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5 Toxic habits to give up in the morning

Honestly I suffer from insomnia and been dealing with it for a while. So transitioning into being a morning person was definitely a challenge. I can say that I mostly don’t like mornings when I have to get up for work or to handle things super early because I would be sluggish. But now that I am accustomed to mornings, I do realize that the mornings are much productive, healthier, and much easier to maintain your daily lifestyle. When you get up early, you can start your to-do-list off right like, cooking breakfast, running errands, doing laundry, handle things for your business etc. So it’s definitely a good thing being an early bird. But in order for me to get use to this new early bird lifestyle I had to get rid of these 5 toxic morning habits.

Here’s how:

  1. Waking up late: Wake up early so you can get prepared for a much successful day. But make your first hour your self-care time. The first hour after waking up must be specifically for nurturing yourself. Your growth, your happiness and mental health all plays part of fresh start.
  2. Checking social media first thing in the morning: This is an epic fail! I had this problem bad. My phone was the first thing i thought about when i woke up, and i had to fix that issue asap! You must never start your day checking your phone and scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And truthfully this small habit affects our mood and our entire day if you think about it. That’s how much social media has an affect on us. Social media is a big distraction and can have you out here missing out on the importance things of life. When i’m distracted i feel like i have an heavy burdened on me & it’s definitely not a good feeling. Try turning your phone off before bed and not powering it back on.No excuses!
  3. Not getting natural light & fresh air flowing: Get some natural light and air after waking up. We are human beings, so nature is us 100 %. Also, once all the windows are opened and it’s fresh air & light coming into your home, you began to start feeling energized. Wake up & open up!
  4. Not drinking your herbal teas: Drink some good ole organic green tea every morning. Green tea is good for the body. Green tea improves brain function & protects the brain from aging & more.
  5. Not sitting in peace: Stop having morning chats, use your mornings on focusing purely only on you. Having those talks in the am only stall out time then you will look out & your morning has been wasted.

3 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None


Feeling unmotivated can happen to the best of us and sometimes you get into such a slouchy mood that even thinking about making positive changes to your lifestyle, it seems way too hard. Lack of motivation can be the biggest fumble to achieving your goals. But it’s never too late for change, because there is plenty of motivational tips + techniques that can help you. But be aware that every motivational tip may not help for you like it did for the next. Sometimes what doesn’t help for you can steer you in the direction to something that probably can help. 

Here are 5 ways to help you find motivation when you have none:

1. Get outside with nature

Sitting in the house because you consider yourself a “homebody” can eventually mentally drain you without you actually knowing it’s draining you. Sometimes seeing other humans walking around or seeing the birds fly back & forth, or just viewing the beautiful greenery can be so therapeutic. Don’t get it wrong I have my days where I slip up also because sometimes I rather be no where else but my bed, and also at times I feel like my motivation is very low. Of course it doesn’t last for too long because I have to shake that off eventually. Getting outside in nature and changing your environment can spark your motivation and inspiration 100%!

2. Find your new (favorite)

What’s your favorite thing to do? I had to start doing things I like to do more. Sometimes I forget about making things about myself more often. It’s okay to make your hobby an habit. It’s okay to at least take one day out the week to have some fun. Like my favorite things to do the most is listening to a uplifting + motivating podcast. It keeps my soul at ease. Make your new favorite, your née routine.

3. Brain Dumping 

Having so much on your mind? It’s hard to sleep at night? Your brain feels completely heavy? I definitely get it. Same here. Sometimes we clutter our brains with problems & things that’s not in our control. Can we relieve ourselves from doing so? Of course. What I do when I brain dump is get a note pad, and I write out everything that’s on my mind in order. I light some candles, pour a glass of wine just to get a vibe going, may even play some music. But best believe that pen is going to work. 


XoXo -Seqouia

Self-sabotaging habits to prevent

Self-sabotaging happens to the best of us, so don’t never feel that your not enough. But let’s be completely honest right now… Have you ever asked yourself “How do I stop self-sabotaging?”

But honestly, I’m sure most of us, at some point or another, allow ourselves to get in our own way and self-sabotage ourselves. Rather if it’s personal, or in a relationship. We sometimes can be our own worse enemy.

It’s mind blowing to me how the brain works because we can really begin to believe that we aren’t deserving for what we worked so hard to achieve.

