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When i was giving up, something stopped me……

Hey everyone one. Let me reintroduced myself. My name is Seqouia. I am a mother of 1 to a beautiful girl. I’ve been blogging for about 4 years, and still going to continue my journey doing what i love. Blogging has been such a peaceful & healing help for my aura. I first started this blog when i was going through a mental health crisis. I use to write in a diary because it use to help me cope with my problems. But one night i was up late, and i came across a young woman who started a blog specifically because of the same reasoning of why i did. It inspired me. So i did my research on blogging and seen that it’s so many other people who blogs about there lifestyle and share their stories all the time. I finally realize that i was never alone with my paranoia & anxiety that i was dealing with. I then started learning the concept of blogging, & what are the tools i needed to learn so i can become successful at it. I learned the tools, but didn’t really push myself like i should’ve. I watched so many videos, been up long nights listening to podcast, taking down notes etc. I began too lose patience. I began to lose hope in my creativity. I began to just give up on all the hard work i’ve done to even write a blog. I didn’t feel like i was going to ever get more then 20 likes, or comments, or any kind of attention too my blog. And it bothered me so much. So then i started to wonder that the things i’ve written may can bore people or just simply not be good enough. I just couldn’t pin 📌 point it because I knew in my heart, I was good at what i do. & The things i written bout was definitely motivating, knowledgeable, & lastly uplifting. I had to realize that putting myself down will not do anything to help me get my blog the attention it deserves.

So let’s fast forward. At first, I had made a decision to just give up on blogging. But something stopped me. I got this feeling that i shouldn’t give up, & that i should continue my journey because i have a chance on building my blog & finally getting the attention it deserves. So i kept it. And of course i haven’t been as consistent with my blog, but for someone who doesn’t really get the attention on here i still decided to keep pushing myself.

The moral of the story is, don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t lose yourself by putting your own self down because things aren’t going the way you want it to right then & there. We are all creative humans, that have so many chances & nothing but time in our life to shine. Keep patient. be positive. Believe in your positivity. Don’t lose hope. Because i’m not!

If your seeing this, I really would like if you would support me by liking this blog ❤️. It’s very much appreciated.


25 spiritual affirmations for personal growth & healing

Hello :)! Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Need a good ole spiritual uplift? These spiritual affirmations help support you in acknowledging your true divine self. When exhaling these affirmations into your daily spiritual practice, they help you develop your skills in staying in tune with your spirituality soul. Affirmations also help you replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. As you continuously work with them, they help change your thinking & understanding which is something we all need.

1. Now is the time for my good.

2. I excel at the perfect living of Life.

3. I put my life in the hands of Infinite Love and Divine Wisdom.

4. I see nothing but me.

5. I am now surrounded by the divine, embraced and cherished, nurtured and protected.

6. I am perfectly blessed and I am a perfect blessing for the world.

7. I trust and respect my body’s wisdom.

8. I put myself, my health, and healing above everything. I strive to live a good life.

9. I am in charge of my pain and understand the needs of my body.

10. Happiness is the music of my body.

11. I am filled with positive energy.

12. I am accepting and know how to take care of myself.

13. I have opened my heart to love again.

14. Love is my priority, not hate.

15. No matter how hard life gets, I’m going to still prosper.

16. My choice is to happy.

17. I breathe in peaceful energy, I breathe out unwanted energy.

18. I voice my truth.

19. I voice my intuitions.

20. I have a purpose, so I need to fulfill it.

21. I was created to be uniquely and I see it every day.

22. I love everything who made me who I am today.

23. My soul is cheerful.

24. I am gifted to heal others.

25. I am gifted with the universes love, strength, & wholeness.

Simple Facts

In this world of pain, stress, and tensions the power of healing is unmatched. We as humans deal with so much on our universe. We encounter situations when our emotions, anxiety, & curiosity fill our minds. To receive that inner peace through those challenges, using healing statements is definitely the main importance that can help. Utilizing these affirmations to pin point our self conscious minds, is to act on by experiencing the peace that we need in our lives.


Coronavirus crisis meets Anxiety: How to cope?

