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6 ways to overcome my fear

Fear is something that will hold you back from a lot. But all of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives, & sadly to say it’s people that still do today. Fear can you stop you from leveling up, growth, and being successful.

Do not let fear hold you back forever. Because there are several ways to overcome fear, here are my top 6:

1. Speak positivity to your inner-self: It takes little of nothing to speak positive things on a regular. Turn your cheerful moments into a normal thing for you. Remind yourself everyday that you are worthy.

2. Be confident: Confidence plays a big part in us conquering our fears. Confidence will get you that job! Confidence will get you that business! Make sure you read my other blog about confidence ⤵️:


3. Practice journaling your thoughts: I always encourage people to write in a journal, because journaling about your problems or whatever is bothering you really can help shift the mind into more on the positive side and can lead to you overcoming your fears. Also, writing relieve whatever you had bottled up inside. Now you’re feeling signs of relief.

4. Don’t try to be perfect: Most people try to perfect things or be in competition and that isn’t needed. Definitely doesn’t make anything better because in life we are going to make mistakes, I had to plant that in my head. Because at a point of time, this was my mentality. But after a while I had to understand that taking my time & paying attention will get me way further.

5. Stop living in the past & live in reality: I can admit I definitely was a victim of living in the past. It use to be so hard to let things go that you wouldn’t even agree to today. We have a slick way of using our past as an excuse for everything. And at this big age, we should know more than better. Don’t let what happened in the past out fear in you to not want to love forward and deal with reality.

6. Identify it: You have to be honest with yourself every time you’re afraid. If you don’t admit to your fears, look for the points in your life where you’re afraid, and see them as opportunities to learn to deal with fear. And see how things get more easier for you.

Please keep that in mind that these are just my experiences from the past. I’m not sure if these will help in any kind of way, which I hope it should. But this is a place to start. And here on & out don’t let fear hold you back from reaching your goals and your becoming you highest self this year!

Xoxoxo –SeqouiaB🤎

The understanding truth of artist Cy Twombly

I decided to write ✍️ a blog about Cy Twombly because i was working at an art gallery, and his paintings were present. Remind you, i absolutely love art. So, if you didn’t know Cy Twombly is known for his signature scribbles, spontaneous & bold canvases.

So when i first seen his paintings, of course i said probably what so many others said. My kid could’ve drew or painted that.

But it wasn’t no need to compare this man art to children. Cy Twombly paintings were like poetry to our eyes without writing. He has hidden messages of different emotions, giving light & dark energy. Cy Twombly is an master piece because his paintings are unique & definitely wasn’t common. He proved that you don’t have to perfect your paintings & to just be free. Looking at his paintings at https://gagosian.com Art Gallery, really was a eye opener to show me that being creative can be in so many different ways.

Thank you Cy Twombly for inspiring me to paint 🎨, & to put my imagination + creativity to work.

I’m going to leave this here, but if you want to learn more about this great artist please look him up. ➡️ Cy Tombly

Check out more of his art 😊⤵️:

When i was giving up, something stopped me……

Hey everyone one. Let me reintroduced myself. My name is Seqouia. I am a mother of 1 to a beautiful girl. I’ve been blogging for about 4 years, and still going to continue my journey doing what i love. Blogging has been such a peaceful & healing help for my aura. I first started this blog when i was going through a mental health crisis. I use to write in a diary because it use to help me cope with my problems. But one night i was up late, and i came across a young woman who started a blog specifically because of the same reasoning of why i did. It inspired me. So i did my research on blogging and seen that it’s so many other people who blogs about there lifestyle and share their stories all the time. I finally realize that i was never alone with my paranoia & anxiety that i was dealing with. I then started learning the concept of blogging, & what are the tools i needed to learn so i can become successful at it. I learned the tools, but didn’t really push myself like i should’ve. I watched so many videos, been up long nights listening to podcast, taking down notes etc. I began too lose patience. I began to lose hope in my creativity. I began to just give up on all the hard work i’ve done to even write a blog. I didn’t feel like i was going to ever get more then 20 likes, or comments, or any kind of attention too my blog. And it bothered me so much. So then i started to wonder that the things i’ve written may can bore people or just simply not be good enough. I just couldn’t pin 📌 point it because I knew in my heart, I was good at what i do. & The things i written bout was definitely motivating, knowledgeable, & lastly uplifting. I had to realize that putting myself down will not do anything to help me get my blog the attention it deserves.