And in reality, when we self-sabotage, we really do want a long healthy + happy relationship, but we continue to isolate ourselves at home lingering around in bed turning on romance movies on Netflix.

So most times when your irrational behavior doesn’t connect with your positive intentions, that would be considered self-sabotaging. Instead of seeking growth and focusing on becoming a better version of ourselves, we gossip, tear down one another, or even become jealous of others who are much successful than we are.

We know the steps that needed to be taken but instead we do the opposite.

But for now on let’s change this. We are going to start supporting our goals, and do what follows our hearts, and intuition. No more negativity. No more putting ourselves down and not embracing things that we know is worthy. Growth is the key to a much happier, peaceful, & positive lifestyle.

Here is a list of a few Self-sabotaging that we need to let go starting TODAY!

Signs someone is good for your mental health

It’s nothing like having like minded & positive people around you. Being surrounded by people with negative energy really can reflect on a lot of things in your life and not good for your mental health. Remember the saying watch the company that you keep? Well keep that in mind because you will be surprise on how many secretly evil people it is around you.

Here are some signs when you know someone is good for your mental health:

I’m growing and i’m 100% happy with my change

Hey everyone!!

Lately, I have been super distant and not really doing the things i normally do. I’m not sure if i’m outgrowing people, or outgrowing the things i do on the regular, or both. But this person i have been becoming lately is pretty interesting.

If you know me personally, I am very much an outgoing girl. Meaning i love being out doors, going to parties, getting sexy, going out for drinks, etc.

The only thing that’s really on my mind is just traveling & exploring the world. It’s like i have no interest in doing anything else no matter how much it crosses my mind. And i’m like okay, maybe it’s age but geesh I’m only 32.

The truth to all this, is that maybe i’ve did everything and i am ready to just see new things. Not the same people every weekend, not the same clubs, not the same spots. I need a new scenery, somewhere that’s much peaceful, somewhere i can learn historic events that transpired in the past. It just seems that’s what i think about the most. Like traveling makes me the happiest, it’s like a big relief from the real world or something. It’s therapeutic honestly.

I’m sure i’m not the only person who outgrown the things we thought made us happy in the past.

Now it’s like if i’m not traveling or exploring the city to do something interesting, home is where i rather be. Since i’ve been home i haven’t been drinking cocktails 🍸 as much. Barely really talk to many people. And if i’m not reading a book, or watching a film, I’m trying to figure out what’s the next business i want to start.

It’s like my mind is never content but it’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called growth & wanting more.

So my message to everyone is it’s okay for change. It’s okay to not enjoy the things you use to love anymore. If you feel like your pressuring yourself to be the life of the party or to please others happiness, stop & do what makes you happy! Do what keeps you at peace.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog! My goal is to bring you nothing but peace, the truth, & motivation ✨📌.

Seqouia B.

Cultivating your values

We can’t talk about the biggest image of our lives without discussing our values. A value is an on going set of actions that represents who you want to be. The fun fact about most people is that we are a goal-directed community. We praise each other & celebrate our achievements.

In your life today, what do you want to represent? What do you want to be? How do you want people to view you?

Let’s mix up some encouraging words that holds common value about myself..

Trusting Respectful



Sufficient Compassionate

So you can cement your values in many ways, what i do is pick up a note book to make me some notes. I like to go somewhere that helps me feel inspired, like a cafe shop. Then i write my notes down.

Write out things that you value and write why do you value those things.

For example 📌:

What value do you place on personal growth? Learning to better control my emotions and negative thoughts. That’s growth!

Personal growth will help you grow emotionally and psychologically to become a more loving & positive person.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and hopefully it helps encourage you to start writing more about things you value. And just opening up the mind more.

The understanding truth of artist Cy Twombly

I decided to write ✍️ a blog about Cy Twombly because i was working at an art gallery, and his paintings were present. Remind you, i absolutely love art. So, if you didn’t know Cy Twombly is known for his signature scribbles, spontaneous & bold canvases.

So when i first seen his paintings, of course i said probably what so many others said. My kid could’ve drew or painted that.