I am most definitely not going to lie, the Coronavirus has been raising my anxiety levels the last few days.

But hey, theirs nothing we can do to control it, but we can definitely help from spreading it.

I won’t all my readers and everyone else out there to be safe and please take all of the advises precautions. Take extremely care of yourself during this worldwide crisis.

I truly know that like myself, and others that struggle with anxiety, the news got me feeling even more ANXIOUS day by day. The reason why I say this is because this virus is spreading and it isn’t really any progress.

Of course I know this article might not help 100%, but in the meantime here are some affirmations to help your anxiety and also help with coping!

•I am capable of solving any problems that face me.

•Stress might make me feel weary, but I am in charge of my mind and body.

•I will be OK.

•At this moment, I choose to feel calm and peaceful.

•I choose to fill my mind with positive and healing thoughts.

•Worry doesn’t do me any justice, I just choose to leave it behind.

•If I can’t control it, I let it go.

I am attracting positive energy into my body.

I am safe and in control.

I am capable of solving any problems that face me.

I am strong I am alive.

Anything that weighs me down, I am free of it.

I am safe, I am in control, I am dominant.

•My body is capable.

•Their is nothing to be fear about, because faith will always rely in my soul.

Please stay safe and follow all of the advisories, watch the news, check on friends & family by phone, and I hope you are able to find some relief from worry, fear, stress, & anxiety soon.

I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

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Three techniques to slay your Anxiety

I suffered from anxiety for years, starting at the age of 18. The Panic attacks and anxiety started at the age of 22, and it definitely took over my life and I found myself avoiding any situation I thought could induce my anxiety. 

The thing with anxiety the more you ignore it, the more it will come hunt you. Sucks right?…  But wait, the more it hunts you, the more difficult it gets.

Sometimes just getting yourself together, like your appearance can change so much in your daily life. Don’t be a debby downer so much and find love within yourself. When we are stressed we get to the point where we just let ourselves go, and all that do is add more to the plate. You definitely want that plate to be empty with no worries. 

In otherwise, SLAY THAT ANXIETY!…


Think about all the good things you notice about yourself. Write it on a sticky note, journal, notes, hell wherever! Find yourself and figure out your happiness. The point where i’m getting to is that in order to be happy you have to make yourself happy. When you make yourself happy then what? you are in tuned with yourself. Can’t nobody tell you nothing different. AT ALL!….



\When you notice you are starting to have negative thoughts then redirect your thoughts to something positive. Before i have an upcoming test, or job interview, I would always be negative. “I doubt i’ll pass” “I can’t do this” “I don’t think they will hire me”. Guess what happened when i had those thoughts? I FAILED! I had to start training my mind to turn a negative back to positive , and i still work on this til this day now. 



We have to get out of that “worry” mode. Sometimes when you worry too much it actually triggers you to have anxiety attacks. We apply so much pressure on ourselves and we don’t have to. Live in the moment and be fearless. When you start to worry, find a good solution that can help prevent that. Remember it’s all in the head. Your mind will play tricks on you, especially for those who minds wander 24/7. So you have to play tricks back by winning over anything that’s stopping you from letting go of your worries. If you can’t make it to your close friend party on time? Hey! it’s not your fault. You still haven’t passed that test quite yet? Keep trying. Your close someone is treating you like crap and you don’t know why?! Who cares, let it go!. Stop worrying about situations or people who isn’t making your life no better good or bad.


I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

What’s going on with me? How To Feel Better When You Don’t Know Why You’re Sad

Honestly, I know a lot of people are guilty of this just as much as i am.

Have you ever just start randomly feeling sad?
Well this weekend i definitely witnessed it.

I felt sad for no reason and I couldn’t help but wonder “what’s wrong with me?”.

This problem can be confusing for a lot of people so i decided to write this article to help you if you don’t know why you’re sad.

I hope it helps you get out of your worries.



It is a reason why your sadness came about in the first place. But it can be tricky because their are various reasons on what triggered you to be sad, especially if your always all over the place.

Look back over the last week and see if there were any changes or any situations that led up to feeling sad.

Is something off in your relationship?

Did you have a stressful time at work?