So let’s fast forward. At first, I had made a decision to just give up on blogging. But something stopped me. I got this feeling that i shouldn’t give up, & that i should continue my journey because i have a chance on building my blog & finally getting the attention it deserves. So i kept it. And of course i haven’t been as consistent with my blog, but for someone who doesn’t really get the attention on here i still decided to keep pushing myself.

The moral of the story is, don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t lose yourself by putting your own self down because things aren’t going the way you want it to right then & there. We are all creative humans, that have so many chances & nothing but time in our life to shine. Keep patient. be positive. Believe in your positivity. Don’t lose hope. Because i’m not!

If your seeing this, I really would like if you would support me by liking this blog ❤️. It’s very much appreciated.


Never say you can’t, you can!

You can and you will. Never say you can’t, never give up on doing what you want. Manifest those thoughts & turn them into reality. Yes, with the world we live in today because of the negative environment we have around us or in our ear it can definitely be challenging. But your not suppose to see nobody but you. No matter how selfish it sounds, no matter how difficult things can get, you are in control. Find what makes you, you. Find that creative side that will balance out all the struggles you have encountered on your way to the top. You really can do this, you really can be whoever you want. Never forget that. Never lose hope. If no one has your side, look in the mirror and see who does….


freedom | forgiveness | self expression

My life everyday began to transform into something so peaceful & beautiful than I couldn’t even envisioned. I realize that running from freedom can ruin so much, and since then I gave up on running.

With help of doing my own self-care rituals, I began to feel safe & connected with myself. I discovered the life-changing miracles that lives inside each & every visible emotions. I taught myself it’s okay to feel things. Feelings exist for a reason right? It can torture us mentally, it can cause us to have sleepless nights. But remember it’s feelings.

Sadness & fear was the first thing that was worrisome for me.

I spent so many years numbing the pain I endured from sadness & fear by going out for drinks a lot, sleeping all day, not doing my daily routines, giving up on being fit, eating unhealthy, being sluggish, the list is endless truthfully. I was afraid of the person I was seeing in the mirror. And that’s when the light bulb clicked in my head.

I wasn’t the person I was really seeing. It was all just a blur. Something so easy to snap out of. Remember I said in one of my articles how are minds plays tricks on us. And it does, literally. We control our own emotions.

As I began to work on these issues…

I started to be more open with myself & too others. I had to stop fearing what people would think of me, and how would they visioned me. I began to discover why sadness had been bottling up inside of my heart for all these years. From the tragedy that transpired in my life, from the heartaches I suffered from, I let go.

I surrender my soul to freedom. I wanted to forgive myself. And I did exactly just that by finding my love for writing. I was born to create. To write. To heal. And to connect with others through art. I’m so happy I am blessed with this gift. Part of what my pain was trying to tell me was, you need to live a creative life.

P.S. I don’t promote my blogs to anyone I know. No one knows that I have helped & healed so many people, and loved by complete strangers. I keep it discreet for my own mental health. Not everyone is clapping for you, but I didn’t let that stop me from becoming a healer.

Okay back to the main purpose:

I stopped allowing society to have an opinion for me. Our culture is the reason of me becoming my own self-medication.

We all are collectively fearful of becoming uncomfortable & being judged. And experiencing the obstacles I’ve been through. I stopped allowing people in my own inner circle. Because my mentality was different. When it comes to my own critical thinking, I knew I didn’t click with everyone. And I knew that the things I’ve been through only I can heal myself, not others. People opinions started to not matter to me anymore. My medication was me becoming rebellious. I move accordingly and when I feel it’s right for me. I set my own rules, although I know how to take criticism and know when to take accountability. Being this way has only made me stronger.