But it wasn’t no need to compare this man art to children. Cy Twombly paintings were like poetry to our eyes without writing. He has hidden messages of different emotions, giving light & dark energy. Cy Twombly is an master piece because his paintings are unique & definitely wasn’t common. He proved that you don’t have to perfect your paintings & to just be free. Looking at his paintings at https://gagosian.com Art Gallery, really was a eye opener to show me that being creative can be in so many different ways.

Thank you Cy Twombly for inspiring me to paint 🎨, & to put my imagination + creativity to work.

I’m going to leave this here, but if you want to learn more about this great artist please look him up. ➡️ Cy Tombly

Check out more of his art 😊⤵️:

Never say you can’t, you can!

You can and you will. Never say you can’t, never give up on doing what you want. Manifest those thoughts & turn them into reality. Yes, with the world we live in today because of the negative environment we have around us or in our ear it can definitely be challenging. But your not suppose to see nobody but you. No matter how selfish it sounds, no matter how difficult things can get, you are in control. Find what makes you, you. Find that creative side that will balance out all the struggles you have encountered on your way to the top. You really can do this, you really can be whoever you want. Never forget that. Never lose hope. If no one has your side, look in the mirror and see who does….


freedom | forgiveness | self expression

My life everyday began to transform into something so peaceful & beautiful than I couldn’t even envisioned. I realize that running from freedom can ruin so much, and since then I gave up on running.

With help of doing my own self-care rituals, I began to feel safe & connected with myself. I discovered the life-changing miracles that lives inside each & every visible emotions. I taught myself it’s okay to feel things. Feelings exist for a reason right? It can torture us mentally, it can cause us to have sleepless nights. But remember it’s feelings.

Sadness & fear was the first thing that was worrisome for me.

I spent so many years numbing the pain I endured from sadness & fear by going out for drinks a lot, sleeping all day, not doing my daily routines, giving up on being fit, eating unhealthy, being sluggish, the list is endless truthfully. I was afraid of the person I was seeing in the mirror. And that’s when the light bulb clicked in my head.

I wasn’t the person I was really seeing. It was all just a blur. Something so easy to snap out of. Remember I said in one of my articles how are minds plays tricks on us. And it does, literally. We control our own emotions.

As I began to work on these issues…

I started to be more open with myself & too others. I had to stop fearing what people would think of me, and how would they visioned me. I began to discover why sadness had been bottling up inside of my heart for all these years. From the tragedy that transpired in my life, from the heartaches I suffered from, I let go.

I surrender my soul to freedom. I wanted to forgive myself. And I did exactly just that by finding my love for writing. I was born to create. To write. To heal. And to connect with others through art. I’m so happy I am blessed with this gift. Part of what my pain was trying to tell me was, you need to live a creative life.

P.S. I don’t promote my blogs to anyone I know. No one knows that I have helped & healed so many people, and loved by complete strangers. I keep it discreet for my own mental health. Not everyone is clapping for you, but I didn’t let that stop me from becoming a healer.

Okay back to the main purpose:

I stopped allowing society to have an opinion for me. Our culture is the reason of me becoming my own self-medication.

We all are collectively fearful of becoming uncomfortable & being judged. And experiencing the obstacles I’ve been through. I stopped allowing people in my own inner circle. Because my mentality was different. When it comes to my own critical thinking, I knew I didn’t click with everyone. And I knew that the things I’ve been through only I can heal myself, not others. People opinions started to not matter to me anymore. My medication was me becoming rebellious. I move accordingly and when I feel it’s right for me. I set my own rules, although I know how to take criticism and know when to take accountability. Being this way has only made me stronger.

I also learned that being uncomfortable can wan growth. Your growing. It means your life is opening up to expand more. Your heading to another side in your life. A side that will make you glow more, be more vibrant, and of course much happier. Embrace your feelings don’t just feel them.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

I really hope you enjoyed this blog. I really put my all into opening up and expressing my past & present lifestyle. It’s so important to share my story, because you never know who else out there that can relate and you can inspire.

XoXo -Seqouia

A motivational message for you ✨🤎

Hello, Thanks for visiting Her open diary. Hope you all have a good day/night from my side of the world.

I wanted to spread out some inspiration & motivation to those who are lacking due to being depressed, feeling uninspired, or just losing hope. I’ve been down that road plenty of times, so your definitely not alone. I tried so many things to help me move forward in life, and I can tell you now I made it harder on myself then anything. 

