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Do not become fear of your depression

So as you know i am a fighter of depression. I’ve been dealing with depression since I was 18 years and became a victim of crime. And to be all the way honest 2019 has been a pain in the ass and almost went back into a dark stage in my life. I’m sure it been that way for many others as well. And as authentic as i am, I always told myself i will continue to live in my truth. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since 2015, but let me tell you that i literally almost had one twice in 2019. Thank god i got a hang of coping with it so i can prevent myself from having an episode.

The struggle is definitely real… but fearing from it can become a problem, and actually make the problem worst.

Depression is very common now, but no one really took those who suffered from it serious. When i realized no one really supported me through this journey of suffering from mental health, I took the initiative to be strong and fight it on my own. I mean i am a big girl, so no one is too blame, but support sometimes is needed.

Don’t fear from depression…


Because it’s only temporary. Depression is a mental health disease that can definitely be cured organically. First it depends on what you are depressed about.

I have a list of things i have been depressed about.

  • Weight gained
  • Insecurities
  • Relationships

From gaining so much weight compared to my normal size, it took a toll on me. I miss being able to wear the things i like, and looking good in it. I realized that i’m taunting myself for gaining weight instead of just taking care of it. All i have to do is change my diet, and exercise. I was letting the motivation voice in my head telling me “What are you yapping about, just go work out!” lol…. Literally, it’s easier then we think. It’s all in the mind when we complain about something being too hard or too difficult. Especially having a significant other call you names and tease you, just pretty much mentally abuse you and steal all your confidence you had left.

Suffering from depression has been a problem as well. I didn’t motivate myself, never stayed consistent, didn’t acknowledge my beauty, always had negative things to say about the person I am. I really didn’t have any self-love at all. Why i felt that way? I can’t say, but i just knew i didn’t like who i seen in the mirror. I had to find myself, when i did, I began to love me more. I took time out to just focus on myself, and realized that i am the whole package no matter what anyone thinks.

Dealing with toxic relationships is definitely a big problem when it comes to depression. I’m not talking about just boyfriend & girlfriend, and husband & wife. Toxic relationships can be with friends and family members as well. Arguing, fighting, being in drama, and just losing your sanity because you been pushed to your breaking point with people can be the most worst thing ever to go through. I have been through it all until i finally gave up arguing with friends & family, rather i’m wrong or their wrong, I just suddenly knew that i’m done with it, and i will no longer engage into an argument. I had to choose myself first, and realize my happiness is more important.

I been through it all but i still manage to not be afraid of depression. I had to always keep in my mind that everything is going to be okay, and i will work on my issues. At the end all you really have is yourself. Look as if you are your only GO TO, and you want to survive through the pain. You can, you definitely can, so work for that happiness. Find the problem and then find the solution. Once you find the solution, SOLVE IT.

I hope this helped!

Have a great night/morning….. 🙂


Love, faith, & happiness!


ALERT 🚨! I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & shared my article!

Self-Care Ideas for when you are having a bad day

Self-care will and always will be one of my favorite topics. Taking care of yourself mentally & physically is so important. Sometimes we skip over making our selves complete. So many of us forget about caring for ourselves and that is okay and can easily be changed. We just have to choose our well-being first, and everything else comes last. So I have compiled a list of different self-care things you can do for when you are having a bad day, or to add to your daily self-care routine! I put each topic in different categories so it can be easier for you to choose which ones suits you the best.



             RELAX TIME

  1. Exit out social media
  2. Go to the spa
  3. Hit the movies by your lonely
  4. Do some meditation (Go on You Tube)
  5. Just sit and breathe for 10 mins



  1. Use Journal Prompts for an easy start
  2. Write 20 things you love about yourself
  3. Write 20 things that motivate you
  4. Brain dump to clear your cloudy mind
  5. Write down your negative thoughts, cross them out and replace them with positive thoughts.
  6. Track your mood swings so you can notice certain things that changes your mood




  1. Listen to inspirational podcast
  2. Hang out with someone who inspires you
  3. Create a vision board
  4. Read an inspiring book
  5. Write inspirational messages to your self on sticky notes and post them around to remind you




  1. Use a planner to plan out your busy week ahead
  2. Organize your home including office space
  3. Change your timing for the better
  4. Prep meals
  5. Exercise in the am before you take care of business
  6. Create a to-do-list
  7. Try learning something new



  1. Diy some home projects or designs for your home
  2. Paint something
  3. Try making your own recipe
  4. Write a short story
  5. Try creating something you never thought of or always wanted to try making





          Hope these are helpful & straight forward :).

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How to Manage your Anxiety


    Having anxiety is the most terrifying thing to go through, especially when you are alone. A lot of people don’t know how to cope or manage with the symptoms that comes with this mental health issue. Everyone either reacts the same or a little different with there anxiety but at the end of the day it’s still a disorder that anyone can get at any given time. There are so many ways to manage your anxiety. Here i listed a few tips that might can just help.


       Figure out things that will keep your mind occupied. Be the things that keep you at ease. Focus on self-care and taking care of  YOU in all ways you can. Learn to take and do things more slowly, and try not to be such in a rush through your life too much. 



           Create a satisfying routine. Anxiety thrives a persistent worry and fear about your everyday lifestyle. I figured out that coming up with a helpful routine helps eliminate a lot of worry & thoughts. 



  Do not be afraid to discuss your issues dealing with anxiety. A lot of people experience it more than what others think, and suffer from it on different levels. Find some one that will be able to help you justify this issue. Help break the problem so you can be able to help others.


        Practice Coping Skills:

Figure out ways you can cope with this mental health issues. What helps you from having episodes? Breathing techniques. Taking a walk. Meditation. Yoga. It’s so many things you can do. Figure it out, and stick to it because once you are able to cope with anxiety, then it will be easier for you to start living a more normal lifestyle, without being in fear on what’s going to happen.


        Weekly Schedule:

Try scheduling your week ahead of time. But, make sure you stick to it. Switching up will only makes things worse. When something is triggering you to have anxiety sometimes it can be because your nervous, anxious, worried, tired, and you are just confused and furious on what your week look like. So, on that note creating a schedule will help plan things out better for you.