I also learned that being uncomfortable can wan growth. Your growing. It means your life is opening up to expand more. Your heading to another side in your life. A side that will make you glow more, be more vibrant, and of course much happier. Embrace your feelings don’t just feel them.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

I really hope you enjoyed this blog. I really put my all into opening up and expressing my past & present lifestyle. It’s so important to share my story, because you never know who else out there that can relate and you can inspire.

XoXo -Seqouia

A motivational message for you ✨🤎

Hello, Thanks for visiting Her open diary. Hope you all have a good day/night from my side of the world.

I wanted to spread out some inspiration & motivation to those who are lacking due to being depressed, feeling uninspired, or just losing hope. I’ve been down that road plenty of times, so your definitely not alone. I tried so many things to help me move forward in life, and I can tell you now I made it harder on myself then anything. 

I hope that, this message I am sending out can inspire you, or help keep you going. So sorry to my blogger friends & supporters for being so inconsistent with my blogs, just been extremely busy. 


But let’s get into this inspo ….

Have you ever had those days where you felt uninspired? unproductive? You lose your ambition to get up and strive. You’re at home in the dark, while phone is on (do not disturb) because you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone. Having that feeling that the world is completely failing you so you repetively say negative things to yourself. Well I definitely been in that dark space. I can admit, it seems so tough to come out, but what we fail to realize is that it’s a mind thing. 

The same energy we use to do completely nothing, is the same energy we can use to get up and do something. Our life comes with different stages of obstacles, pretty much like a series. So you have to play your life out how you want to. Giving up is not an option. Giving up is holding you back from succeeding and becoming the person you always dreamed to be. 

Today, let’s start off by not making up anymore excuses! Believe in yourself, take charge of your craft, get into your creativity, and try using some of your days inspiring others. You never know who might need to hear something positive. 

Find peace in your life even if it’s becoming selfish. Becoming selfish has really kept me leveled. Now what I mean by selfish, is focusing on you more. Be stingy with your time, stop going out your will to please other people when you haven’t even pleased yourself. Self-care is important. Self-love is important. Be mindful to others, but always remember that it’s people that don’t want to see you win, most of the time it’s because they don’t want you to be ahead of them.

Once you begin to think positive, and remove bad energy out your life. You will see a big difference. You will see instant changes, but good ones. Believe & acknowledged anytime you elevate. Noticing changes in your life will only keep you motivated. 

Thanks for reading, hope this inspires you! ♥️

3 Ways I calm my anxiety

If you personally know me, or have read my blogs in the past. Then you definitely know my history of having anxiety. First I was very discreet when it came to having anxiety. Why? I have no clue! But once I noticed that suffering from anxiety was basically the new “norm” because it’s so many others who suffer from it to. I became more comfortable with sharing my issues. I also had to realize that stress plays a big part of anxiety. Learning to identify what anxiety actually is, was very helpful for me.

Here are some things I love to do to help ease my mind or return to a sense of calm:

1. The most important thing to do when I am having a bad day or just feeling anxiety is to literally say in my mind or to silently to myself “This is totally normal. It is absolutely fine for me to be feeling this way or having these feelings. I just need to be light on myself today.” It is normal for emotions to flow naturally and embracing this makes you feel so good. Allowing yourself to feel it all and having empathy for yourself will get you through…

2. When I wake up and can tell right away that I am feeling anxious I will usually rearrange my day to be a tad bit more slow paced then usual. If I have anything important to do I try rescheduling for another day. Usually when I put everything on pause it instantly makes me feel more calm. And me being this way when it comes to not being able to make it somewhere due to personal issues makes me more understanding when someone has to cancel plans or reschedule on me, especially knowing it might make their day feel a lot easier.

3. Doing my hobbies before bed has been amazing and relaxing for my mind. I’m an big over thinker and at night my mind races with situations I’ve been through or wondering what others are thinking. Getting all cozy, making my kid’s snacks, reading a book, listening to a relaxing podcast, bullet journal, looking up business ideas, anything! It is so mindless and I have been able to have such fulfilling nights which leads to better sleep for me.

These are the three things that keeps me calm when my anxiety is kicking in…. What keeps you calm? Let me know I would love to hear yours!