I hope that, this message I am sending out can inspire you, or help keep you going. So sorry to my blogger friends & supporters for being so inconsistent with my blogs, just been extremely busy. 


But let’s get into this inspo ….

Have you ever had those days where you felt uninspired? unproductive? You lose your ambition to get up and strive. You’re at home in the dark, while phone is on (do not disturb) because you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone. Having that feeling that the world is completely failing you so you repetively say negative things to yourself. Well I definitely been in that dark space. I can admit, it seems so tough to come out, but what we fail to realize is that it’s a mind thing. 

The same energy we use to do completely nothing, is the same energy we can use to get up and do something. Our life comes with different stages of obstacles, pretty much like a series. So you have to play your life out how you want to. Giving up is not an option. Giving up is holding you back from succeeding and becoming the person you always dreamed to be. 

Today, let’s start off by not making up anymore excuses! Believe in yourself, take charge of your craft, get into your creativity, and try using some of your days inspiring others. You never know who might need to hear something positive. 

Find peace in your life even if it’s becoming selfish. Becoming selfish has really kept me leveled. Now what I mean by selfish, is focusing on you more. Be stingy with your time, stop going out your will to please other people when you haven’t even pleased yourself. Self-care is important. Self-love is important. Be mindful to others, but always remember that it’s people that don’t want to see you win, most of the time it’s because they don’t want you to be ahead of them.

Once you begin to think positive, and remove bad energy out your life. You will see a big difference. You will see instant changes, but good ones. Believe & acknowledged anytime you elevate. Noticing changes in your life will only keep you motivated. 

Thanks for reading, hope this inspires you! ♥️

Protect your mental, protect your peace.

When you see yourself as the highest, most powerful version of yourself, you start to attract people that match that. Your standards has been applied, and now you are ready to flourish & glow naturally. It’s nothing like waking up with a positive mindset ready to put smiles on other people faces. It’s nothing going home to relax and feeling relieved and good before laying in bed. But the reason why you feeling so at eased and safe is because you don’t feed your soul off drama & bad energy. Because it’s a lot of times we have slipped on and let that one person interrupt our peace of mind.

Mental health is real, and we are really facing reality now. Like it’s no more games to play anymore. Everything is really happening in our world and sometimes a little too much can become so overwhelming. That’s why protecting peace & mental is very important now days.

I hope this blog open up someone eyes to turn a new leaf over and protect themselves at all cost!

XoXo SeqouiaB


3 Ways I calm my anxiety

If you personally know me, or have read my blogs in the past. Then you definitely know my history of having anxiety. First I was very discreet when it came to having anxiety. Why? I have no clue! But once I noticed that suffering from anxiety was basically the new “norm” because it’s so many others who suffer from it to. I became more comfortable with sharing my issues. I also had to realize that stress plays a big part of anxiety. Learning to identify what anxiety actually is, was very helpful for me.

Here are some things I love to do to help ease my mind or return to a sense of calm:

1. The most important thing to do when I am having a bad day or just feeling anxiety is to literally say in my mind or to silently to myself “This is totally normal. It is absolutely fine for me to be feeling this way or having these feelings. I just need to be light on myself today.” It is normal for emotions to flow naturally and embracing this makes you feel so good. Allowing yourself to feel it all and having empathy for yourself will get you through…

2. When I wake up and can tell right away that I am feeling anxious I will usually rearrange my day to be a tad bit more slow paced then usual. If I have anything important to do I try rescheduling for another day. Usually when I put everything on pause it instantly makes me feel more calm. And me being this way when it comes to not being able to make it somewhere due to personal issues makes me more understanding when someone has to cancel plans or reschedule on me, especially knowing it might make their day feel a lot easier.

3. Doing my hobbies before bed has been amazing and relaxing for my mind. I’m an big over thinker and at night my mind races with situations I’ve been through or wondering what others are thinking. Getting all cozy, making my kid’s snacks, reading a book, listening to a relaxing podcast, bullet journal, looking up business ideas, anything! It is so mindless and I have been able to have such fulfilling nights which leads to better sleep for me.

These are the three things that keeps me calm when my anxiety is kicking in…. What keeps you calm? Let me know I would love to hear yours!

See you soon on the next blog

XoXo The Fobem 🍃