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Sometimes relationships can take a toll on you. Trust me i know. It has with me, and when i say it has broke me down to the point where ill cry everyday of the week, every night before bed, and it drove me to numerous headaches. So i definitely can relate to a lot of women out there who is suffering or suffered from heart break. And of course there will be people telling you “It’s going to be okay, don’t cry” “Forget him” “You deserve better”. Sometimes we don’t take there advice right away because we don’t feel it’s enough.

I remember i use to always say i’m done, and will wake up feeling so different and relieved, but deep down it’s this little piece of me that some how kept me thinking of him. That’s when i knew i wasn’t officially over him. And it’s a feeling that was there for so long that i didn’t even know how to get rid of it. That’s the most fucked up feeling ever!

When i realized that nothing wasn’t enough, I knew right then and there that i had to figure out how to get out, like “literally” “GET THE HELL OUT!”….

I’m sure there is a lot of other women out there that has these same feelings as me or had them. But what’s so cold is that, women now days don’t uplift or support one another any more. So many women are in competition and always want to tease other women for getting played or hurt. WHY?!…. I can’t even answer that but if you have the answer to it please let me know!

Honestly i can admit, that a lot of women in my generation is becoming more and more weak. It sounds mean, but i am just being honest. Women are selling their body, talking down on themselves, not knowing their worth, giving up on their careers, cutting off there friends & families, and doing so much all for MEN!. Now i am not speaking for every woman, but it is a lot of women that are doing this. It breaks my heart because men take advantage of this and sometimes we don’t see it because we are blinded by love, and that’s not even really love. We think we are in love, but we are really just trapped at the moment and can’t find our way out because we can’t see ourselves without them or don’t want no one else to have them. The world is pretty fucked! and everyday it is becoming worse.

But something has to be done. Women need to fight for there strength. It’s time to strive more harder to be stronger and to never experience the feeling of pain again. Yea… it sounds typical, and definitely sounds too good to be true. But how much longer are we going to continue to let men put us through heart break? How much longer will we continue to let men take our woman hood away, and our pride?

Some women like myself always thought revenge was the best route, and hurting them back. I realize that’s not worth it. You can make them hurt more in so many other ways then being cruel & revengeful.

Here are 6 tips that may can help you with beating heartbreak:

#1 FIND THE PROBLEM (Write it down)

Figure out why exactly you can’t get over that person. What is holding you back? Why do you feel you can’t let go? Write down these questions down and answer them. That will kind of get you an outlook on everything.


Write the good, and the bad. If their are more cons, then you should know what needs to be done. Every time the bad outweigh the good then it’s NO GOOD! That’s already a red light that your relationship is pretty much done.


When you kill someone off with silence, that get to them more than anything. Sometimes you have to ignore your way out of the problem because once it’s already toxic, it is unrepairable. I’m not saying that some toxic relationships don’t change, but the ones that don’t change can not be FIXED! And a lot of people fail to realize that. You want to show someone better than you can tell them after all the months/years you been crying for there help, love, and sorrow? Go straight mute on that ass! 


Find what makes you happy. Sometimes you don’t realize what brings happiness to your life anymore because you focus more on making your significant other who isn’t making you happy at all. Experience new things, try things you have always wanted to do but haven’t. Stop holding back and see what’s out there besides an relationship that can fulfill your needs.


Therapy can possibly help. Sometimes you need someone to dig deep through the mind and can really tell you your problem. It’s a therapist job to heal your mind & soul, and help you look at life differently. I have tried therapy before, and i wish i never stopped. Definitely on my list to start back going again. I can tell you i am a lot more stronger now then i was in the past. So yes, it can help you.

#6 ONE LAST LETTER (Release all the pain)

This is another way i feel that is really helpful. You don’t want to physically talk to that person because if you do, either they will ignore you or cut you off? Well write they ass a letter! Sometimes writing can really ease the pain because you don’t have to worry about talking to that person and feel like your talking to casper. Men have away of making women feel (DUMB), and that get to us badly. What i mean is, men will ignore you, put on there earphones while you are talking to them, walk away, and so much other rude shit! So some way some how they have to see how you feel right? That’s why i said write it out, seal it up, and either mail it to them, or drop it off them. When your done writing your letter, go to a quiet place, and let it out! Cry, scream, shout, and just release all the negative & bad energy out your body/soul. Let that be your last!