See you soon on the next blog

XoXo The Fobem 🍃

Change your mindset, and you will win

All my life I have always been an over thinker. I also even jumped into the negative side as well at some point in my life. I didn’t really have faith or believe in myself like I should’ve. Which makes a lot of since why today I go hard for myself more than anyone. I never used my past on the reason why I can’t make changes, and for that particular reason, I believe that’s the whole point of why I am now so strong. Building confidence takes time when you never really had it, so I always paced myself and knew that some day I will get there and be just as confident and brave like others. Especially being a person whom always fed into negativity.

So my message to whoever that is reading this. I want you to know, no matter what you go through in life, you will get through it. Some people battles might be a little more challenging but you can still get through it. It all starts off with the mind first. Remember our minds control everything about us, we think about everything before we even do it.

Everyday you wake up, you should be thinking positive. When you go to sleep you should be thinking positive. Any company around you, should be positive. You should make sure your aura at all times is at peace. Peace plays a big part as well in our daily lives. As long as you know who you are, and what you need to work on as a person, a mom, a father, a friend, a lover, that’s what matters. You acknowledging your flaws and knowing that it’s things you will work on to become a better version of yourself.

You got this.. You will win… You will be happier.. You will be stronger… You will be dedicated…

Don’t be afraid of change, because change is definitely not afraid of you. As humans we are designed to go through things and to figure ourselves out. Sometimes we have to find ourselves the hard way and it’s totally ok. Be patient and protect your mind, body, & soul, while you are transitioning to a new person, with new goals, and new manifestations.

1. Restart

2. Refresh

3. Renew

Once again. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Thanks all, have a good day/night from my side of earth!

A couple gifts i discovered i had

Hey everyone!! Welcome to The Fobem Blog if your new. I hope your day/night is going well. Sending out love & healing from my side of the world.

So I have discovered gifts about myself. And it’s honestly crazy because i kind of noticed little things about me, but i never really got into my own spirituality until last year during Covid. With this gift i noticed that i am very Intuitive, and that allows me to read people before they even open up there mouth. It’s scary sometimes, because normally what i predict about that person it always becomes true. That right there would always leave me lost for words, because it’s like wow girl how did you even figure this person out?! Also, i’m like a energy detector. Someone can walk in the room, and it’s like whether the energy is good or bad, I soak it in and i can feel it strongly. If it’s bad, I will more than likely be quiet and not say too many words. One thing about me, if I don’t like your vibe or feel like your not good energy i will not fake it at all. My silence pretty much will sum up everything. If i love your energy, you get the best out of me.

I can truly say it’s a blessing to be able to be intuitive, because it’s protecting myself, and sparing my feelings. Even with dating, I can tell if someone is being genuine or they are completely no good for my soul. So yes, being intuitive is definitely a gift. And i am more than certain it’s others out there with the same gift as me.

Okay, now with this gift i realized a lot of people love venting to me. And when they vent to me, it’s like i already knew how a situation they were in was going to turn out or i was semi close to knowing. How? I don’t have an idea. So it’s like i instantly connect with them, and i give them really good advice. I noticed that the advice i give is always valid, and I make people feel really secure and i love it. Healing those, who needs to be healed always makes me rewind back to me crying out for help and wishing people could’ve done the same for me, or maybe i just didn’t connect to people like how they connected with me i’m not sure. But these two gifts i’ve noticed i have, is changing a lot about myself. All though i might step back into my ways but suddenly i been more on the positive side then anything. And positive is always good.

That is all, felt like sharing this because it’s important to me. And whom ever reads my blogs are also important to me. So sharing this definitely made me feel so much more relieved. If you have a gift please share it, I would love to see some of you’ll gifts you discovered. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if your making things up or it’s not true, only you know the real and know what goes on within yourself. But anyways, see you soon on the next blog!


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4 Ways you can start practicing habits of choosing self-love

Now days self-love has been mentioned a lot more. But let’s admit that learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life. While it’s also important to love yourself, we tend to find that area of self-love a mental block. When you practice self-love, we cultivate a healthy personal bond with ourselves and become our own bestfriend.

