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Oh she’s a mommy too?

Hi to all the mommies, you see the title right?!


Yup! Damn right! I am a mommy as well. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter who drives me bananas but I love her with everything in me. She keeps me going, she keeps me sane, she is the reason of everything I have accomplished. Being a mother is a blessing and I will always take that into advantage. Your kids are your life savers. Some parents including myself, probably didn’t even see there selves as parents because the lifestyle they lived.

Meet RA’ZIYA but she prefer to be called Princess Ziya 👸🏽🙄💕


Okay, so i can admit, I’m guilty. I was always the one screaming out “I ain’t NEVER having kids”, welp! It came true! One thing about me I am 100% honest on my blogs! So don’t take it personal lol. Now I love kids, do I want more? Yessss!… I want all the babies…. ok, not really but I do want more kids eventually. I’m 27, so these eggs is still healthy and ready to cook!


My daughter started her first day of kindergarten last month, and I am so stoked about it. At first “like all parents” I was a little nervous though because elementary is way different from preschool, and I worried myself about a few things. She’s actually going to school with kids her age and older now. I didn’t want her to be bullied or mistreated, or even be lonely with no friends. Yes I’m probably over the top, but that’s how mommies are right? We are always going to be over the top.


So, as my daughter grow I see talent in her like a lot. She has so much personality 😩 and I am like damn what to do?

I been looking up different talent and model agencies, and I didn’t want to be the parent to force things on her so I asked how she feel about modeling and acting. Of course she’s all for it! The best thing about this is she’s already sassy, love being in front of the camera, and love acting at home! I also told her that some people might not accept her so she can’t get sad, or feel like no one likes her. I feel we as parents should teach our kids to accept failure and that we can’t win everything and also can’t get everything we want.


Being able to see the smile on your kids face, and watching them be successful at a young age is such a blessing. Just listening to the funny things your kids say, or them telling you what they want to be when they grow older, it’s like where did you come from? Lol these, kids are beyond smart, like smarter than we can imagine.


Isn’t she a beauty? 💕😍


Well, I’m wrapping this blog up mommies! I would definitely love to meet other mommies! And also meet other mommies that can relate to this blog 😊!


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