Was there anything different about the last few days that could be a factor as of today?

Are you having some financial issues going on?

My best advice to you, is if you can’t figure it out then don’t stress about it all. Because if it’s not actually broke, then why fix it?

We are human, we are made to have a range of emotions and to feel off sometimes. Don’t judge yourself for feeling sad, it happens. The last thing you want is to make a small problem out of nothing.





I’ve had to work really hard on my self-talk. Having self-talks has became a priority for me. I’m not naturally a positive person, so I don’t want to make it seem that way. But I do believe that i have to live in my truth.

If you are always telling yourself that life is hard and unfair that is going to feel like the truth for you. Sometimes we have to change our narratives we say about ourselves.

Changing my narratives and self-talks has been so helpful for my overall happiness and mental-health.

Whenever I’m feeling sad or don’t know what’s wrong I make a big promise/change to myself to let go of any negative thoughts & complaints. When you nag/complain all it does is make you feel low and less productive.

Take time out and have self-talks so you can be able to find the solution & fix it.




                      HEAL YOUR BODY/SOUL

Healing your body can be done in various ways.

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Eat more healthy
  • Yoga
  • Explore nature for fresh air
  • Hit a spa
  • Light some candles & unwind with no devices

Sometimes healing your body can help relieve stress & put you in a much happier space.

When I’m sad and let myself sit around it can end up making me feel even worse. So i rather do things i know to prevent that.

Going outside usually helps me when I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I love taking walks and enjoying our nature. Plus you’re taking care of yourself physically & mentally too. So it’s a win-win.



As long as you are doing what you believe is the best thing for you then you are on the right path to a much healthier lifestyle.

Do know that it’s completely normal to go through these complicated times in life.

Truth be told, there are other ways that can help, but these three are definitely important and it helped me. I hope it helps you as well.



I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

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How I Got Through a Bad Month


I’m so relief that i am feeling like myself again after a pretty rough time  these past couple months. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to feel productive and inspired again.

I’m not 100% the happiest but I definitely feel more like myself again. I will be hosting my podcast on here soon sharing my experiences, and also other things i go through as well. My podcast also will be sharing coping tips for anxiety, and motivating others to transform there lives back to them normal selves.


But let me tell you that healing is real, and healing is very much possible.

When i’m not feeling like myself of course my mind will try to make me feel other ways. Like my mind will make me feel that i will never be okay, and that i will never feel 100% better. 


The real truth is that life comes in different ways.

If you are struggling right now i want you to know that i truly believe that there are better days that are coming your way. 

Here are a few things I did to help me get through life when it felt really hard to get through.





When you feel like shit, it can be really easy to focus on anything negative. You will think about everything that’s not going right in your life and not working how you think it should. The true fact is, we are surrounded around grace & blessings every moment & time of the day. Yes it can be hard but i honestly believe in practicing gratefulness throughout the day can make a big difference in how you feel honestly. Being grateful get us further then we can possibly think.



I give myself a hard time too frequently and it’s okay, because it’s going to happen at a point in your life. But you have to take action and keep moving forward instead of using the excuse that your struggling and just beating yourself up about it. Let it go, and release all that tension you have against yourself.



Before i even started working on my own, I actually have a selected few podcast i quite listen to. honestly, just recently my way of thinking was terrible :(. I did my best to balance out all of my negative thoughts by listening to positive messages and hearing other people stories that i can relate to. This helped me,  i’m sure it will definitely help you.


Mostly I just wanted to tell you that when you feel like you’re not going to feel better that feeling is just temporary and not the truth.

You can overcome anything.

You can heal.

You can revamp.

Have a great day everyone….

Sixteen Pages (SB).



I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

Bad habits that make your anxiety worse

Wow! I can truly say that dealing with anxiety comes with a lot. Especially panic attacks, I pretty much watched my life crumble more and more because i suffered from this problems quite often.


What cause me to have panic attacks the most.

