motivated, quitting became something that will never happen. My online platform is here to inspire all and i feel that i can’t give up what i already started to build. So, on that note understand that discouraging times will not only come once, it can come multiple times. Let your reasons of WHY you shouldn’t give up be your motivation.


Giving a lot of yourself to any activity can take a toll that might last for a few days. Try not to over due things. Sometimes we can let our emotions, stress, failure, and much more exhaust us and we just began to give up and have less hope. Be gentle with yourself, and take time to recuperate. Maybe something like spending time alone, or sleeping a few extra hours this week, or going on a small trip. I shared a blog: What to do when you feel unproductive that kind of relate to this post, just click the link.

high angle view of pencils on table
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Most of the time when you feel like giving up, there are a lot of things cluttering your mind. It might be rejection or failure, or just pretty much negative thoughts you have to yourself. These emotions need to be out and you have to figure out how to get rid of them. For me, it’s writing in my diary, exercising, going out for a cup of coffee, go out for a few drinks at a night club, sometimes even self-talk. Find something you really enjoy doing to send you in the right direction. 

For some people, I know it can be therapy, some kind of stress management classes, go see an psychologist, or you can contact your Doctors office or simply search on GOOGLE for places that can help you. Sometimes seeking professional help is worth it tons!!!

So, these are just a few tips that have worked for me whenever I feel discouraged or feel like i just want to give up. The most important thing is remembering why I started and why am i giving up?!

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              LOVE, SEQOUIAB the blogger….



There will be plenty of challenges we encounter as bloggers, but you don’t have to win them all. There is a couple main things we need to be a blogger. A computer, platform, domain, niche, social media, plan, and a goal. Super easy, not even the hard part. Most of us already have what’s listed, just might not have everything to consider yourself as a blogger quite yet. The easy part is that you may already have a social media acct, and depending on what platform you are using it might be free to start, which is more dope. The hard part is gaining audience, and striving to keep going. Sometimes not having any visitors or reaching a certain amount of audience makes things mad hard. Why? because we are still trying to figure it out. Here are six challenges we encounter as bloggers.



The majority of your readers will be global. You will get readers from all over that live in different time zones. It’s 3 am home?   Well it can be 3 pm some where else. Therefore you don’t have set hours as a blogger. That’s the lovely part about it. You can sleep in, reply to emails when you feel like it, and also be able to work when you travel. Those crazy hours you are up, don’t think it’s the wrong thing because it’s not. It actually might be good to have crazy hours especially for those who suffer from insomnia or just enjoy being up late.


Yes failing will happen, I said this multiple times, but i am definitely going to repeat it again lol. If you can’t take failure then being your own boss will definitely not work for you.

balance business cobblestone conceptual
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Sometimes blogging cost, like when you have to pay for a domain or pay to monetize your platform, most platforms is yearly and under $100 which isn’t to bad. A lot of people think once they start blogging they immediately start making money and that should never be a thought at all. It takes time. Be patient. If writing, blogging, and being a boss is your goal then patience should be the key. We all need to understand we have to spend money to make money. Investing into your business and investing into your time is important. The good thing is when you are broke or just extremely low, bloggers get gifted items and other times they’re paid to wear or try out different brands for free. Also, bloggers are able to make money bringing in customers to there companies as well.

art business close up decor
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 When you are a blogger you have to realize you are stepping into a world with a possible of million different readers. The way you carry yourself will speak a lot on its own. You have to make sure you have self respect, authentic, and remain being yourself. You have to talk about your blog as if it’s very important to you. The more you talk down on your brand the more you will lose your audience. You have to make sure that your passionate about what you do and want to help others to be the same. Represent your brand with integrity and dominance.  Be confident in your goals, and dreams. 



Lets be realistic. You have to be one BAD ASS. Not literally bad in a evil way, I mean far as “knowing what you are talking about” at all TIMES. You are a REFLECTION of yourself. Make sure when you write your blogs, you go back and look through everything you written. Do it sounds promising? Do it sounds authentic? Do it looks like you know what you are talking about? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself. Don’t be in the rush to publish a blog post that doesn’t even make sense or will confused your audience. You want as many visitors you can get. Why? because that’s one of the ways you make your money, DUH! Don’t cheat yourself at all. Your confidence is what keeps you going. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself, it’s nothing wrong practicing self love even if you have it already. 


Please know your worth. Don’t let the negative out beat your positive.  For an example, If you get offered a good opportunity, but the opportunity isn’t paying you anything.            “EXAMPLE QUESTIONS”

Why this opportunity non-paid?  What are the good deeds i’ll get if i do take this opportunity? 

Make sure you think your choices through. Don’t settle for what you feel isn’t worth settling for.


That pretty much sums up this blog! If you read it all the way to the end, you must have found this post helpful in away “I hope.” 

Thank you for taking out the time to give it a good read, I enjoy you all always :).  🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

If you would like drop a comment, or email me if would like to continue on the topic about this article. If you have any ideas for my blogs feel free to also email me or contact me on my social media ♥♥♥♥♥.

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