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My life everyday began to transform into something so peaceful & beautiful than I couldn’t even envisioned. I realize that running from freedom can ruin so much, and since then I gave up on running.

With help of doing my own self-care rituals, I began to feel safe & connected with myself. I discovered the life-changing miracles that lives inside each & every visible emotions. I taught myself it’s okay to feel things. Feelings exist for a reason right? It can torture us mentally, it can cause us to have sleepless nights. But remember it’s feelings.

Sadness & fear was the first thing that was worrisome for me.

I spent so many years numbing the pain I endured from sadness & fear by going out for drinks a lot, sleeping all day, not doing my daily routines, giving up on being fit, eating unhealthy, being sluggish, the list is endless truthfully. I was afraid of the person I was seeing in the mirror. And that’s when the light bulb clicked in my head.

I wasn’t the person I was really seeing. It was all just a blur. Something so easy to snap out of. Remember I said in one of my articles how are minds plays tricks on us. And it does, literally. We control our own emotions.

As I began to work on these issues…

I started to be more open with myself & too others. I had to stop fearing what people would think of me, and how would they visioned me. I began to discover why sadness had been bottling up inside of my heart for all these years. From the tragedy that transpired in my life, from the heartaches I suffered from, I let go.

I surrender my soul to freedom. I wanted to forgive myself. And I did exactly just that by finding my love for writing. I was born to create. To write. To heal. And to connect with others through art. I’m so happy I am blessed with this gift. Part of what my pain was trying to tell me was, you need to live a creative life.

P.S. I don’t promote my blogs to anyone I know. No one knows that I have helped & healed so many people, and loved by complete strangers. I keep it discreet for my own mental health. Not everyone is clapping for you, but I didn’t let that stop me from becoming a healer.

Okay back to the main purpose:

I stopped allowing society to have an opinion for me. Our culture is the reason of me becoming my own self-medication.

We all are collectively fearful of becoming uncomfortable & being judged. And experiencing the obstacles I’ve been through. I stopped allowing people in my own inner circle. Because my mentality was different. When it comes to my own critical thinking, I knew I didn’t click with everyone. And I knew that the things I’ve been through only I can heal myself, not others. People opinions started to not matter to me anymore. My medication was me becoming rebellious. I move accordingly and when I feel it’s right for me. I set my own rules, although I know how to take criticism and know when to take accountability. Being this way has only made me stronger.

I also learned that being uncomfortable can wan growth. Your growing. It means your life is opening up to expand more. Your heading to another side in your life. A side that will make you glow more, be more vibrant, and of course much happier. Embrace your feelings don’t just feel them.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

I really hope you enjoyed this blog. I really put my all into opening up and expressing my past & present lifestyle. It’s so important to share my story, because you never know who else out there that can relate and you can inspire.

XoXo -Seqouia

12 Lifestyle habits to stay happy and healthy

Happy Thursday everyone. Today is a new beginning. Making better habits to stay healthy & happy is great for your mental health. I am not 100% healthy, but i am working towards it even when i slip up time to time. I always practice ways to nourish my mind, body, & soul, so i can feel relaxed and confident. We are heading to 2021 and instead of waiting until the new year lets make some new changes starting now. The more you work at this, the more you develop new skills & learn new rituals that will improve your well-being daily.

  1. Figure out what bothers you about you, and forgive yourself.
  2. Enjoy outdoors (if you don’t already).
  3. Listen to your body & put positive thoughts into your mind.
  4. Take a break from all social media accounts
  5. Make self-care a priority
  6. Daily exercises at least 20 minutes.
  7. Stop waiting for certain moments to make lifestyle changes.
  8. Drink smoothies.
  9. Eat real food more often.
  10. Do things you love to do.
  11. Recharge yourself mentally & physically every night by going to sleep at a decent hour. (Make it a routine)
  12. Stay balanced.

I hope these ideas helped. Please share if it helped you out :).