  • Being home alone
  • Elevators
  • Hot stores
  • Being to closed in by people

So i had to try my best to avoid all this for a very long time. But it’s hard you know? Mostly everything that is listed is something that’s going to always be there or happen. My anxiety became severe when i started doing security, because for the simple fact i had to use elevators and we had no stair access. I was too embarrassed to tell others, so I had to deal with this on daily basis :(.

I still have anxiety today, it’s just not as bad, and i am able to cope with it. These are the main things that had a big impact on my life. Imagine just going through this horrific situation, and then other stuff far as relationships, family issues, and more on the side.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, I highly recommend making new changes in your lifestyle. It will definitely be worth it.

Here are a few things i know that will definitely increase your anxiety:



Let me be all the way honest with you, I am a big coffee addict.

Like i love drinking coffee, I fucking love it so much that i never wanted to admit that i was addicted lol. Deep down, I knew that coffee could possibly make my anxiety worse, but i didn’t want to believe it. 

I use to drink coffee in the am and at night on a daily basis. At might? Yes honey at night!

So i end up cutting it out on my routine for a little. I told myself “NO CAFFEINE” for the rest of the month, and when i start back i will only drink it once a day. So now i am back drinking coffee, “Once a day.” If i start getting the jitters, and i start feeling anxious then i will began to slow day again. 


Be honest, when you aren’t prepared it becomes a problem. You start throwing stuff all over the place, always misplacing something, never on time, and just all the way a mess.

Say if you have an interview at 12 pm, and you are barely getting ready at 11 pm, you can’t find your interview shoes, and then you can’t find your blouse. So now you are flipping out, everything is annoying you, and your just ready to give up on everything! 

This is me by the way lol. I am very disorganized sadly. Sometimes you become that way depending on the people you surround yourself with or you just automatically that way. Never being prepared has cause me so much stress, because i’m always late to something, and I feel like I mess up so much. But now i am always working on it and trying to not let it get to me at much because it makes my anxiety worse. 

I started to use a planner and making to-do list to help me maintain a more prepared lifestyle.

Overall these small things helped with my mental health.



This is definitely one of my biggest problems. Everyday i’m always saying “what if” in my head. Why? I can’t explain but it’s mad annoying and became very stressful. If you suffer from anxiety i’m sure “what if” is a saying you definitely can relate to. It’s basically when imagining all of the bad things and everything that could go wrong right then and there, or later. 

“What if this happens” “What if i lose?” “What if i…….”

This type of thinking, took a lot of energy in my daily life. I remember just giving up sometimes. I always thought of the worst case scenarios sadly. Like throughout my day it was definitely a headache, I even started to get bad migraines. 

Now taking control of what i’m thinking has been the most helpful thing to do. I will bring myself back into present, and turn them thoughts into “I CAN”  more often, and it’s a blessing i even got to that point.



Sometimes it’s okay to say no. We try to commit ourselves to things we know we have no business doing. Saying yes to certain things can tie you down and make you feel obligated when in reality, your not.

Not saying no has left me burnt out, and under so much pressure. I overall i was just miserable at times because i knew deep down No is what i wanted to say from the start. Now i focus more and what i need to be done, and what is more important. 

So when i’m done putting me first, then i’ll see if i have enough time to actually help someone with what they asked me. Once you are cleared with knowing to say no you can really be more persistent at saying no so you don’t get overwhelmed again.


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I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

Do not become fear of your depression

So as you know i am a fighter of depression. I’ve been dealing with depression since I was 18 years and became a victim of crime. And to be all the way honest 2019 has been a pain in the ass and almost went back into a dark stage in my life. I’m sure it been that way for many others as well. And as authentic as i am, I always told myself i will continue to live in my truth. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since 2015, but let me tell you that i literally almost had one twice in 2019. Thank god i got a hang of coping with it so i can prevent myself from having an episode.

The struggle is definitely real… but fearing from it can become a problem, and actually make the problem worst.

Depression is very common now, but no one really took those who suffered from it serious. When i realized no one really supported me through this journey of suffering from mental health, I took the initiative to be strong and fight it on my own. I mean i am a big girl, so no one is too blame, but support sometimes is needed.

Don’t fear from depression…


Because it’s only temporary. Depression is a mental health disease that can definitely be cured organically. First it depends on what you are depressed about.

