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Costa Rica

Hello loves! So I definitely decided to blog this trip because I have been to so many dope places and have not shared my traveling journey with you all! This time I am going to be more consistent with my travel journey. I felt to top it off Costa Rica 🇨🇷 will be a good adventure to get my travel blog started the right way!!

First off let me start off by telling you all where I am staying. I am staying at “Oxygen Jungle Villa”! Yes like literally staying in the jungle. This villa is absolutely stunning! I mean just breath taking. I have always imagined myself staying in the middle of the jungle smelling all the beautiful trees, and seeing exotic animals, with an exotic drink! Now look today I’m here making & filming memories. Here are pictures & a video of the Villa. I also will be adding the links just in case your interested.

The pool is absolutely beautiful 😍 …

The room is a glass villa. You can literally hear the monkeys, birds, etc. Just waking up to nature is absolutely beautiful 😍.

Here’s my welcome drink. This is exactly what it’s called. When I tell you this drink is yummy it is yummy! It’s made with fresh fruit, ginger and of course alcohol but you can’t taste no alcohol not one bit which tricks you in a way.

I went dune buggy riding and it was the most scary but satisfying experience. I literally was 8,000 feet in the mountains 🏔 filled with clouds. The sad part it clearly messed with my equilibrium and I end up catching a cold but thank god it wasn’t Covid!!! I would’ve been stuck! But further on, so I seen all types of animals, waterfalls, homes that some of the Costa Rican’s live in and more. All the greenery and everything was just so beautiful. I have never seen so much greenery up close never!

Now let’s get into the messages. I have never gotten a massage before so my first experience was amazing. She made sure she got every tense area on my body. I felt amazing! Like a new person. So if you ever visit this villa please make sure you go to there spa.

So if you like a good cocktail like myself. The bartenders are amazing! They make really good drinks, and the best part is having a good cocktail by the poolside with your legs kicked up :). This drink was actually one of my favorite it was a margarita style drink with spice. Jalapeño & ginger was added! Just delicious!

The breakfast is delicious. Egg, avocado, & bacon + fruit drink. Literally all their food & fruit is fresh 100%.

So to end it all I had a fantastic time. This was a very relaxing & eventful trip. I would definitely visit this country again especially the villa. Here is the website https://oxygenjunglevillas.com also if you want to do excursions the hotel will have all the information for you! It’s tons of fun things to do.

This villa is definitely reasonable and I promise you will not regret staying here! Especially if you love nature & animals!

Thank you all for reading my blog! I will definitely make sure I start sharing my travel journey with you all!

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