Here are 4ways you can start practicing habits of choosing self-love:


When was the last time have you acknowledged your strengths? When was was the last time have you looked at yourself in the mirror and said things you like about yourself? Make a list of those things, write it down, read it daily until it permanently sticks to your brain. Treat this list like it’s your own personal daily reminder.


What are your needs? Write down a list of your needs and take action. Sometimes we are quick to help others with there needs and not put ours first. It’s ok, you just have a heart of gold. But it’s ok to take time out for yourself and start telling people no.


Remember confidence is key. You tearing yourself down is what’s stopping you from prospering. Have confidence in yourself in every aspect. Let’s work on loving the thought of who you are because no matter what there is no one in this world like you and that’s what makes you unique.


When learning to love ourselves we focus plenty of time and attention on our bodies. And how we feel inside our bodies affects how we feel outside of our bodies. You definitely want your body to feel loved and not disconnected. So it’s very important that part of your self-love routine you do things that make you feel great internally.

25 spiritual affirmations for personal growth & healing

Hello :)! Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Need a good ole spiritual uplift? These spiritual affirmations help support you in acknowledging your true divine self. When exhaling these affirmations into your daily spiritual practice, they help you develop your skills in staying in tune with your spirituality soul. Affirmations also help you replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. As you continuously work with them, they help change your thinking & understanding which is something we all need.

1. Now is the time for my good.

2. I excel at the perfect living of Life.

3. I put my life in the hands of Infinite Love and Divine Wisdom.

4. I see nothing but me.

5. I am now surrounded by the divine, embraced and cherished, nurtured and protected.

6. I am perfectly blessed and I am a perfect blessing for the world.

7. I trust and respect my body’s wisdom.

8. I put myself, my health, and healing above everything. I strive to live a good life.

9. I am in charge of my pain and understand the needs of my body.

10. Happiness is the music of my body.

11. I am filled with positive energy.

12. I am accepting and know how to take care of myself.

13. I have opened my heart to love again.

14. Love is my priority, not hate.

15. No matter how hard life gets, I’m going to still prosper.

16. My choice is to happy.

17. I breathe in peaceful energy, I breathe out unwanted energy.

18. I voice my truth.

19. I voice my intuitions.

20. I have a purpose, so I need to fulfill it.

21. I was created to be uniquely and I see it every day.

22. I love everything who made me who I am today.

23. My soul is cheerful.

24. I am gifted to heal others.

25. I am gifted with the universes love, strength, & wholeness.

Simple Facts

In this world of pain, stress, and tensions the power of healing is unmatched. We as humans deal with so much on our universe. We encounter situations when our emotions, anxiety, & curiosity fill our minds. To receive that inner peace through those challenges, using healing statements is definitely the main importance that can help. Utilizing these affirmations to pin point our self conscious minds, is to act on by experiencing the peace that we need in our lives.


How to practice mindful productivity

“You can do so much at once, but focusing on multiple things at once will not be effective.”


I’m sure you have lost focus on doing more than one task at once to the point where you find yourself not getting much done as you expected. Especially for those who are easily distracted.

Practicing mindful productivity means challenging your own self-knowledge to find the best out yourself.

To be mindfully productive means to focus on one task, and focusing on one task makes things less complicated. It’s times we be all over the place, so pace yourself and focus on just one. And remember this is just a simple practice so you will not change over night!

So let’s make a habit of practicing mindful productivity, here’s a few things you can do:

Listen to yourself

Stick with your intuition and take a break if you need one.$!

•Take baby steps

Don’t beat yourself down because you aren’t getting done in a timely manner. Your not perfect, no one is. Trying to become a perfectionist is going to interfere your productivity.

Work accordingly

Timing is definitely everything. Work at your natural rhythm and go with the flow.

Establish priorities

Have a list that contains all tasks in one.

Write a to-do-list

Break it down and be specific so you can be able to analyze your task.

Quit multitasking

Slow your roll, and stop doing more than one thing at once.

Let’s start living in the moment try to intentionally bring discerning attention to everything you create & do. Treat yourself & accept who you are! All these things I listed does help with mindful productivity. It’s all about positive energy and knowing what’s best for you.

Hope this helps 💛…

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I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on moving forward. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took their time out to read & observe. Thanks!