I have a list of things i have been depressed about.

  • Weight gained
  • Insecurities
  • Relationships

From gaining so much weight compared to my normal size, it took a toll on me. I miss being able to wear the things i like, and looking good in it. I realized that i’m taunting myself for gaining weight instead of just taking care of it. All i have to do is change my diet, and exercise. I was letting the motivation voice in my head telling me “What are you yapping about, just go work out!” lol…. Literally, it’s easier then we think. It’s all in the mind when we complain about something being too hard or too difficult. Especially having a significant other call you names and tease you, just pretty much mentally abuse you and steal all your confidence you had left.

Suffering from depression has been a problem as well. I didn’t motivate myself, never stayed consistent, didn’t acknowledge my beauty, always had negative things to say about the person I am. I really didn’t have any self-love at all. Why i felt that way? I can’t say, but i just knew i didn’t like who i seen in the mirror. I had to find myself, when i did, I began to love me more. I took time out to just focus on myself, and realized that i am the whole package no matter what anyone thinks.

Dealing with toxic relationships is definitely a big problem when it comes to depression. I’m not talking about just boyfriend & girlfriend, and husband & wife. Toxic relationships can be with friends and family members as well. Arguing, fighting, being in drama, and just losing your sanity because you been pushed to your breaking point with people can be the most worst thing ever to go through. I have been through it all until i finally gave up arguing with friends & family, rather i’m wrong or their wrong, I just suddenly knew that i’m done with it, and i will no longer engage into an argument. I had to choose myself first, and realize my happiness is more important.

I been through it all but i still manage to not be afraid of depression. I had to always keep in my mind that everything is going to be okay, and i will work on my issues. At the end all you really have is yourself. Look as if you are your only GO TO, and you want to survive through the pain. You can, you definitely can, so work for that happiness. Find the problem and then find the solution. Once you find the solution, SOLVE IT.

I hope this helped!

Have a great night/morning….. 🙂


Love, faith, & happiness!


ALERT 🚨! I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & shared my article!

5 Tips to heal your depression

Hey to all my blog buddies, new blog buddies, and new readers. I have had a hard time with battling depression/anxiety for a while now. And i definitely know that i am not alone when it comes to mental health. It’s so many other people that suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and it’s sad that a lot of us don’t get recognition as we should. I blog about my anxiety, but not as much as i should, because the simple fact i figured out how to cope with it better. My cope is blogging, mind exercises, self-care, and so much more. I turned my blog into a full lifestyle blog, so i can be more open to connect with others, and just tell it like it is. Now i feel that i need to continuously discuss mental health topics more, because i touch so many people that suffered like me, and not only that i get personal emails from people who actually open up to me about there mental health and want tips on what i do to keep me strong. So, lets get to it, I have 5 tips that can help heal your depression. 




First thing first, make life changes. I am not going to act as if i’m so perfect and i made so many changes in my life, but i can say i made enough changes that gained me enough faith to make it through out the day without being depressed. Change your health, If you didn’t know, eating unhealthy 24/7 isn’t good. Bad foods increase your stress level, mood swings, and also mess with your weight. We all know excessive weight gain & weight-loss also can put you through an depression. Now i am going to be honest with you, if you aren’t the healthiest like myself, at least take baby steps. I am not the healthiest, but i am working on it, which makes it even better that i am dominant & consistent with trying. Work out. If you aren’t into doing strict work outs, like lifting weights, hiking, or riding a bike. You can actually take a walk for 30 minutes a day. If you don’t want to walk, get on the treadmill for 30 minutes and walk 2.0 mph.



A lot of people who suffer from depression, do not have faith in themselves. That is a (true fact). We tend to fear in the society we live in, and not believe that we can succeed in life. That comes with being scared of failure. When you are depressed, you can’t take failure quite frankly. But, what we don’t realize, is that failure comes with life. We are going to fail at some point, and the only thing we can do is keep going. When you are always worried, then it’s hard to accept the fact we didn’t get our way with certain things or situations. You have to learn how to accept failure, and have faith that the next time or the time after that everything will fall into place.