How to keep your relationship healthy: Part1



First off, relationships will always have ups and downs. Their is no way to having a perfect relationship. Perhaps some relationships are really good and have small issues plus+ they some how can compromise more then others. Everyone is different and everyone has different personalities+rules. But see….the things is, a lot of relationships seem to not see eye to eye. Sometimes it can be pride, being stubborn, lack of communication, temperament issues, cheating issues, lying issues, and so on….

When both partners have the opposite flaws, their personalities begin to clash. I say this because it’s either your partner don’t like to be mushy all day, and the other partner wants to be mushy all day, which makes it hard. One partner is 100% authentic and the other partner lies about everything that comes out there mouth. One partner likes to have sex everyday, the other partner doesn’t. 


First of all, here is a few tips relationships need to stay healthy:

  • Communication: Without knowing how to talk to one another it will not work at all. Lack of communications brings frustration, trust issues, toxic arguments, & lose of interest. When you are irritated even if it’s not with your significant other, let them know, explain to them why you are feeling the way you are. When you feel like your significant other is changing, or acting a certain way they normally don’t act, address it, don’t be petty and give in to there energy. All that will do is spark up another fight you two don’t need!


  • Go on dates: Going on dates are definitely important. You have to spice up your relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekly movie date, dinner date, or whatever you guys decide to do. Just make sure you try new things and explore places together. 


  • Travel: Yes! Traveling together is very meaningful to me. Why not go experience new countries/states together. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice cocktail at Cancun with bae?!.. or somewhere on a island looking at the beautiful view getting massages together. Take that into consideration. It helps. Some people use the excuse “we don’t have money”, please don’t be the excuse type. As a team you both can save up money together for a nice trip to get some “bae time” 


  • Romance: Some people think romance is corny, it’s definitely not. Romance brings that hot, sexy, fulfilling, uniqueness, and spontaneous vibes to to your relationship. Romance will make you two sex life so much better. Light some candles, have flowers laid out, buy a nice gift, do a surprise date, get a room even if ya’ll have a place together, ladies go buy lingerie and some sexy heels! look at one another in the eyes and express how good you been feeling about one another. It’s totally okay to act as if you two just meant all over again.


  • Compliment: In relationships, a lot of issues start to occur because of insecurities. Once you stop complimenting your significant other like you did before, they start to not feel the same. Trust me i know. I definitely been there. You have to make sure you always tell your woman she’s beautiful and tell your man he looks good or handsome. That will make your significant other feel good, and show them that you still pay attention to them. Mostly women are the ones who usually go through this, we love for a man to just make us feel and look good. 



Like i said in the beginning, relationships aren’t perfect. But it’s not hard making sacrifices, and fighting for your relationship. Don’t include people like friends+family in whatever you have going on with your significant other. All it does is sparks up confusion, and starts drama. Sometimes keeping a private relationship is the best. Everyone is so into “Couple Goals”, and not knowing that two smiley faces and kissing pictures aren’t want they seem behind close doors. Focus more on building, instead of being the couple everyone wants together.

I hope that these tips are helpful, if you have any questions about this post feel free to contact me.


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How to prevent a toxic relationship

There is no excuse at all when it comes to a stop when arguing! Sometimes relationships can’t even last a month when both are argumentative. Now it is completely normal to have an debate, their will be disagreements, and sometimes it will be times where you two might not just want to be bothered. It’s okay to feel that way. Everyone has emotions and everyone has other things they go through outside their relationship. but wait…. even if you are going through something and it has nothing to do with your partner, tell them.



Let them know what happened, and to not take offense that you don’t want to be bothered at the time. I learned that can also be another problem in relationships. People tend to not know how to just let go, and just chill. That’s where communication comes in. I honestly feel that if you can’t express how you feel to your partner, then you have no business even trying to date.