I know when you are depressed it’s hard to move on to the next chapter in your life because we are always so stuck into the past and what’s current in our life. Sometimes you have to skip to the next chapter and move on to better things. In ordinary to even move forward in life, we have to be open to new things that are coming our way. it is way to much of us with talent, well-educated, & really wised. We tend to forget that though. Well guess what? DON’T. Don’t be afraid to move forward. Don’t lose out on what can be your next big deal, or your next big job that pays the price you always desired. Don’t be afraid to approach others that are in a much higher stage than you, they might be the next help to your solution or dream. Also being open to new ideas can help you stay focus on other things besides the problems you have behind closed doors.



It’s definitely time to refresh your life, meaning to let go of  bad spirits & toxic souls that are around you. In this era so many negative people bring negativity in your life that you begin to be negative to. NOT GOOD! Stop being afraid to let go of certain people that is no good. Not blaming others, because we do have a choice to choose how we are, but just by having someone who is just as negative or worst, can just make sh*t even more toxic. Did you know two toxic people or multiple toxic people together makes your life so much complicated. Drama, messy bs, he say/she say, lies, fighting, and so much other irrelevant non-sense. Who wants to keep dealing with that? NOT ME! and you shouldn’t neither.

You have to be authentic with yourself and know that misery loves company, so the more you entertain people bullsh*t, you will continue to be in something that isn’t even benefiting your life. Don’t be easily manipulated by others. Some people are naturally evil, and you have to understand that it is nothing you can do to change people. So what do you do about that? CUT THEM OFF!



Some people are so stuck in there a** that they don’t believe in seeking help. Accept the fact you have a PROBLEM. I DID. YOU CAN TO! Being in denial because you don’t want to look crazy or care about what other people think, will not help you get better at all. You will continue to keep living a lie. Stop living to please others, and live to please you. Self-care is important. So take care of your mental, your body, your soul. Seeking a COUNSELOR works. It’s better talking to someone, who completely knows nothing about you, and will tell you like it is 100%.

Lets be real. Think about it. How many times have you had episodes, because someone “made you mad” or that person or people “sound dumb”, so you just completely went off and throw super massive temper tantrums. If you are the one always “going off and have super bad temperament issues”, i’m sorry you are the PROBLEM. Not 10 people are all just dumb, and you are the brilliant one here, but the main aggressive one that is cussing everyone out.

I had to learn the hard way. I thought about my actions, and really sat in watch certain ways how i react to certain situations. I don’t much throw temper tantrums, but i admit that i have flaws that i definitely needed to work on and still do. I have more problems (Internal then out). I have had debates & arguments no need to front, but not with so many people because i stay to myself a lot. I’m not innocent one bit. I am pretty much open to be honest about my lifestyle.

I can actually open up and admit to the world, I have seek counseling, and also do my own therapy now. I still have some work to do, but the best thing is that i took the initiative to work on myself. I put me FIRST. When you know deep down you have a problem, sometimes you can’t get rid of that problem on your own. It’s okay to admit to it. But, you have to stop living a lie, and live in your truth. You know sometimes is wrong every time you burst out into tears, or you have black outs. You just like to blame others for that problem. People aren’t going to change for you, no matter what you dislike about them, and honestly you have to really sit in think (Who am i to tell someone about themselves), as humans we tend to forget that we have issues we need to work out before judging the next person on the side of us. So you have to understand and realize that no one can’t really make you lash out but yourself. GET HELP. Take your mental health serious, because a lot of people don’t and sometimes situations turn out to a bad outcome. Life is precious, take it serious and be honest with your issues and willing to change them.


I hope that these tips are helpful, if they are shoot me an email or DM me on my social media, Lets chat about it! Life is tough & sometimes we need an extra ear to hear us out! 


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The struggles i been through over time

Hello you guys! Today I wrote this blog because I decided to be a little more expressive about my life, and be more open to all my readers :). I wanted to talk about how my life been up and down The past couple years. So let’s see, not just 2018, the past couple years has been a tough journey. I can’t even put on an act as if i am the happiest woman alive because i admit i am not. The struggles, the stress, the pain, depression, anxiety, loses, going broke, struggling, in debt, weight gain, and i can go on.