In a relationship you two suppose to be a team and friends as well. You should be able to tell your partner your personal feelings, it brings a better connection between you two. Don’t be selfish, if your partner is not feeling good, or not having a good time, it’s not about YOU its about them. Give your partner comfort, let them know you are here if they need you. Then from there, give them space.


Quick tips on preventing toxic arguments:

  • Give them comfortability 
  • Communication
  • Ask questions
  • Show you care
  • Give time to cool down
  • Be respectful
  • Give compliments
  • Learn to let go
  • Be expressive without being angry


Everyone has their own preferences on what they allow in a relationship. Some partners get a kick out of arguing, being chased, harassed, and accused. Which i feel it is very disturbing, because all that leads to stress. It might not seem like it, but giving that type of energy does. It actually makes the relationship dry and boring. Don’t let the smallest things turn into something big. If that person is for you, keep them. Figure out what you two need to work on, and try to be more willing to work on issues with each other without letting it turn into an toxic argument.



TOXIC: defined by negative, critical comments that escalate an argument almost instantly. Blame – happens when targeting other people’s flaws which helps to avoid accountability. Contempt – the intention is to make the other person feel crazy or less than.


Toxic arguments are not something you want to deal with or continue to deal with. Trust me i know. I been through it roughly, it’s the worst feeling ever. Toxic arguments bring stress, depression, anxiety, insecurities, unhappy, weight-loss, and so much more. Toxic arguments also can turn your significant other SUICIDAL which you don’t want to never get to that point. If you or your significant other is at that point, please get help. You can call a suicidal prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255 open 24hrs or go to  https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.


It’s okay to let go if you aren’t happy. Forcing yourself to love will make it easier for you to hate. Don’t keep no one who don’t want to be kept. Don’t STRESS when it’s no reason to be stressed. Relationships have problems and it’s no such thing of a “perfect relationship”, but don’t let your toxic partner get the best of you. Sometimes things don’t last forever. Our happiness+health is what’s more important.


For relationship advice feel free to contact me whenever :). Hope this blog was very understanding, and also hope that it motivate others out there to not pull in a toxic relationship. Not worth the pain.

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A lot of entrepreneurs, bloggers, bosses, and college students work so hard that they forget about focusing on there self-care. Focusing on ourselves will keep us motivated, determined, and not so stressed. We tend to always put business before pleasure, but if we don’t please ourselves first, who will? NO ONE! There is nothing like pleasing you and making sure you are goin down the right path. Have faith and be willing to try new things and figure out what is best for you and what is not. Well i have a list of 38 ways to practice self-care. Although some might sound corny, but i promise you it works. 






38 ways to practice self-care:


  1.  Take a long bath or shower
  2. Burn your favorite candle
  3. Have a small pamper day (by yourself)
  4. Go for a run or walk
  5. Create a vision board for yourself
  6. Treat yourself to a movie date
  7. Have a deep intense work out
  8. Relax and listen to soothing music
  9. Read a book
  10. Stretch out (A good stretch)
  11. Organize your closet, bedroom, or office
  12. Do something creative
  13. Write down a long list of things you love
  14. Read a interesting book
  15. Do Meditation
  16. Go to a massage spa
  17. Have a game night with pizza, and a few drinks if you drink
  18. Buy yourself something nice
  19. Cook your favorite dish
  20. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
  21. Turn off your phone and just go a little without picking it up
  22. Take a long nap
  23. Cuddle with your pet or your bae
  24. Go to a museum
  25. Go have lunch with a close friend and have some laughs
  26. Write 5 things you are grateful for
  27. Give someone a compliment
  28. Find a good movie to watch
  29. Get up and make a really good breakfast, like go way out as if you are the cook at a restaurant
  30. Go out side, get a chair, or get a blanket and watch the sunset
  31. Go to your favorite coffee place and have some good ole coffee
  32. Take things more slow
  33. Treat yourself with your favorite desert
  34. Do something for the first. It can be real simple like trying out a new restaurant, or going out to a bar alone
  35. Go to the zoo
  36. Go to the museum 
  37. Go to the aquarium
  38. Go through your clothes in play dress up



I feel we all need a few ideas, tips, and even a push! Self-care is important. Hope that this can motivate someone and maybe can give them some ideas on self-care. Feel free to contact me regarding this post. Thanks :).

Tell it TUES-DAY

Hello my loves :), Happy Tuesday.

Today I want all my readers to relax, time is going by fast and the weekend is approaching. I know your overwhelmed with work, I know your boss probably gets on your last nerves and your so ready to quit and be your own boss, I know your patiently waiting for your business to expand, I know you are under distressed, I know you are in pain from the striving long nights and early mornings to get to where you want to be, and can’t wait to heal. I know, I get it, it’s okay, let it out!

So, how can we work on all these thoughts we got swimming through our heads? What can we do to fix it?

At this moment, or this particular time you are not in the right state of mind, you don’t know which way to go or exactly what to do. But seriously, we need to stop making problems harder on ourselves. Worrying ourselves will not help the problem, to be exact it will make the problem worst. We have to learn how to relax, and understand that everything can’t just come on time or when we want it to come. Sometimes it takes for us to refresh our minds, and just wait. Patience is the key to happiness. Their is no time on success.

Hope all is well, if you need any advice, Motivation, or any kind of support/questions please feel free to find that section on my page and message me :).

-SeqouiaB XoXo 💋

Loyalty is important

Loyalty is very important to me. Without loyalty their is also no trust, and that is what a lot of people fail to realize. Now days, you can feel if someone is being genuine because their personality and the mature topic of conversations you have with them, but sometimes that can just be a fake image as well. Me personally, I always stay as loyal as i can, because i feel it is only right, and also i want the people in my inner circle to know that i am always here with open arms. I have to make sure you stay just as true as me behind my back. You should always be down with your family, friends, and significant other no matter if you wrong or right, because if you are wrong you definitely should want a friend to tell you, right? right… Being loyal is definitely a lifestyle, some people take it as a joke until you cut ties with them, and then they see you aren’t playing at all. At times, some people and even myself just want the loyalty and trust, all the materialistic things don’t matter when it comes to that. Stay loyal, stay true, and stay trust worthy, people will do business with you, return to you for anything, and start to actually love the person that you are.


Relationship Troubles: Complications, Depression, Stress, Anxiety

So i know i am not super old, and i am not super young but i been through different experiences, or been around others experiences far as relationship wise. Relationships is a title that a lot of us love to have or a lot of us cant keep. I feel that relationships can be the best, and of course a key to happiness, but growing up i realize that relationships can turn into somethings that just isn’t good for our mind, body, and soul. 

List of 5 problems that affect your relationship:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Complications
  • Self Esteem

It may seem hard to believe but it is definitely true. Your relationship is based off these facts in this list, because you allow whomever to do whatever they have done to you in your past or present. We have to be aware when we are mentally bruised, used, and destroyed. When you lie to yourself in know deep down that you are making things up to cover up the love you have for someone, then just maybe it’s hard to just keep it all in at once.

When you start to blame yourself, know that yourself esteem is slowly disappearing because you are losing the love you have for yourself. You have to be your #1 everything. Once you gave that person every right to do whatever they want and you always take them back super easily, now they know they can do whatever to you, and treat you any kind of way. Before anything, anybody, any relationship make sure you love yourself first before anything.

Losing yourself, hating your self, and always sad, can turn into INSECURITIES.   Having insecurities can be the worst, you will began to not love how you look when you met your partner, some people even start to let their self go. COMPLICATIONS   starts to occur, right along with fighting and arguing. Which is the worst STRESS  to ever have. Consistently arguing turns into unhappiness.

adult alone black and white dark
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

After awhile, anxiety and depression begins to play a big part of a broken relationship. It sounds crazy how you can be diagnosed with a mental health disorder from a toxic relationship .  Precisely it’s the truth, and it’s a 100% fact that some people are in denial when it comes to their relationship.

All in all, it’s okay to go through different changes but it’s not okay to continuously let your heart go through pain back to back. We are human so we are going to go through different chapters in our life, something like a story. We are all walking stories. Not all stories have to be good not all have to be bad. Some people love living a LIE, and some love living the TRUTH, but being more Authentic is the best way to go, and to know you are not alone. It’s plenty of us humans scattered around the universe.