At first i didn’t believe in failure, and i definitely wasn’t a firm believer. I was the type of person that always thought negative and didn’t believe in happiness. I was angry, i was bitter, i was miserable, and i didn’t want to believe in myself. I’m not sure if it was relationship problems, family problems, or the people i associate and be around that made me such a wreck but i do know that life itself put you through multiple challenges. We are getting challenged everyday, but i failed to realize that. I felt that everything was suppose to be right at all times, and if it wasn’t right and i fail, i would be hurt. But that’s not how it suppose to go or how it suppose to be. Of course i knew that, but like i said i wasn’t a believer. I should of trusted the process i have worked so hard to get through.

As the year start moving so fast, i started to question myself on my actions.

“Why am angry?” “Am i going to continue to live this way?” “Why am i still stuck in the past?” “Why am i in this dark hole?”

Then i began to start expressive writing again. When i say expressive writing, i pretty much mean i’m expressing myself by writing it out. When i write out my problems and my issues it use to always make me feel better, so i decided to do it again. Did it work? Yes indeed, may not be 100% that it worked all the way but i can truly say that at that time writing helped me be a much positive thinker and believer about 80% of the time.

So, i slowed down blogging for a really good reason, I STUDIED BLOGGING. For two months straight i did my research on blogging. I got all the details, learned about different topics, got ideas on having a niche from other bloggers, read up on a lot of “how to’s”, bought books and guides on blogging, and so much more. When i started back blogging i decided to spice my blog life up a little better. I made a really good article that had over 8,000 views, man i was thrilled. From there, i just kept writing good blogs, and began to start receiving a lot of emails from my readers and companies. So now that i had my blogging down pack, something was still off. I had no SUPPORT. Yes, no support at all. No one reached out to me and asked if i wanted them to share any of my blogs, and also never got a quick question on what i blog about, it was like no one showed me no kind of support or interest.

Far as me blogging, 8 months ago my blogs were “OK”, but now i grew so much as a blogger/writer it makes me want to cry. I remember i couldn’t get not 1 view, now i am getting more views, and getting noticed by more people. That has been a blessing, and i still have a long way to go, and still need a lot more people to visit me. It was times i would publish blogs once a month because i started losing faith in my writing as well, I started to feel that maybe writing was just best being private no matter how much i enjoy it. It takes hard work in dedication to stay positive in your line of interest, and me? i was losing interest.

“Sometimes I feel free, sometimes I feel trapped, sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I feel wrapped, but as the day go by I still realized that I am blessed and now I know that. All the pain I have endured, and all the sick/lost nights, I still fight to be the best woman I never thought I can be. Belief is what is important. Trust your instincts and don’t act on them just move forward, and I did.”-SeqouiaB

I can’t use the saying “When i smile i cover up my pain”, i actually showed my pain. I use to always be frowned up you can see the pain in my face. I was a very angry person, and i am definitely glad that i am becoming strong enough to focus on my happiness, and work on “ME”. I can say today at this moment, I am in a happier place then ever. I still have my moments, but i am doing much better with coping with my personal issues, and not showing them when i am going through things.

I just want to let everyone know if you are going through any kind of issues, it’s going to be fine. Find something you enjoy doing and that makes you happy. Sometimes we need to just block out our problems and do something that keeps your mind on a much positive level. Don’t let nothing interfere in nothing positive you are trying to do for yourself. Find your self love, work on your energy you bring around others, accept your past, and know that CHANGE is possible and BELIEVE in it!

I definitely recommend, expressive writing to any of my readers who suffer from any kind of pain, and mental health. Writing cures the mind, body, and soul, and make you feel so much better. Sometimes venting by writing is much better than venting to people, because you never know who might judge you or say any negative feedback. Express through writing, and later down the line you can see the change in your mental health, and how much better you have got from stressing and being happy.

Anyways my loves, wrapping this blog up. Enjoyed this blog? more expressive writing is coming. Hope all is well….. Please contact me for any concerns. Follow me on my social media which you can find on my page.

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